Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bin shopping again

Yep even though I went shoping  in town on wednesday I felt the need to do some more yesterday. We went to a retail park with a few shops and a morrisons on so we could combine a little shopping with our usual saturday chore the supermarket trip. Its not a very big place where we went, theres only a matalan, boots, argos ,next , a sports shop, b&q, asda living, scs, mcdonalds, pizza hut and morrisons but it was the matalan we were after visiting mainly so it did for us yesterday.
We only went in next, argos, asda living and matalan or MATALAND as my mum calls it, she's funny with shop names and she gets some of them slightly wrong, I don't know why but she always has. Matalan has always been matalanD to mum no matter how many times we told her to drop the d so we just dont bother now. Oh and her other favourite is primark pronounced as PREEEMART by mum!!! mind you my sister used to pronounce it prim-ark and its a bit of a debate round here whether it should be pronounced pre or pry. Then there's the marks & spencer department per una which I must admit I'm not sure how to pronounce myself but my mum calls it peer oono which we're pretty sure isn't right, but it gives us a laugh and its always entertaining talking about shopping with my mum.
We bought quite a lot at matalanD hubby got a couple of jumpers and 2 pair of jeans I got a couple pair of leggings, a long shirt and some slippers, we bought a chocolate football kit as stocking filler type gift for my brother in law for christmas ,a couple of rolls of wrapping paper and rolls of ribbon and then I was tempted at the till by a bag of drumstick chews, I used to love drumstick lollies when I was a kid they were 2p each at our shop. Ooh but theyre hard n chewy, hubby and I had a couple yesterday and mum laughed at us clacking away trying to chew them. Mum bought quite a bit in matalan too including a couple of christmas pressies for my and my sister.

remember these ?
We werent so lucky in argos though as mum was looking for a toy for one of my nephews which was out of stock and I was after a couple of laundry bins which have been out of stock for ages, I think I'm going to have to try something else as it looks like these won't be coming back into stock. Mum bought a new bag in next and got a couple more pressies in asda living and we bought  a few bits in there too a tshirt ,ds game and dvd but no christmas pressies I don't think hubby and I were in a pressie buying mood yesterday, we were too busy buying for ourselves what a selfish pair we are tutut.
Right well I should be off now and do my wii workout yesterday was a rest day but I cant afford to slack and not do it today especially with those drumstick chews still waiting to be finished.
Have a great Halloween bloggettes and I hope you all remebered about the clocks changing xx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

I didn't want to do it, but I did

Oooh I really wasn't in the mood for my wiii workout today, but I did it in the end and I'm glad I did. I got up this morning late and feeling not in the mood for excercising or ironing which is how I planned to spend my day. I procrastinated for ages messing about on the internet before finally deciding to get on with my ironing and see if I felt like doing my workout later.
I did an hours ironing while watching gossip girl then had my lunch chatting to eily on busymitts and then it was back to ironing with desperate housewives. Well they weren't ironing with me, shame that I could have done with the help lol, I was just watching it while I ironed. I finished about four and then decided I really should do my workout..
I'm glad I did as I was feeling very guilty for not doing it and so I felt a lot better afterwards. I did have to skip the jump lunges though as they make my knees hurt at the best of times and after a few hours ironing it wasn't the best of times kneewise, but I managed the rest ok. 
I didn't do any workout yesterday as it was a rest day but I did give my purse a workout instead as I had a day in town with my mum. I bought a couple of little christmas presents for my niece and nephew,a couple of tshirts and a tunic top for me along with a few other bits including some more glucosamine tablets while they were on buy one get one half price in holland & barrett.
Town was really busy with it being half term, it was full of noisy kids with fairground rides and stalls running up the centre of the shopping area. The shops were quite busy especially boots where everyone seemed to have baskets of gift sets, taking advantage of the 3 for 2 offer they had on, unfortunately they only had two cashiers at the till so the queue was extra long and extra slow, shame they didn't have 3 for 2 on staff lol.
Right enough rambling its time I was off hubby and I need to pop up in the loft to put some christmas bits up and get a trolley case down for nephew so I'll say bye. Not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of my evening as there isn't anything on tv on a thursday so it might be a dvd or something we've recorded  and maybe a bit of knitting. I'm having a go at knitting somemens slippers at the moment after finishing a pair of flip top mitts for my niece Gemma on tuesday. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out as I had to alter the pattern a little by going a needle size smaller as Gem has small hands like me and the proper size would have made them too big.
Gems Mitts modeled by me

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

If you see the workout police don't tell them where I am

Well its a wet and dull day today and it's making me feel very wintery. I was supposed to be going shopping today with my mum but we were put off by the bad weather and have decided to try tomorrow instead which hopefuly will be drier. I'm not a fan of the wet weather and trying to shop with an umberella is such a pain, so a day at home was called for instead. I've just finished a couple of hours sewing, I've been making some more shopping bags for the fruit & veg shop as they are running low. I've only made two today as time got away from me this morning and I didnt  get started till after lunch so I'll have to make a couple more another day.

