Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Morning. Its another dreary damp day here at the moment but I bet the sun will come out later when I'm standing in front of the window ironing. It always does making me super hot and then Lucy comes and trys to soak up the sunlight stream and lays on the carpet right where I'm trying to stand ironing. I feel so cruel moving her and shutting the blind to close the sun out, I'd much rather leave her there soaking up the sun and bugger the ironing but if I don't do it no one else will.
I hate ironing with a vengeance and it hates me, after four hours ironing my knees won't bend properly and my hip throbs like mad. I end up walking a bit like John wayne after hes been on a horse all day, stiffy legged and swinging from side to side from my hips as I walk cos I can't bend them. My mum says I should iron in small lots instead of all at once but then I'd be ironing every day and ooooooooooh the thought of that NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I think one day I'll end up having to do it that way but for now I'll carry on just coating myself in arnica gel, do the John Wayne walk for an evening and moaning about it.

Get off your horse and do the ironing
Right well now I've had my moan I'll go do my wii workout and get on with my day. Hope you all have a good one girls xx

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wintery days

It looks like another damp and dreary day today, just like yesterday. It feels like winter is fast approaching what with dark nights, and days and the dull wet weather. I felt quite wintery yesterday so we had one of our favourite wintery dinners for tea. Pork and bramley apple sauces, mash potatoes, sprouts and gravy mmmmmmmmm YUM.

I was definately in a wintery frame of mind yesterday as I started making decorations for christmas, yes you heard me right CHRISTMAS, its not that far away you know. I bought a kit the other week from qvc to make little felt mittens and yesterday I got it out and made them, it was a fun way to spend a few hours.
I made six and still have enough felt left to make a couple more. They were very easy to do, just cut out the felt using the template in the booklet decorate them and blanket stitch them together.
The kit had designs for 6 mittens that you could iron onto your felt as a guide to stitching but I didn't bother with that and just sort of copied the designs I liked free hand. Embroidery is not a talent of mine so I probably shoud have ironed the transfer onto to be honest but I only wanted to do 3 of the designs on my 6 stockings so I wouldnt have been able to iron the transfer on 3 anyway.
Everything you need to make the mittens is included in the kit apart from a needle and scissors.  There is 3 pieces of felt, thread, cord for hanging and the design booklet with instructions included. I added a couple of star sequins and some christmassy ribbon to the mittens that I found in a drawer at the weekend (great time for finding it eh) I still have a little bit of the felt and threads left so I could make a couple more mittens and of course I could use my own felt and thread to make as many as I like now I suppose.

I've not decided exactly how I'm going to hang them yet, whether I'll hang them individually or string them together on some braided cord as a garland, so I've not added any of the gold cord supplied to hang them yet. I think I've got a bit of time to decide before christmas lol.
Ok time for me to go do my wii workout and then I'll put the dinner on. I've got my slow cooker out today (my wintery mood continues) and I'm making pork steak, potatoes, carrots and onion in gravy for dinner tonight with yorkshire puddings. I love the smell of things cooking when they're in the slow cooker the house smells lovely all day. My slow cooker is one of my best kitchen buys along with my breadmaker, which is also being used today making a loaf for lunch. No wonder I need a wiii workout eh girls lol

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Feeling better

Hello again blogettes, I'm feeling lots better and jollier now so no moany moany blog today. Thanks for putting up with me moaning last time. xxThanks for your comments on yesterdays blog and all my previous ones too, its nice to know people are reading it. xxxxxxxxxxx
I've been a real lazy daisy today and so has hubby and my mum who stayed over this weekend, we've just chilled and relaxed all day. I read a bit of chick lit in the morning with multiple cups of tea, mum and hubby were reading too but although mum had another chicklit book hubby opted for science fiction, he's not really a big chick lit reader, funny that isn't it lol.
Then we had a lazy lunch of cheese, ham and tomatoe toasties while watching a dvd 'Have you heard about the morgans' it was quite good and easy watching.  Followed by an afternoon of more tv and knitting. Total lazy bones. Now hubby and I are watching xfactor and yes you guessed it.... chilling and relaxing.
Eeeee its a hard life sometimes but luckily not today.  I hope you've all had good weekends.
Right I'm off to have nosey round online before I try out the new tv series 'Downton Abbey', I do like a period drama so I'll see what this ones like.
I know, I know, I have laughable choices in books -chick lit -  Films -easy watching rom coms-  And tv-period dramas-  But hey thats me I like things I dont have to think too hard about.  I do like things a bit more challenging at times but a nice easy time is usually most tempting to me.  So what tempts you?
I know what a few of you like to read but what about films and tv programme? whats your favourites?

