Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Forgive me bloggers it has been 3 long days since my last blog

Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend. Mine was good but quiet, we don't tend to venture too far on a bank holiday as traffic is usually terrible. So we went to the supermarket, then had the rest of saturday and sunday at home and then did a little bit of shopping on Monday.
Bank holidays always throw me off a bit day wise. I find myself wondering what day of the week it is after the long weekend. I have to keep asking hubby what day we're on, I'm usually a day behind all week and then all of a sudden its the weekend again. 
Hubby was back to work today and I was back to the sewing machine again. I was in the mood for sewing and so I decided to make a few more shopping bags. They're just the same sort of simple shopper as before but this time with a longer handle so they can be carried on the shoulder as well as by hand.
Tonight I added a few more items of jewellery onto my website. I made some new pieces before the last fair I had and swapped the stock over in the shop that sells some of my womens jewellery too so we have quite a bit to add. We've got a bit behind on keeping it upto date lately though with hubby being on holiday and then working early for a couple of weeks but we've made a start and hopefully we'll have everything on there soon.


  1. Hi Andie, as usual you lead a very busy life, I too have found our two weeks have flown by, this is our last week, but we have been busy on the kitchen and will be putting some more pictures on soon. I think you are on a winner with the bags you have been making recently. I will be sure to look at what you have been up to on the jewellery side to. Ta Ta for now Sue x

  2. Haha...what a confession....bless you my daughter! heehee.xx

  3. Good to get things done & out the way isn't it?
    We didn't do much over the weekend either - it was just nice to potter about.............