Now I'm blogging while I wait for hubby to come home from work and munching away on cinder toffee which is sticking in my teeth terribly. I'm sure it's a really unhealthy thing to be muching on but it is nice and it does say on the bag it has no artifical colours or preservatives so thats something at least eh. I think I've probably undone all the good my wii workout did this morning with just a few pieces of this stuff though lol.
Yes I'm still at it with my wii workout, hard to believe for me but I'm still sticking to it, just like this cinder toffee is to my teeth lol. I must confess I did miss out on doing any this weekend though so I'm a bit worried the workout police will have a warrant out for my arrest. In my defence though saturday was a rest day and sunday I woke up with a really bad sinus headache, just moving my head made me feel sick so I didn't fancy a workout.  By the time the tablets kicked in and I started to feel better it was lunchtime and we were off out to pick mum up for a visit. Hubby, mum and me did go out for a walk for an hour on sunday afternoon though so I did do some excercise and I was back at it on Monday so please Mr Workout Policeman let me off with a caution.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Day at work,,,who me????

Morning bloggettes, hope you are all well.
I'm just having breakfast and feeling rather tired today even though I slept quite well last night. I think its because I feel a bit like I almost did a days work yesterday as I spent the day at the shop that sells my jewellery helping Jan. She's just moved premises and was having a bit of an opening of the new shop and was offering customers a glass of bucks fizz and running a free draw to win a voucher for the shop so I went along as an extra pair of hands. It wasn't hard work really I just chatted to people, poured drinks, did a bit of washing up etc, but I'm out of practice at getting up in a morning, geting ready and being in a shop/work from morning till closing, ooh how quickly I've forgotten what it was like to have a proper job lol.
Although it was a little quieter than we'd have liked it was a good day with some of her old customers popping in for a look at the new shop and a few new ones too. Its a shame the weather was so wet here yesterday though as I think that kept a few people away as town was quiet for a saturday. The new shop looks lovely and was worth all the months of planning Jan put into the decor and layout of it.  She'd certainly done a good job of the window display for tempting people to buy because as soon as I arrived I spotted a pair of pyjamas in the window with my name on, well not literally, obviously they didnt have my name on them that would have looked a bit odd, but they were just my cup of tea and shouted 'buy me andie buy me' so I did, even when I'm working I manage to shop lol.
While I was at work (lol) hubby went snowboarding for a few hours which he hasn't done for a couple of months and he really enjoyed it , I don't think he'll be leaving it as long between visits next time. I think its the longest time he's gone between visits and he thought it might take him a few runs down the slope to get back into it but he said no he was right back into it straight away so he was really pleased.
After I got in from work (I know it wasnt real work but it makes me giggle to say it) we had tea and watched strictly and then the xfactor. I thought Ann Widecombe being airlifted onto the dancefloor was one of the daftest things I've ever seen and wagner in rolled up white trousers n open shirt singing living la vida loca on the xfactor almost as daft. I think I'm developing an ickle crush on Matt on the Xfactor, I've loved his voice right from his first audition but he's quite dishy too isn't he now hes looking up and not hiding under his hat when he sings. If he brings an album out I'll definately b buying it especially if it has a good photo of him on the cover lol.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Run out of charge

I think its time I got some new rechargeable batteries for our camera. I just went to take some photos of the hat and wristwarmers I've knitted and yet again there was no charge left in the batteries even though they were on charge all day saturday they just won't hold their charge any more. They are very old though and have been used a lot so I suppose they must have come to the end of their life now, it does say they can only be recharged so many times and we have had them a few years and taken a lot of photos with them so I suppose it had to happen sonne or later.
Did any of you see 'Come dine with me' from barnsley yesterday? I watched it and it was quite funny seeing people from your own town on tv. They do seem to have barnsley accents but none of them are very broad (at least not yet) and they don't sound too much like they're thick as pudding either yet which is how we usually sound on tv. I'm not taking to the wine and food snobby one yet, Phil I think his name is, he's getting on my nerves already but so far the others haven't yet.
Hubby nephew and I all watched the beginning where they showed shots of barnsley to spot where they were we spotted the alhambra centre which is our small shopping centre in town and also the town centre shopping streets. It looked like Milly Johnson was in Dodworth Library looking at her own books and I think the shop where Verene was shopping in for her menu was Cannon hall farm shop. I'll be watching the other episodes with interest and watching my fellow barnsley fuerrk too.
Got some power in the batteries now so heres some photos of my aran hat and wristwarmers including a very bad photo of me wearing the whole set including the scarf I knitted before.
Modeling is not my forte lol