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hi my little blogging friends. I'm up quite early this saturday, I normally don't get up till about half nine but Ive been up about an hour now and had my brekkie already. It's not cos I have anything exciting planned for my day though, but when I woke up about 8o'clock instead of turning over like normal I thought if I get up now I could have brekkie and do my excercises before the normal time I get ready for going out to the supermarket.
So up I got, I've had my brekkie and am just waiting for it to settle before I do my workout.  I had a rest day yesterday cos my legs were aching when I was doing it on thursday morning and after spending another four hours plus on my feet ironing later on they were really stiff n uncomfortable thursday night and when I got up yesterday so I thought it was best to take a rest day. I was hoping the excercise would help my knees and make them a more flexible and a bit less achey but not so far. But heyho I've only been doing it two weeks so we'll see how I go.
I'm a bit tired this morning as we were woken up twice last night by noisy groups of lads walking by the house. The first time was at 2am when a gang of lads went by singing and shouting, luckily it only lasted a few minutes as they were walking past. Then we were woken again just after 4am when some lads (don't know if it was the same ones or not) started squealing and laughing, they must have been just standing around near our house or walking VERY slowly past because they were at it for around twenty minutes before the noise got quieter as they moved further away.  They were really squealing loudly and then doing high pitched hehehe's and then really deep hohohos like stage laughing, lord knows why but they obviously found it entertaining me on the other hand just wanted them to bog off home.
Well this is a jolly blog isnt it, moan moan bloody moan Andie, sorry girls its pmt time and I'm just coming out of my feeling low mood, obviously not quite out of it judging by my moany blog. The joys of being a woman eh. Right I'll bog off now and do my workout see if the excercises can release any happy endorphins and cheer me up.

Come on girl get those endorphins released

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

More excercise and a bit of sewing

I was up quite early and excercising again this morning, I think I'm getting into the groove now with it. I was supposed to be having a rest day today but I was feeling a bit fed up and off it when I got up and thought a workout would wake me up a bit and it did.
The workout still keeps changing and new excercises keep being added to try too which I think is good. Today I did volleyball which I've never played you have to mimic the moves you would make to hit the ball over the net at a target, I din't always hit the target as my aim is a bit off but at least I was still burning calories. I'm quite enjoying doing my workouts now which is something I didn't think I'd ever say.
After my excercises I had a phone chat with a friend and an online chat with my sister from another mister Eily and then this afternoon I did some more sewing. I made another two shoppers for the fruit and veg shop using some of the new material I bought yesterday.

I had a lovely day at mum's, I bought some new material from Dunelm and a few new books from tesco while we were out and we also a look around B&M which is on the same row of shops I didn't buy anything in there but mum got some wrapping paper for christmas. A couple of the materials I bought were on sale so I got a bit of a bargain too which is always nice isn't it.
I'm planning a bit of a lazy Sunday morning with a nice read in my jimjams with a few cups of tea and one of my new books. I got a couple of chick lit books and a mills & boon, yes I do read mills & boon!!!!!! I like my reading easy and slushy lol.

My new material & chick lit
Now Im off to catch up on the blogs I follow and then do a bit of knitting while I watch tv.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Up early again, it's so not me..or maybe it is

