Friday, 10 September 2010

Culture vulture

The Lowry
I went for a day out in Manchester yesterday with my sister from another mister Eily, we went to the Lowry and the outlet mall next door, she's not my sister really lol, just a good friend but we get on well and are similar in some funny little ways that we jokingly call each other sis. It was a last minute decision to meet up again, during a chat the other day about being bored we mentioned going to The Lowry one day for a visit and then on wednesday when we saw the weather wasn't going to be too bad for thursday we decided to go. I had such a good time and we even saw a famous person Sir Ian Mckellan.
There's a twenty minute film about Lowry and we were just finishing watching that when a door to the side of the screen opened and people came out including a man with a television camera and others carrying other equipment and then sis went 'ooh thats him.' and there was Ian Mckellan !!!! What a shock.
Eil quick as a flash had her camera and was off folllowing him for a photo. She managed to get a couple of photos of him sideways on as he walked away, but he acted like he hadn't heard or seen us. It must be so weird being famous and people recognising you all over the place. It was certainly weird for us seeing him out of the blue like that. We have no idea why he was there or what he was doing either.

Sir Ian Mckellan
Once we'd calmed down we looked round the gallery at the paintings, it seems like Lowry was a sad lonely man and I think you can feel this in his paintings, after watching the film and looking at the paintings I wanted to give him a hug. It was really interesting and my first time in a proper gallery which I really enjoyed.

The film we watched and also on right door Ian Mckellan came out of
There was also an exhibition by Spencer Tunick called everyday people which was not really my cup of tea. A load of naked people in different poses and different places, the oddest one was a photo of  a bus full of people crushed up against the windows with their bits and boobs pressed against the glass. One good thing though was that after seeing the shapes and sizes of the people on the photos I didn't feel so bad about my wobbly bits.
We also had fun catching trams and chatting to random people, I don't know what it is about Eil but when I'm with her we always end up chatting to people. A lovely lady adopted us and showed us what tram to catch from victoria and then walked us over to the next stop for our second tram we needed. A lovely gentleman took a piccy of sis n me outside the lowry too and didn't steal my camera either lol. Plus we spoke to a couple of other people and staff in places we asked questions of who were friendly and helpful too. Manchester people seem so friendly, dare I say maybe even friendly than us yorkshire folk!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and sis


  1. eyup i'm still looking a bit fat i think..had a wonderful day, and met some really nice people too. Glad you enjoyed the Gallery, and the food wasn't bad either... where next i wonder? Must buy some new flip flops lol

  2. OOh the world is our lobster sis wi a bit a googling and your friendly face we could go anywhere.Yer dunt look fat at all yer look great sis, we dunt want yer dissapearing, there'll be nowt left a yer to hug soon. Was a fab day ta sis x

  3. Sounds like you & Eil had a brill day. I'm quite envious....Lol. Hope you were thinking of me stuck in school with the rain pouring and the staff room 10 degrees colder then any other room in the school (que the violins - hehe).
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. What a lovely time you both had, thats my kind of outing. I love galleries its just finding someone to go with. Julie.C

  5. Glad you both had a fab day, and you both look lovely - especially for a pair of stalkers