Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hi my little blogging friends. I'm up quite early this saturday, I normally don't get up till about half nine but Ive been up about an hour now and had my brekkie already. It's not cos I have anything exciting planned for my day though, but when I woke up about 8o'clock instead of turning over like normal I thought if I get up now I could have brekkie and do my excercises before the normal time I get ready for going out to the supermarket.
So up I got, I've had my brekkie and am just waiting for it to settle before I do my workout.  I had a rest day yesterday cos my legs were aching when I was doing it on thursday morning and after spending another four hours plus on my feet ironing later on they were really stiff n uncomfortable thursday night and when I got up yesterday so I thought it was best to take a rest day. I was hoping the excercise would help my knees and make them a more flexible and a bit less achey but not so far. But heyho I've only been doing it two weeks so we'll see how I go.
I'm a bit tired this morning as we were woken up twice last night by noisy groups of lads walking by the house. The first time was at 2am when a gang of lads went by singing and shouting, luckily it only lasted a few minutes as they were walking past. Then we were woken again just after 4am when some lads (don't know if it was the same ones or not) started squealing and laughing, they must have been just standing around near our house or walking VERY slowly past because they were at it for around twenty minutes before the noise got quieter as they moved further away.  They were really squealing loudly and then doing high pitched hehehe's and then really deep hohohos like stage laughing, lord knows why but they obviously found it entertaining me on the other hand just wanted them to bog off home.
Well this is a jolly blog isnt it, moan moan bloody moan Andie, sorry girls its pmt time and I'm just coming out of my feeling low mood, obviously not quite out of it judging by my moany blog. The joys of being a woman eh. Right I'll bog off now and do my workout see if the excercises can release any happy endorphins and cheer me up.

Come on girl get those endorphins released


  1. Good on yer for keeping up the good work. Super model in the making there. Know what you mean about low moods but I have no excuse for pmt cause don't get it anymore. Mine usually lasts about 6 weeks or so and normally after I have seen Tracy and she then goes back to Canada. Doesn't get any easier. Even thought I can't be bothered to do my cards anymore, as playing around there usually lifts my mood. Hopefully going off with sis in a couple of weeks will help. Got plenty of exercise today - sorted the garden out for its winter rest and now going to have a nice hot bath.

  2. Well done Andie. Your putting me to shame - I used to do loads of classed, aerobics, step. I'd go swimming and power walking too, but now two years down the line & I'm doing nothing...!
    All the classes in my area are closed due to lack of attendance which means the ones that are left are full to capacity. Zumba has started recently at our sports centre but I've been told that's packed out too. I used to go swimming & power walking with my mate Lynda, but since she's become a gran she's on call for babysitting duties a lot of the time & we cant seem to find a time to suit both of us - I don't fancy pounding the pavements on my own, especially now the evenings are getting darker. Poor me.....sob, I'm going to seed - lol.

  3. I know what you mean about noise crowds going by the house we have the same problem, as there is a youth center at the end of our street if the window is open you can hear all the conversations.
    Your not on your own with the bad days, but doing your workouts is good even though you feel a bit sore. A big hug from me. Julie.C

  4. Thanks for the encouragement girls xxx Had a rest day from working out today but I'll be back on with it tomorrow.