Morning all I thought Id write my blog in the morning for a change, I mostly write them at night but I haven't been going online as much of an evening lately so consequently I haven't done my blog as much. I'm just sitting waiting for my brekkie to settle a bit before I do my wii workout for today. Im still doing it although I must admit to missing out on Sundays workout, oh the shame :-( 
I didnt go to bed while 3am on saturday night as I got caught up reading a book so I didn't get up very early on sunday and felt a little rough when I did so I didn't do them then thinking I would do them later. Unfortunately I didn't though as mum came over for lunch and Matt and his girfriend were here too so after lunch we were all together in the living room, well theres no way I was going to huff and puff and lunge and jog in front of everyone besides which space would have been a bit tight (too many peoples legs for me to trip over during my workout). I thought I'd get them done after tea when mum had gone home but mum and me were helping Matts girlfriend remember how to knit and before we knew it it was 7 o'clock.
Mum wanted to be home and settle ready to watch something on tv that evening so we took her home without any tea (what terrible hosts we are) and by the time we got back and got our teas it was 8 o'clock and so we sat and watched x factor with Matt and Abi and then it was after 9pm and well I thought ooh bugger it its too late to be excercising now.
I know thats naughty and I should be ashamed of myself and to be honest I was a bit. I kept thinking about it when I was in bed that night, I was scared that the wiii would tell me off when I went on it on Monday and maybe make me start the 30 day challenge again but it didn't . I got up yesterday and after brekkie I put it on and all it had done was make sunday another rest day!!!!!!!! It didn't even tell me off! I felt a bit cheated to be honest lol.
Well I best sign off now and do todays workout, Im on a tight schedule today as after Ive done my workout its straight up in the shower and get ready cos I'm off to mums. We're going to Dunelm mill store today which is a short walk from mums. The fruit and veg shop I have been making shopping bags for wants four more this week and I'm getting quite low in material so I made two with my exisiting stock yesterday but decided I'd make the other two in some different material. Hopefully I'll find something nice today and then I can make the other two tomorrow.
Right I'm off to workout now hope you all have a good day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 17 September 2010

Up Early, am still at it

Well I'm still at it with the excercising. To fit it in today I had to be up at 8am so I could have my brekkie and do my excercises before I got ready for a trip to Meadowhall with my mum. Hows that for dedication eh girls!!!!!  Impressed ???????? You should be I don't normally do mornings lol.
I had to fit them in this morning before shopping as I knew if I didnt they wouldn't get done as I'd be out all day and this evening we were going to the inlaws. Poor Hubby didn't get time to do his today aaawwwww what with going out not long after he came in from work he only had time for a quick bit of tea and get changed, so no time for a workout I'm afraid. We're wondering what will happen now though as he'll have missed his days workout on the 30 day challenge does it mean he's failed and will have to start again??????  We're due a rest day again tomorrow so we're hoping he'll be able to do todays workout tomorrow instead and still stay on target.
Yesterdays workout was quite steady and focused mostly on the upper body, I was happy to be fighting the bingo wings. Todays was a bit more full on though and focused on the lower body more which I was bit worried about as I was going to be giving my lower body quite a bit of a workout walking round a shopping centre all day. I didnt want to be wearing myself out and spoil my shopping mode before I got there but I was ok, although I was quite glad of a sit down tonight though.
One of the new excercises added in the last couple of days has been a sideways jump where you crouch down a bit and then jump to one side landing in the crouch position and then spring up and jump to the other side again. I was in the middle of these yesterday when the bin men came, I did consider pausing the game and waiting till they'd gone but I was in the rhythm and didn't want to lose it so I thought ooh sod it.  I must have looked quite funny though bending and jumping from side to side with the remotes in my hand.
I seem to always pick a time when there is someone about to do my workouts as this morning I was in the middle of my alternating shouder presses when next door neighbour came out in to their garden letting their dogs out. There I am holding my big pink rubber band  pointing alternating hands up to the ceiling while trying not to garrot myself with the wire that connects the nunchuk and the wii remote which you also have to hold.  I think he thought I was waving at him through the window lol.
Anyway I'm still carrying on with them and hopefully I won't lose focus because after seeeing myself in the changing rooms today I definately need to workout. I didn't buy a lot today as I think most things I saw and liked would show my fat n wobbly bits off, especially my belly. I managed to find a dress which didn't show too much wobble and a long shirt to wear with my leggings but apart from that all I bought was 3 small storage boxes for my beads and some batteries ooh and a giftcard for my nephews birthday next week. I did have a nice time though with my mum  so it was a god day even though I didn't come home with a wardrobe full of new clothes.