Friday, 15 October 2010

Come dine with me comes to Barnsley

Next week from monday to friday at 5pm the channel four tv programme 'Come dine with me' is from barnsley. Author Milly Johnson who wrote books such as 'the yorkshire pudding club', 'spring fling' and 'the birds and the bees', is one of the diners. Other diners are a beautician and singer named Verene Farrell a couple of businessmen Paul Hoyle and Phil Davis and Careworker and part time drag queen Christian Whiteley-Davis. I can't wait to see it and hear what the voice over man has to say about them all as I think he's one of the funniest bits of the show.
It'll be interesting to see if the diners have barnsley accents like mine lol. Quite often people interviewed on tv who come from barnsley either have no accent at all or sound as thick as pudding so Hubby and I cant wait  to hear what these five sound like.  We'll also be keeping a lookout to see if we recognise any of the places they shop at or visit.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

A good old workout of the jaw

Bonjour ma petit bloggerrrrrrrrrrssssssssss
Ok thats enough of that I might have took french at school but I cant remember it and its no good pretending I can. I was just trying to think of a  more interesting way to say hello.
Hope everyone is well and happy out there in blog land, I'm not too bad today. I seem to have spent quite a lot of today talking,  a favourite pastime of mine as you might have guessed. First off I chatted with Eily online at lunchtime before I went into town to the shop which stocks some of my jewellery where I spent a happy couple of hours chatting to Jan who owns it. She's moving shops next week so I went to pack up my jewellery and drop off some new stock ready for her reopening  next week so although I was there on business it gave us a good excuse to have a chat while I was there.
Hubby picked me up from there when he'd finished work and brought me home where I rang mum for a chat while our dinner was cooking. Then after dinner hubby and I went to visit his sister and brother in law for a couple of hours and yes you guessed it , talked some more. Phew my jaw has had a workout today. I think chas & dave must have wrote that song about me you know which one I mean don't you.....
Cos you won't stop talking    
Why wont you give it a rest.
with your excessive talking
your becoming a pest
rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit

Talking of workouts I started a new 30day workout challenge on the wii today. I finished my last one on tuesday and then had yesterday as a rest day as suggested by the wii, I like to do as I'm told especially where resting is concerned lol. I'm quite proud of myself for finishing my first 30 days as I'm not one for sticking to fitness things normally (Yay well done to me lol)
This time I've moved up a level on the intensity from low to medium. I wasn't sure I was ready to move up a gear to be honest but I managed todays workout without too much more huffing and puffing than usual. Could I possibly be getting a little fitter do you think???? Its is a bit harder on medium than low, you have to do more of each excercise but don't be too impressed I'm not talking marathon training levels here, its quite tame for anyone with a bit of fitness about them, but for people like me, well its enough for now.

Come on Andie keep it going
Right well theres enough rabbiting from me now its time to say au revoir et bonne nuit

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Bin busy crafting

Hi bloggettes I'm back. I've not been on the computer much in the last few days as Ive been busy crafting.
The shop that sells some of my jewellery is moving premises next week so I'm going to go in later this week and pack up my jewellery ready for the move. While I'm there Jan (the shop owner) and I thought a change of jewellery would be a good idea so I'm going to take some new pieces in and bring the old ones home.We like to change things over every few months then customers arent seeing the same pieces all the time. I decided to get my beads out on Monday for a play and made a few new pieces to take along with the others I'll choose from my current stock.
Glass bead set
Glass bead drop set

Red ribbon silvertone bracelet

Silvertone star charm bracelet

Wood disc set
Chiffon ribbon & glass bead set

I've also been knitting lately, I finished a scarf last week and then moved onto a hat and some wristwarmers/fingerless gloves all knitted in the same cream aran yarn and stitch pattern. I haven't taken any photos yet so Ill add them later. I got the scarf pattern from a book I bought ages ago and then found a hat and wristwarmer pattern and adapted it to include the same stitch pattern as the scarf. Its a sort of holey diamond pattern.

