Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wintery days

It looks like another damp and dreary day today, just like yesterday. It feels like winter is fast approaching what with dark nights, and days and the dull wet weather. I felt quite wintery yesterday so we had one of our favourite wintery dinners for tea. Pork and bramley apple sauces, mash potatoes, sprouts and gravy mmmmmmmmm YUM.

I was definately in a wintery frame of mind yesterday as I started making decorations for christmas, yes you heard me right CHRISTMAS, its not that far away you know. I bought a kit the other week from qvc to make little felt mittens and yesterday I got it out and made them, it was a fun way to spend a few hours.
I made six and still have enough felt left to make a couple more. They were very easy to do, just cut out the felt using the template in the booklet decorate them and blanket stitch them together.
The kit had designs for 6 mittens that you could iron onto your felt as a guide to stitching but I didn't bother with that and just sort of copied the designs I liked free hand. Embroidery is not a talent of mine so I probably shoud have ironed the transfer onto to be honest but I only wanted to do 3 of the designs on my 6 stockings so I wouldnt have been able to iron the transfer on 3 anyway.
Everything you need to make the mittens is included in the kit apart from a needle and scissors.  There is 3 pieces of felt, thread, cord for hanging and the design booklet with instructions included. I added a couple of star sequins and some christmassy ribbon to the mittens that I found in a drawer at the weekend (great time for finding it eh) I still have a little bit of the felt and threads left so I could make a couple more mittens and of course I could use my own felt and thread to make as many as I like now I suppose.

I've not decided exactly how I'm going to hang them yet, whether I'll hang them individually or string them together on some braided cord as a garland, so I've not added any of the gold cord supplied to hang them yet. I think I've got a bit of time to decide before christmas lol.
Ok time for me to go do my wii workout and then I'll put the dinner on. I've got my slow cooker out today (my wintery mood continues) and I'm making pork steak, potatoes, carrots and onion in gravy for dinner tonight with yorkshire puddings. I love the smell of things cooking when they're in the slow cooker the house smells lovely all day. My slow cooker is one of my best kitchen buys along with my breadmaker, which is also being used today making a loaf for lunch. No wonder I need a wiii workout eh girls lol


  1. We had the same last night, but not the sprouts - green beans and carrots for us this time. You are a domesticated little goddess aren't you? I've still to make that victoria sandwich - when I get back from holls otherwise I will have to eat it and with so little time won't be able to work off all those calories. I made a couple of christmas cards to day for Tracy and mum and dad as I was bored. Then went swimming - 30 lengths, but all to no avail as I followed it with a cup of tea and a cupcake - feel quite sicky now. Cupcakes looks yum, but soooo sickly. Don't know why I got it really.

  2. Yes - the weather is staring to get that winter feel to it. Your dinner sounded lovely. I love sprouts, one of my fav veggies! We're going to have a liver dinner on Friday, with bacon, sprouts, carrots and onion gravy. It's planned for Friday 'cos every other evening we've got stuff to do before we get home.....Roll on Friday I say!!

  3. 30 lengths blooming nora thats a lot of swimming, well done you Chrissy.I love sprouts too Jo hope you enjoy your lovely liver dinner on friday x