Sorry Madam you've bought so many clothes we don't have a bag big enough
 You'll have to use this wardrobe on wheels to take them home.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Just a quickie

I've had a rest day from excercising today, it's not my idea Ive not given up already, its on the game that you have a rest day today. I did do a workout yesterday and burnt a total of 122.9 calories, woohoo a couple of biscuits worth burnt off there lol.
The workout was just a touch longer yesterday and true to its promise a bit different to the first day in its choice of excercises.  I wonder what tomorrows will bring? I quite enjoyed doing it yesterday and sort of missed it today.
I was considering just doing a few of the excercises and customising myself a little routine to do today but I've been ironing for four hours this afternoon so now I'm not in the mood for any more hard work, plus my knees and hip are really hurting now from standing for so long so I think I'm going to sit back and do an hours knitting now.
Night all x

Monday, 13 September 2010

getting active

Whew am I hot and bothered tonight, I've been excercising for the first time in months and boy I'm unfit. At the weekend hubby and I bought wii active to try and do some excercises and hopefully get fit, well fitter anyway.

It looks quite good and comes with a resistance band and a leg strap to hold the nunchuck while you workout to register your leg movements. You can set up your own profile with your sex, age, weight and height and then design an avatar like yourself (mines a wee porker poor little love ) Then you either pick workouts from a list, customise your own, or take part in a 30 day challenge which is what hubby and I have plumped for (hehe very apt choice of words there andie).
When you take part in the 30 day challenge it sets you a workout of excercises which you can accept as they are or delete any you know you wont be able to do. Which I did today as my workout included lunges which I just can not do as my knees wont bend that low quickly, so I had 14 excercise to do today. Then you choose whether you want your trainer to be female or male and then off you go.
Our workouts started with  a run which I was puffed and sweaty at from the off, then it would have been the squats, which I didn't do but hubby did, he's very good at them too (squat swat) then more running which was hard for me as I hadn't recovered from the first one yet lol. Some more excercises including bicep curls, sideways lunges,target boxing, bend over rows, a bit of inline skating and then the squats,curls, lunges, target boxing bend over rows, and inline skating again, plus some shoulder raises and then onto another run to finish. 
The wii times your workouts and shows the calories you're burning too and then records it. Each day it mixes up your workouts a bit so you don't get bored or so it says, I hope not as we're not very good at sticking to excercises. Hopefully we'll stick to it and I'll tone up and lose a bit of weight and then me and my wii avatar can both go down a size. The poor thing does look abit of a sight, especially when shes running which means obviously so must I lol.
Before excercising this evening I made another shoulder bag this afternoon for the daughter of the lady who bought two last week and then I wrote and sent out the newsletter for my jewellery website. Hubby has wrote me a list of instructions for producing my newsletter which I write and add pictures with links back to my website using html code. I didn't know thats what I was doing until hubby told me today as I'm not big on computer jargon but given simple instructions I can usually manage to do things.
I feel really lucky to have my computer savvy hubby who not only wrote and designed my website for me but also set it up in such a way I can do things myself quite easily. I can add new items, link matching pieces together, write my newsletter and lots of other things I need to do all without having to bother hubby all the time.  There are still a few things I need him to do for me on it though but then again I like to make him feel needed lol

Friday, 10 September 2010

Culture vulture

The Lowry
I went for a day out in Manchester yesterday with my sister from another mister Eily, we went to the Lowry and the outlet mall next door, she's not my sister really lol, just a good friend but we get on well and are similar in some funny little ways that we jokingly call each other sis. It was a last minute decision to meet up again, during a chat the other day about being bored we mentioned going to The Lowry one day for a visit and then on wednesday when we saw the weather wasn't going to be too bad for thursday we decided to go. I had such a good time and we even saw a famous person Sir Ian Mckellan.
There's a twenty minute film about Lowry and we were just finishing watching that when a door to the side of the screen opened and people came out including a man with a television camera and others carrying other equipment and then sis went 'ooh thats him.' and there was Ian Mckellan !!!! What a shock.
Eil quick as a flash had her camera and was off folllowing him for a photo. She managed to get a couple of photos of him sideways on as he walked away, but he acted like he hadn't heard or seen us. It must be so weird being famous and people recognising you all over the place. It was certainly weird for us seeing him out of the blue like that. We have no idea why he was there or what he was doing either.

Sir Ian Mckellan
Once we'd calmed down we looked round the gallery at the paintings, it seems like Lowry was a sad lonely man and I think you can feel this in his paintings, after watching the film and looking at the paintings I wanted to give him a hug. It was really interesting and my first time in a proper gallery which I really enjoyed.

