Sunday, 31 July 2011

Last day of hubbys holiday

Well today is the last day of hubbys two week off from work and I must say I will miss him when he goes back to work tomorrow, it's been a lovely two weeks. First off in the first week we had a little holiday in mablethorpe from monday to friday with My sister Ali, nephews William and Andrew and my mum, the weather could have been better but we had a nice time all the same and I experienced my first ever caravan holiday.
While we were there we visited skegness, mablethorpe seal sanctuary and the beach, sandringham house where the royal family go for christmas and cleethorpes.
This week hubby and I stayed at home but we have been out and about a few times. On monday we did some work in the house and garden, it hadn't been touched for a week as only Lucy the cat and Matt our nephew had been here and neither are too familiar with a duster and hoover lol.
On Tuesday Paul and I took mum to southport for the day, we'd been saying we'd take mum there for a while as she's never been before. Paul and I went a few years ago while staying near blackpool and had liked  it. It was a lovely day with nice weather for a change, it was so nice to walk round without a cardi or coat on and an umbrella at the ready. We must have walked miles along the beach, round the lake, in the park gardens and  round the shops. I'm sure we more than walked off the fish and chips and ice cream we had while we were there.
On wednesday it was rather dull in the morning so we just lolled around at home, but after lunch we were feeling tired and lethargic so we decided to go out and get some fresh air. We popped to nearby cannon hall to walk around the grounds. The sun had come out by the time we drove there so we were enjoying a nice stroll round with the thoughts of a sit down with an ice cream, or tea and a bun later when I suddenly noticed I had a group of little black flies following me, just to the left of my head near my shoulder.
No matter what we did we couldn't shake them off and we tried alsorts including Paul flapping his arms around like a mad man having a fit and me trying to walk slow and then rush to out walk them but nothing was shifting them. So a good walk ruined we decided we'd go back to the car and go home, it was quite embarrassing walking around with about 3 dozen little flies buzzing round my shoulder.
I don't know exactly why these flies had took a fancy to my left shoulder but we think it could be the smell of my left hand which I was holding onto my bag with  near my left shoulder. Just after we got to cannon hall we'd called in the farm shop where I had put my hand on some spilt ice cream on the counter and had wiped it clean with a wet wipe, so we think they may have been attracted to the scenty sugary smell of my hand.
Strangely though once we got into the car park they dissapeared so when we were sure they weren't coming back we decided to go across the road to the garden centre and have a piece of cake and a tea after all, luckily the flies didn't follow.
On thursday I went into town to change over my jewellery in Jan's shop and afterwards Paul and I had an hour or two looking round town and doing a little shopping. We had planned to go to home, have dinner and then go back out to the pictures that evening but once we got home we decided that rather than cook something ourselves we could go to the pictures early and get something to eat at frankie & bennys which is on the same complex as the pictures. We had a quick wash and brush up,got changed and out we went again. Dinner was lovely and the film 'horrible bosses' was really funny so we had a really enjoyable evening.
Friday we did more lounging, housework and popped to the supermarket.
Saturday Paul and I had a lovely day out at doncaster races. The weather was gorgeous and the racecourse was packed. It's a long time since we last went to doncaster races and we were surprised how it had changed, we knew it had been updated but we were surprised just how much, we hardly recognised it.
We had a fab time but we weren't very lucky, especially me, none of my horses won or got a place so no winnings for me. Paul won £11 on a race where he bet on the horse that came second. On two races I did pick the horse that came in 3rd but unfortunately they were both on races with only a few horses in so the bookies were only paying out on the first 2 places.
It seems lady luck was not shining on me yesterday. In fact one of my horses came in so far behind the others we thought it hadn't even run. It was a horse called Balandra which was a beautiful grey horse with speckles and black hair. When it came into the parade ring I thought it was gorgeous and was feeling quite lucky, that was until the jockeys came out and got on the horses. The jockey got on Balandra and they didn't seem to get on, the beautiful horse that had happily gone round and round the parade ring looking rather regal and calm suddenly started twisting and turning and pulling, then as the horses and jockeys were lead out of the parade ring onto the course mine went the wrong way. The other horses ran down the little path and as their handlers let go and turned away to the side the horses and jockeys carried on the same way out onto the course, but not mine, oh no mine followed the handler and so had to be turned round and more or less shoved in the right direction, by now I wasn't feeling terribly optomistic at all. 
The race started and the pictures came up on the big screen tv in front of us as the start was too far away for us to see. There was no sign of a grey horse at all among the horses racing, we kept watching and saw Pauls horse among the others but still no sign of my horse. Soon the horses were in proper view charging to the finish line and still no sign of my grey horse. Paul and I thought it must have pulled up or not come out of it's gate and hadn't run or something.  Everyone else went wild as the front few crossed the finishing line and then the rest with still no sign of my grey horse. 'I bet it never set off' I said to Paul
People had started to get up to go down to the betting area to collect their winnings when we heard the sound of laughter and there in front of us trotting along at a steady, but not really racing pace,was my beautiful grey horse with the jockey bouncing about on its back. By now everyone was either laughing or shouting 'come on you can do it' and 'you're nearly there'. The closer she got to the finish line though the slower she got, I thought she wasn't even going to finish, but eventually she managed to reach the finish post before stopping completely. Needless to say if I ever see Balandra at a race meeting again I won't be betting on her, although I must admit it was a rather funny race to watch.
So now it's Sunday and Pauls last holiday, he's back to work in the morning. This afternoon we decided to visit brodsworth hall and gardens, which isn't very far away but I've never been. The house is an english heritage property and has been preserved more or less how it was left when they took it over in the 1980's. Its an odd place really as its a mix of old georgian style with newer pieces and its in a bad state of decoration. As you go round you see things that give you a taste of how gorgeous and grand it would have been in its heyday but also get a sense of how hard it is to keep up and live in a place like that when the money dries up.
A lot of the rooms had obviosuly not been used properly for years before it was handed over and were basically left or used to store random item. A lot of the furniture and decor was in a bad state and to be honest I must admit it wasn't my favourite type of place to visit, I prefer to see houses that have been restored and look how they would have done in their heyday, but it was interesting to see and we enjoyed walking round the gardens where today there was a brass band playing which we sat and listened to for a while.
So there we have it huby and I's holiday fortnight we've both really enjoyed it but it's back to normal tomorrow though, work for hubby and ironing for me whoopeedoo.

