Monday, 13 September 2010

getting active

Whew am I hot and bothered tonight, I've been excercising for the first time in months and boy I'm unfit. At the weekend hubby and I bought wii active to try and do some excercises and hopefully get fit, well fitter anyway.

It looks quite good and comes with a resistance band and a leg strap to hold the nunchuck while you workout to register your leg movements. You can set up your own profile with your sex, age, weight and height and then design an avatar like yourself (mines a wee porker poor little love ) Then you either pick workouts from a list, customise your own, or take part in a 30 day challenge which is what hubby and I have plumped for (hehe very apt choice of words there andie).
When you take part in the 30 day challenge it sets you a workout of excercises which you can accept as they are or delete any you know you wont be able to do. Which I did today as my workout included lunges which I just can not do as my knees wont bend that low quickly, so I had 14 excercise to do today. Then you choose whether you want your trainer to be female or male and then off you go.
Our workouts started with  a run which I was puffed and sweaty at from the off, then it would have been the squats, which I didn't do but hubby did, he's very good at them too (squat swat) then more running which was hard for me as I hadn't recovered from the first one yet lol. Some more excercises including bicep curls, sideways lunges,target boxing, bend over rows, a bit of inline skating and then the squats,curls, lunges, target boxing bend over rows, and inline skating again, plus some shoulder raises and then onto another run to finish. 
The wii times your workouts and shows the calories you're burning too and then records it. Each day it mixes up your workouts a bit so you don't get bored or so it says, I hope not as we're not very good at sticking to excercises. Hopefully we'll stick to it and I'll tone up and lose a bit of weight and then me and my wii avatar can both go down a size. The poor thing does look abit of a sight, especially when shes running which means obviously so must I lol.
Before excercising this evening I made another shoulder bag this afternoon for the daughter of the lady who bought two last week and then I wrote and sent out the newsletter for my jewellery website. Hubby has wrote me a list of instructions for producing my newsletter which I write and add pictures with links back to my website using html code. I didn't know thats what I was doing until hubby told me today as I'm not big on computer jargon but given simple instructions I can usually manage to do things.
I feel really lucky to have my computer savvy hubby who not only wrote and designed my website for me but also set it up in such a way I can do things myself quite easily. I can add new items, link matching pieces together, write my newsletter and lots of other things I need to do all without having to bother hubby all the time.  There are still a few things I need him to do for me on it though but then again I like to make him feel needed lol


  1. Keep up the good work Andie - it'll be worth it in the end. Thanks for your newsletter too. It looks very professional. I've saved it & intend having a good nosey at it later this week. It's a bit hectic here at the mo so just popping on & off the computer in short bursts - lol.
    Loving the exercise piccy!!
    Jo. x

  2. You go girl - just be careful you don't disappear altogether with so much exercising going on - beware of them open manholes - whoops there goes titchy Andie.............