The film we watched and also on right door Ian Mckellan came out of
There was also an exhibition by Spencer Tunick called everyday people which was not really my cup of tea. A load of naked people in different poses and different places, the oddest one was a photo of  a bus full of people crushed up against the windows with their bits and boobs pressed against the glass. One good thing though was that after seeing the shapes and sizes of the people on the photos I didn't feel so bad about my wobbly bits.
We also had fun catching trams and chatting to random people, I don't know what it is about Eil but when I'm with her we always end up chatting to people. A lovely lady adopted us and showed us what tram to catch from victoria and then walked us over to the next stop for our second tram we needed. A lovely gentleman took a piccy of sis n me outside the lowry too and didn't steal my camera either lol. Plus we spoke to a couple of other people and staff in places we asked questions of who were friendly and helpful too. Manchester people seem so friendly, dare I say maybe even friendly than us yorkshire folk!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and sis

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Oh thats my bus !!!!

After the dreadful forecast at the beginning of the week it turned out quite nice today so mum and me decided to go to town. There's not a lot of shops left to look at in our town but we made our trip last four hours anyway. That was when I eventually got there as I was rather late as I missed the bus I was aiming to catch. I was a couple of minutes late leaving the house and the bus was a couple of minutes early so the combination meant I was walking along on the wrong side of the road as the bus drove by.
The worse thing was that I had looked up the road as I closed our gate and saw the bus coming down the road and yet I still wandered along as if it wasn't coming, it was only as it drove straight past and was turning the corner into the next road that I suddenly thought 'oh that was my bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

I had a good time once I got there although I didn't buy much, well there isn't that much to buy to be honest. I got a couple of  pairs of leggings, a pair of slippers, some christmas gifttags and bows, a baby knitting magazine, a mascara, an icing kit and a recipe book. Nothing very exciting at all apart from the recipe book which is cookies and cakes and has some tempting recipes in it.
When I got home I spent a couple of hours checking out train and tram websites for a future trip to manchester. Why are those sites so hard to use???? the train one especially. It only gives you half the trains, I wanted a train from Leeds to Manchester Victoria and according to the site there are only a few direct trains a day where I don't have changes, but with a little detective work I tracked down the timetable and there are actually 3 or 4 an hour.
When I'd finally figured out what I wanted to know I spent the rest of the evening relaxing with my knitting and watching big brother, yes I am one of the sad people who watch it. And now I'm just going to have a quick look at the blogs I follow and see if anyone else has posted today, I bet if they have its more interesting reading than my nondescript ramble lol. 
Then it will be time for zebedee to come out again and tell me its time for bed again. So glad you knew what I was talking about yesterday when I said it, the magic roundabout was a favourite of mine when I was little I even had a pull along snail toy which I called brian lol

Me and big sis with Brian
I love Brian

Monday, 6 September 2010

Not much to say

Nothing much to say tonight, what a shocker eh girls, me with nothing to say!!!!! Who knew it would ever happen lol.
I made a couple of bags today which were ordered last week for collection on wednesday, just the same as the last ones I made but I still enjoyed revving my machine up again. Bbbbrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm brrrrmmmmmmmmmmm
Then this evening I added some more stock to my website . We've nearly caught up with putting everything on now, just a few more items and everything will be on.
Well thats it from me tonight girls, time for bed said zebedee x

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The good weather is going

Looks like the good weather of last week is over with. I've just been checking the weather for next week and its rain, rain and more rain forecast, just lovely. We're all just getting used to waking up to nice weather again and then pffff its gone again. Yer just gotta love britain for its weather don't you. 
Looks like we'll all be putting away the sundresses (yes gentlemen even you lol) and getting out our sou'westers and galoshes and maybe even our canoes. I might need a lesson off my friend Eily on how to drive a canoe first, how you fixed Eil?
Its also getting darker earlier now which keeps surprising me. I find myself looking out of the window and being shocked its gone dark so early, I think people are getting fed up of me going 'ooh its dark already, what time is it?'
I can't believe how quickly this year is passing either, it's september already, soon it will be christmas and then a new year. People say time goes quicker as you get older if this year seems to be flying by now and I'm only 38 what will it be like by the time Im a pensioner ????? Will a year go by in the blink of an eye???? A decade pass before breakfast?????
Speaking of time passing its almost midnight and past my bedtime so ill say goodnight.