Monday, 25 July 2011

My first ever caravan holiday

Hi bloggettes.
I've been missing from blogland this past week as I was on my first ever caravan holiday. I have reached the grand old age of 39 without ever spending a holiday in a caravan, but last week I finally stayed in one and I must say that despite my reservations it was actually ok. I had heard people say they could be a bit cold, damp and condensed up a lot and that they weren't the same as a proper building and I imagined this was right plus I thought they would be quite small and cramped.
Hubby was never bothered about staying in one either, especially after a few years ago when we had visited his parents for a day while they were staying in a relatives caravan. We'd all sat chatting in the living area for a while when I realised my back was wet where it was leaning against the condensed window and hubby said his was too. His parents said that kept happening and also it sometimes felt damp and quite cold at night and on a morning so that had helped keep us away from caravans.
Last week however my sister, my mum and two youngest nephews were going on holiday to a static caravan at haven holiday park in mablethorpe and as hubby is off work for a couple of week and we hadn't booked a holiday this year it was suggested we try and book a van too and join them. My sister said modern caravans werent as bad for coldness and condensation now and a lot had full central heating, hubbys relatives caravan had been really quite old, so on the spur of the moment, putting our reservations aside we went online and booked a van for last monday through to friday. 
Well I must say hubby and I were pleasantly surprised, our van had central heating in all rooms aswell as a gas fire in the lounge area and it was quite well laid out. The bedrooms were, I must admit, a bit snug by the sides of the beds but not too bad. Also I think we possibly had the worlds smallest toilet room (there was just enough room to turn and sit once the door was closed,) but the shower room lounge and kitchen areas were a lovely size. There was also lots of storage especially in our bedroom (important when you are a big packer like me lol) and the kitchen,  the furniture was in a good state and it was nice and clean. With the central heating set to come on before we got up in the morning it was lovely and cosy and never cold, not damp at all and we didn't condense up once.  So I must say my opinions on caravans has changed quite a bit. Also because we booked just over a week before we went we saved 40% so we got a prestige two bedroom caravan for under £300
Our van

Our bedroom

Fitted wardrobes in our bedroom, lots of storage space

Bit snugger in the other bedroom but we didn't need this room anyway

Shower room
Nice size shower with a seat in case you get tired lol

Our compact and bijou toilet

Most of the kitchen

Lounge area

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lovely internet friends

Thanks to the internet I have made some lovely friends and this week I was reminded again just how lovely they are.
On Monday it was our 19th Wedding Anniversary and we got this lovely card through the post from Chrissy. It's a beautiful card and has a lovely verse inside too. Hubby and I were over the moon to recieve it.

Then yesterday morning I got a belated birthday card and present from a friend on busymitts, Caroline.  She sent me a lovely hand knitted mughug, some hot drinks sachets, chocolate bars and a magazine, its the perfect tea break kit.