 My mum came over for a visit yesterday and brought her knitting so we sat watching a dvd and chatting while we clicked away with our needles. I finished my last wristwarmer off  for the diamond set and then started a pair of flip over mittens for my niece. I saw the pattern in simply knitting a while ago and fancied having at go at them and then mum told me my niece Gemma wanted a pair. She wants them in cream to go with her new aviator jacket so I started them yesterday.

Today Im supposed to be pricing up my jewellery for the shop and doing an inventory list for jan and myself so we know whats in the shop but as yet I'm still playing around on the computer. Tut tut andie, bad I know but I seem to have quite a bit to catch up on as I havent been on much lately.

Well I better go and get on with something, the inventory and price tickets wont wait forever. I think I'll probably have lunch first though as I'm getting a bit peckish.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Guess how much is in the box ANSWER

Hi girls, its saturday and guessing now closes for how much is in the box. Thanks for taking part and all your guesses.
The total is £199.32
What a whopping amount eh girls We did it in two lots as originally we were going to cash the voucher at the checkout for to pay for our shopping but when we got to 90 odd pound and we still had a lot of coins left we decided it would be way more than our shopping total. So we did two seperate lost of vouchers and cashed  in for cash at the customer service desk.
Here's a photo of the two vouchers that we had which combined together makes £199.32


The closest answer is   £196  by Chrissys for cards
Well done   Chrissy xx
To claim your prize : Just pop onto my website Choose the pair of earrings OR bagcharm you would like as your prize, click add to basket, click go to checkout, and then click pay by cheque option (obviously I won't be expecting a cheque as its a free prize, but using this option means you can let me know what item you want and where to send it) then just add your name and address in the boxes on screen and click send order. Once I've recieved your order I'll post your prize out to you . It should be quite simple to do but if you have any problems you can message me on busymitts or via my website contact us page.
Thanks all for taking part and Chrissy I hope you enjoy your prize x

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Eyup lasses here's a bit on a translation fo yer

For those of you that didn't understand them all here's a bit of a translation of the local sayings in my last blog.
Gi or faffing abart----- Give over messing about
That bairns badly-----That child is poorly (ill)
She's got monk on------She is sulking (grumpy)
Al do it missen------ I will do it myself
He's not back'ard at cumin for'ard----- He is not backward at coming forward (he's a pushy person)
Ow do----- How are you? said instead of hello
Mi mam played pop-----My mum told me off (got angry)
Hes a rum'n ----- He is cheeky ( a bit of a character)
Mam can i ev sum spice-----Mum can I have some sweets
Wer yer born in a barn/field----- Were you born in a barn/field, said when someone has left the door open and you want them to close it
Tyke----- Yorkshire person
See we aren't that hard to understand in these parts lol.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Mother is not impressed.

I showed my mum saturdays blog yesterday and she was not pleased with how I had started it, "I didn't bring you up to talk common like that" She said.  Its true she didn't, her and my dad were very definate that we would speak properly. Its not that we were posh because we weren't ,we lived in a council house and my dad was a miner and my mum a housewife but mum and dad didnt want us to be common.
I had a friend who used to come and call for me to play and out and as I answered the door she would say "A tha laking?" If my dad was home he used to say "No but she might come out to play" it made me and my friend laugh but I would never have dared use the phrase 'a tha laking' myself.
I did speak quite nicely at school but after 13 years working with the public and speaking to people who were broader in their accents and sayings than me I picked up more and more of it and as an adult without mum and dad constantly monitoring how I spoke I gradually got broader in my accent and speech. Mind you besides local accents and saying I heard a LOT of swear words and abuse at work too but I try not to use those lol.
I'm not bothered really I don't think its exactly common more local, I think I just talk with an accent and dialect thats local to where I'm from. I quite like an accent and local sayings myself, when I go places I love to hear locals talking and I love hearing or reading friends use their local sayings, like when moe says 'wee hen' I imagine her saying it in a lovely scottish accent and Jo from wales I imagine says 'lush' like stacey from the tv series gavin and stacey and then theres Eily who sounds a bit like a lovely female version of peter kaye and has some brilliant sayings "eyup mi old prater" lol.
My sister doesn't have a local accent as she married and moved  down south in her early twenties and then a few years ago moved just over the border into scotland so she has a sort of hybrid accent that has bits of allsorts in it.  She tried quite hard to lose her yorkshire accent when she moved down south and stopped saying words like 'aye' and slowed down her speech considerably like the people around her did. When she said words like yessssssssssssttttttttteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrdaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you could almost nod off and wake up athe next day and she'd still be saying it. Now she's in scotland she's speeded up a bit again and is now back to saying 'aye' which I find quite funny.
I love it if she has a scottish friend come over while we're visiting, quite a few people in their village are incomers like my sis but I like hearing the local accent. My niece is going out with a local boy and when we met him for the first time I went "Ooh hes proper scottish"  and the first time I heard one of their friends say "och aye" I nearly shouted  out "the noo" as we tend to think all scottish people say "och aye the noo" or at least I do lol.
I do try sometimes when I go to different places to talk a little more properly and not yorkshire as I know some people won't understand me but it does have a tendency to slip out without me realising.
Here's a few yorkshire sayings and words, do you know what they mean?
Gi or faffing abart
that bairns badly
shes got monk on
al do it missen
hes not back'ard at cumin for'ard
ow do
mi mam played pop
he's a rum'n
mam can I ev sum spice?
were yer born in a barn/field?
Reight am off nar so na night, tek care on yersens xxx
toby tyke the  towns football mascot