Friday, 3 September 2010

White van (wo)man

Today hubby and I played white van man (woman for me) and also removal men (woman for me again) My mum was getting a couple of new sofas today so hubby borrowed a van from work so we could take her old ones to the dumpit site.  He picked me up from home after work and together we took a very bumpy trip to mums house. Since the snow and bad weather last winter our roads are really terrible and the van didn't have the greatest comfort factor. So off we went with a bumpity bump.
I was a litle worried about touching much in the van as it was really grubby but lucky for me they obviously don't have many passengers in their vans as the passenger seat was the cleanest spot in the cab. Hubby said he'd picked the cleanest van they had,  he could have picked one with tiger print seat covers and three inch of cig ash on the floor SO glad he didn't bring that one home lol. Still I wished I'd had some flash wipes with me so I could have given it a good wipe down.
Once at mums we got the sofas out and into the van with only a few minor injuries and quite a few giggly 'to me, to you's' (chuckle brothers we pinched your line) and off to the dump we bumped.

To me ... To you
We had to call ahead to get permission to go in a van as its not allowed nowadays by our council unless you have a permit or permission. When we got there it was quite busy so hubby had to park on the outside lane next to some brambley nettles on my side meaning I had to climb over and get out on his side. Out he jumped as I climbed over the seats and gear stick and then he shut the door!!!!!!!!! Thanks Paul am I not getting out then????? OOPS!!! He came back and opened the door for me and I jumped down, its a fair jump down especially if like me you ignore the step and jump straight from the footwell.
There were four council workers at the skip so hubby went over to check which of the skips we should put the sofas in and then we started unloading the cushions into it. It was obvious the four workers were not going to offer to help us so we took the first sofa up the slope and heaved up the sofa to chest height over the side and into the skip while they watched us with interest. I half expected to turn round and see them be holding up score cards like the judges on strictly come dancing. 

Not bad but you coud have thrown it a little further..
Just after we'd put the second sofa in the skip and were shutting up the back of the van a car came round and parked right in front of us and reversed almost onto our bumper, well I say a car, obviously I mean a man driving a car, it wasn't kit from knight rider lol, he was a rather stupid man though as he had to breathe in and almost lay on the bonnet to open the boot of his car. Luckily no one was parked behind us so hubby could reverse and pull around him to leave. I was quite proud of hubbys nifty manouver between the two lanes of parked cars to be honest especially as hes not used to driving a van.
Then we were motorway bound to take the van back to hubbys work, woohooo 70 miles an hour in the bone shaker van, gosh how do the poor delivery drivers cope with it all day.  Hubby gave me a quick tour of his work and then we got in our car to come home our white van adventure over.
On the way home I told hubby I was rather dissapointed I hadn't got a yorkie bar as I thought all truckers and their mates ate yorkies, ok it wasn't quite a truck but near enough I thought but obviously not.

Then he made matters worse by saying 'shame I should av taken you for a ride on the fork lift to make up for it.' Now he tells me!!!! So there I was mightily dissapointed with my removal man/white van man adventure, no yorkie and no ride on a fork lift. All I'd got out of our adventure was shaken bones, a couple of bruises from wayward sofa wheels and a swing on hubbys work chair.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back into baking

I've been back baking again today I think I'm getting a bit of a  taste for it, well a taste for the results anyway lol. I hadn't done any baking for years apart from my christmas tart baking and now here I am on my fifth baking day and I'm already thinking about what to make next. 
Today I made some chocolate butterfly buns which if I do say so myself taste pretty good. Hubby nephew and I all had 1 when they came home from work today (hubby had 2 greedy man lol) and I think we all enjoyed them.

I did enjoy making them, the measuring, mixing, decorating and of course the most fun part.... scraping the bowl out afterwards. well it makes washing up quicker lol

I had some good news today about my bags I made, the fruit & veg shop I made them for has sold 3 already and I also got a request for two more of the shoppers with long handles today so I'll have a good excuse to get my sewing machine out again next week too. Yay.                                                                                  I also got a lovely gift in the post today from a lovely member of busymitts, she sent me a mug with a cute knitted cosy on and some sweets and drink sachets inside and a magazine too. I feel like a princess lately with all the lovely gifts I've received.