Sunday, 15 April 2012

easter break

hello ladies, I'm a day late this week with my blog, I completely forgot what day of the week it was. With hubby being off work and my sister and nephews being down for a visit this week I've found it hard to keep track of the days as our routine has been all different this week. Its been lovely having time with our Ali, William and Andrew as well as Hubby, Mum and Matt. Mum went back with Ali and the kids on friday for a couple of weeks so it's very quiet at home with only us and matt at home.
We've not had the best weather to get out an do stuff so have been playing bingo and darts and things at home, but we've still managed to have fun. We did get out for a walk around newmillerdam on sunday, mum, ali and me had a girlie day shopping at meadowhall on tuesday while Paul and the kids had a boys day playing on the wii at home, and we all went to the royal armouries museum on wednesday.
Andrew and Paul found a den

everyone had an icecream after our walk round
heres mum ali and paul with theres 

my shopping on tuesday

In crafting news I've finally made the decision to close my jewellery website and sell off most of my made up jewellery and a lot of my bead supplies that I had at home. I'm selling the jewellery at reduced prices on my Andies Accessories facebook page and the beads in an auction. I'm not going to make anything likewhat they originally cost but I just want to clear the space now I've finally decided thats it. I'll still keep my tools and some beads etc and make the occasional piece for myself but I'm no longer going to make them for sale on my site.
bead auction

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy easter everyone xx Just a quickie today . My lovely sis Ali and two nephews William and Andrew are staying with us this week.
me and sis ali when we were kids at skeggy
Its quite a houseful with Matt our nephew who lives here with us, mum coming over too as well as Paul and me, standing room only at times lol  and the dishwasher is on almost permanent but its so lovely to see them. Sis is a bit of a shopaholic so no doubt we will do lots of shopping this week wooooooohoooooooo yay. We started our shop fest off slow yesterday with a trip to a small retail park not far away that has a few shops like matalan next boots asda living sports direct. I didn't do too well though as I only got a new pair of sandals and some undies but I'm hoping to do better later in the week. I've been really struggling to get clothes that fit and suit lately so I hope I manage to find some things later in the week.
On a making note I finished and sent out two personalised cushions that were ordered last week.  One was to say MUMMY and have spongebob on the other to say DADDY and have a man city badge on.
These were for a lovely lady who has now bought 4 of my cushions.

Just found out I've also sold one of my cushions on folksy today too. I've booked  another craft fair for may. Its at the national mining museum in Wakefield. They have these about once a month so if it goes well I may do some more.
Well thats all from me today folks have a lovely easter x