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Guess how much is in the box

Eyup lasses ar ta gooin on ?
Excuse my odd start just thought I'd throw in a bit of yorkshire for you.
As usual when I write my blog lately I'm just letting my cereal and cuppa settle before I do my wii workout. I'm still at it which is a bit of a shock for me cos I don't usually stick to excercise.I don't really have anything to blog about today but I have a bit of time to kill so I'm here as usual but with nothing to say.
OOh I know....We're off to the supermarket today but this week we'll be going to tesco rather than morrisons (which is where we go most weeks) because we can never get parked at morrisons at the end/beginning of a month. Lots more people must shop when they get paid at the end of the month and our morrisons is on the edge of town with not a very big carpark so at this weekend we go to tesco instead which is out of town and has a huge carpark.
We're not huge fans of tesco but it does mean we can take the box of loose change we've gathered over the last few months and change them in the coinstar machine there. Hubby and I seem to end up with lots of small change and we put it in a wood box  until it gets full, then we take it and cash it in towards our shopping.
Why is she telling us this I hear you say well here's why.
Lets play guess how much money is in the box. I'll put a picture on and you can leave a guess of how much change you think is in the box in the comments and we'll see who gets closest. The closest guess will recieve a prize.
Typical I just went to take a photo of the box and the blooming camera batteries are out of charge!!!!!!!!!
I've plugged them in for a quick boost and will go do my excercises and come back to taking the photo afterwards. So see you in a bit x
Ok I'm back girls here's the piccie
Guess how much change is in the box, there are coins of every denomination in there but mainly small coins rather than pounds etc. The box measures 11.5cm high  by 15cm deep by 20cm wide

Guess how much is in the box
I'll post the results next weekend and the closest guess can choose a free pair of earrings OR a bagcharm from my website as a prize.
I'll give the name of the winning guesser next weekend when I post the amount we claimed and give details of how to choose and claim your prize.
Please leave your guess via the comment box before next saturday morning. The guess closest to the amount we get paid will win. Due to difference in postage rates and regulations abroad I'll only post the prize to a UK address (sorry)

Friday, 1 October 2010

wet and windy

Is it winter already? It certainly looks like it here today, its dark wet and windy so I've got the heating on today.  I really feel in the mood to curl up on the sofa and read a nice book, but alas its not to be as Friday is my cleaning day. YUK. I do clean other days of the week but on fridays I do up and downstairs at the same time ready for the weekend. Tonight we'll have to brave the weather for a few minutes and run to the car to go to the inlaws for the evening so no chance of a curl up and read then either.

Athough its cleaning day and I should really be busy right now what am I doing?????? sitting online tutut andie. I have just had my lunch though so I do have a legitimate reason to be sitting down rather than cleaning at the moment but not I've not really got an excuse for the fact I havent started yet!I'm going to have to clean at the speed of light to get everything done.
Its my own fault that I'll have to rush though as I've been lazy all morning. I started off with a nice chat online with Eil this morning, then a friend rang me for a chat so I was on the phone for a while too so yet more sitting about while time passed by. After that I did my wii workout and then had my shower and washed and dried my hair before making a jacket potatoe with cheese for my lunch.
So there you go a morning passed in the blink of an eye with nothing done and all my jobs still waiting eeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh I wish I enjoyed cleaning or even tolerated it. It would make life so much easier but heyho who said life was supposed to be easy or enjoyable.
Right I've rambled enough, its time to get on.  I'm off .  Im going to start. HONEST I am. I'll go get the duster and hoover out uuurrrrggghhhh
come on andie get a grip girl and clean.