The friends I've made online over the last couple of years have been great to chat with, have a laugh with,  share interests with and even talk through some bad times. Thanks to you all x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Perfect gift

Just thought I'd do a quick blog to share with you my fab funny gift I got yesterday.
Hubby and I had been into town for our hair cutting yesterday afternoon and when we got back hubby went into the porch to collect the mail which had come while we were out. "you've got package" he said "is it a late birthday pressie?"  I didnt think so as I couldn't think of anyone who would send me something that hadn't already. I had a look at the packaging and saw Chrissy's address.  I said " looks like its from chrissy" Hubby asked if I'd ordered any cards because he knows I love Chrissys cards and have ordered a couple in the past, but no I hadn't ordered any recently. 
So wondering what could be inside I set about opening the packet, once inside I found a lovely little card and a fantasticly apt for me fridge magnet which gave hubby and I a right giggle. 
"saw this and thought of you" Chrissy had put in the card and well it is perfect for me because as many of you know I REALLY don't like housework.
Thanks so much Chrissy its brill and is now proudly displayed on my fridge.
In future when the house is a tip and people come round I won't feel bad, I'll just show them your magnet and say I'd be silly to risk it lol.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Where's the sun gone

Morning ladies
What's the weather like in your part of the world? Its dull and wet here this morning, the sunshine made way for the rain yesterday afternoon and it looks like its having the rest of the week off as we have rain forecast for the next few days. Theres some heavy and thundery showers forecast for tomorrow which has me worried as I hate thunder and lightning, normally I'm one of the turn everything off, sit in darkness and hide in a corner brigade but tomorrow is ironing day and as usual I have a huge pile of it so I suppose even if it thunders I'll have to stand there and iron. Worse thing is the place I stand to iron is near our big bay window near the tv which I usually have on while ironing to distract me from the horrid chore. So not only will I have the iron and tv plugged in and turned on I'll also be very close to the window to see everything and not be able to hide. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh lets hope the weather forecasters are wrong about the thundery showers.

I dont like thunder and lightning
Well now I've had a moan about the weather, how very british of me, I'll say goodbye for now as I need to go dry and straighten my hair before it gets totally out of control. I washed it this morning and just combed it through before I had my breakfast but I can feel it curling and waving and kinking now so I better go and get it into some sort of order.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Heyup lasses long time no write

Its been a while since I last blogged so thought I'd do one today. Well what have I been up to since I last wrote?????? not much I dont think to be honest, general everyday housework, been shopping a couple of times and done some crafting nothing too exciting really.
Saturday was my birthday so I had a lovely day then. Hubby and I got up about half eight so I could open my cards and pressies before we went out shopping. Even though I'm 39 now (gosh I feel old saying that) I still love opening pressies and cards and get quite excited like a child. Well by the time I'd opened my pressies, read all my cards, texted and messaged thank you's and talked on the phone it was well after 11.

All piled up ready to open
I got some lovely things for my birthday and love every one of my pressies and cards.
Thanks to my online friends who sent me lots of lovely gifts and cards some handmade

All my online friends gifts and cards thanks so much Girls xx
One of my best pressies was my sizzix bigshot that hubby bought me along with a few dies.

Isnt it cute with the black and pink design
I sat and had a little play with it last night and made myself some fabric flowers. We can't have real ones in the house because Lucy our cat eats them and then is sick everywhere (nice NOT)

No eating these please Lucy
I also got lots of other things including more crafty items, cds, dvds, ds games, books, choccys, pj's(birthdays and christmas just wouldn't be the same for me without new pjs I have to have at least one pair for each cos I love them)
In the evening hubby and I went to the pictures to see Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, we both really enjoyed it. A nice feel good film that gave us both quite a few laughs and Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors.

 Larry Crowne trailer

Hubby and I both came away wanting scooters like Larry so we could ride around town cruising on them. I thought a his and hers blue and pink pair woud be nice (we had a little dissagreement over who got the pink one but as it was my birthday I got to pick my favourite colour so I got the pink one, just joking lol)
This will only ever be an idea though, especially for me, as I woud be totally useless on a scooter (or any other vehicle to be honest) cos I have trouble keeping my balance when standing up straight let alone moving along with an engine. Plus I am VERY nervous on the road so even if I could by some slim chance learn to control and ride a scooter I would be stopping every five minutes to avoid other drivers lol. 
Still I can dream and yesterday my nephew Matt helped me pick out my pink scooter and helmet just in case lol.
Love this the tinted visor and pink pattern is just perfect

Isnt this fab !!!!!!!!!!!! Brrrrrrummmmmm brrrrrummmmmmm