Monday, 4 July 2011

Heyup lasses long time no write

Its been a while since I last blogged so thought I'd do one today. Well what have I been up to since I last wrote?????? not much I dont think to be honest, general everyday housework, been shopping a couple of times and done some crafting nothing too exciting really.
Saturday was my birthday so I had a lovely day then. Hubby and I got up about half eight so I could open my cards and pressies before we went out shopping. Even though I'm 39 now (gosh I feel old saying that) I still love opening pressies and cards and get quite excited like a child. Well by the time I'd opened my pressies, read all my cards, texted and messaged thank you's and talked on the phone it was well after 11.

All piled up ready to open
I got some lovely things for my birthday and love every one of my pressies and cards.
Thanks to my online friends who sent me lots of lovely gifts and cards some handmade

All my online friends gifts and cards thanks so much Girls xx
One of my best pressies was my sizzix bigshot that hubby bought me along with a few dies.

Isnt it cute with the black and pink design
I sat and had a little play with it last night and made myself some fabric flowers. We can't have real ones in the house because Lucy our cat eats them and then is sick everywhere (nice NOT)

No eating these please Lucy
I also got lots of other things including more crafty items, cds, dvds, ds games, books, choccys, pj's(birthdays and christmas just wouldn't be the same for me without new pjs I have to have at least one pair for each cos I love them)
In the evening hubby and I went to the pictures to see Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, we both really enjoyed it. A nice feel good film that gave us both quite a few laughs and Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors.

 Larry Crowne trailer

Hubby and I both came away wanting scooters like Larry so we could ride around town cruising on them. I thought a his and hers blue and pink pair woud be nice (we had a little dissagreement over who got the pink one but as it was my birthday I got to pick my favourite colour so I got the pink one, just joking lol)
This will only ever be an idea though, especially for me, as I woud be totally useless on a scooter (or any other vehicle to be honest) cos I have trouble keeping my balance when standing up straight let alone moving along with an engine. Plus I am VERY nervous on the road so even if I could by some slim chance learn to control and ride a scooter I would be stopping every five minutes to avoid other drivers lol. 
Still I can dream and yesterday my nephew Matt helped me pick out my pink scooter and helmet just in case lol.
Love this the tinted visor and pink pattern is just perfect

Isnt this fab !!!!!!!!!!!! Brrrrrrummmmmm brrrrrummmmmmm


  1. You never know Andie. Ask Paul for one for your 'special' birhtday next year..!!
    Glad you had a great day and got spoiled - you deserve it.... xx

  2. Glad you had a brill day - maybe just go scootering in your mind. But what a fab combination you found eh? I can just see you on that with your lovely knitted pink scarf floating on the breeze behind you, cause you'll be going sooooo fast. xx