Sunday, 26 September 2010

Feeling better

Hello again blogettes, I'm feeling lots better and jollier now so no moany moany blog today. Thanks for putting up with me moaning last time. xxThanks for your comments on yesterdays blog and all my previous ones too, its nice to know people are reading it. xxxxxxxxxxx
I've been a real lazy daisy today and so has hubby and my mum who stayed over this weekend, we've just chilled and relaxed all day. I read a bit of chick lit in the morning with multiple cups of tea, mum and hubby were reading too but although mum had another chicklit book hubby opted for science fiction, he's not really a big chick lit reader, funny that isn't it lol.
Then we had a lazy lunch of cheese, ham and tomatoe toasties while watching a dvd 'Have you heard about the morgans' it was quite good and easy watching.  Followed by an afternoon of more tv and knitting. Total lazy bones. Now hubby and I are watching xfactor and yes you guessed it.... chilling and relaxing.
Eeeee its a hard life sometimes but luckily not today.  I hope you've all had good weekends.
Right I'm off to have nosey round online before I try out the new tv series 'Downton Abbey', I do like a period drama so I'll see what this ones like.
I know, I know, I have laughable choices in books -chick lit -  Films -easy watching rom coms-  And tv-period dramas-  But hey thats me I like things I dont have to think too hard about.  I do like things a bit more challenging at times but a nice easy time is usually most tempting to me.  So what tempts you?
I know what a few of you like to read but what about films and tv programme? whats your favourites?


  1. Well not much done today for sure. Didn't even get dressed till 1pm and while Dave watched the Grand Prix (yawn, yawn) I took doggy for walkies out in the woods till it started to rain. Then sorted some paperwork, paid house insurance, cancelled car insurance, cancelled pet insurance cause all this will happen whilst I am away and Mr C. will have no idea what is due, what and when. He earns it, I spend it. Linda and boyfriend over for dinner and they left about 10, so I missed the first episode of Downton Abbey, as I like a good period drama too. I will be away for at least two, so will not be following this one. I like any science fiction type film, but hate reading the books, too many weird names and places to remember, and am not much of a TV watcher - definitely NO soaps. I do like New Tricks, good old Desperate Housewives, love the Mentalist (Simon Baker, to kill for) and thats about it. Used to like CSI Miami, until the new series - what is it with all these lights and glass panels going on - enough to give you a fit. Cannot be arsed with that one anymore (miserable old whatsit I am). Am just starting a new book, by James Patterson. Was supposed to be for holiday, but got bored watching TV and have now started it.

  2. Downton Abbey - FAB. I'm usually in on a Sunday (as it's a 'school night') but I intend to Sky+ this just in case. Love Maggie Smith, she's a brill actress. Fav type of film - anything really, but not too fussed on anything too cryptic - it's got to have a good plot. Comedy - of course.....talking of comedy films & Maggie Smith, have you seen 'Keeping Mum'? It also stars Rowen Atkinson & Kristen Scott-Thomas....very funny!!
    Nothing like a lazy day - I could do with one of them myself!! My weekend was spent either cleaning up after our little spat of re-decorating or shopping for stuff to match the new colour scheme......I'll blog about it all at some point this week!!