Monday, 25 July 2011

My first ever caravan holiday

Hi bloggettes.
I've been missing from blogland this past week as I was on my first ever caravan holiday. I have reached the grand old age of 39 without ever spending a holiday in a caravan, but last week I finally stayed in one and I must say that despite my reservations it was actually ok. I had heard people say they could be a bit cold, damp and condensed up a lot and that they weren't the same as a proper building and I imagined this was right plus I thought they would be quite small and cramped.
Hubby was never bothered about staying in one either, especially after a few years ago when we had visited his parents for a day while they were staying in a relatives caravan. We'd all sat chatting in the living area for a while when I realised my back was wet where it was leaning against the condensed window and hubby said his was too. His parents said that kept happening and also it sometimes felt damp and quite cold at night and on a morning so that had helped keep us away from caravans.
Last week however my sister, my mum and two youngest nephews were going on holiday to a static caravan at haven holiday park in mablethorpe and as hubby is off work for a couple of week and we hadn't booked a holiday this year it was suggested we try and book a van too and join them. My sister said modern caravans werent as bad for coldness and condensation now and a lot had full central heating, hubbys relatives caravan had been really quite old, so on the spur of the moment, putting our reservations aside we went online and booked a van for last monday through to friday. 
Well I must say hubby and I were pleasantly surprised, our van had central heating in all rooms aswell as a gas fire in the lounge area and it was quite well laid out. The bedrooms were, I must admit, a bit snug by the sides of the beds but not too bad. Also I think we possibly had the worlds smallest toilet room (there was just enough room to turn and sit once the door was closed,) but the shower room lounge and kitchen areas were a lovely size. There was also lots of storage especially in our bedroom (important when you are a big packer like me lol) and the kitchen,  the furniture was in a good state and it was nice and clean. With the central heating set to come on before we got up in the morning it was lovely and cosy and never cold, not damp at all and we didn't condense up once.  So I must say my opinions on caravans has changed quite a bit. Also because we booked just over a week before we went we saved 40% so we got a prestige two bedroom caravan for under £300
Our van

Our bedroom

Fitted wardrobes in our bedroom, lots of storage space

Bit snugger in the other bedroom but we didn't need this room anyway

Shower room
Nice size shower with a seat in case you get tired lol

Our compact and bijou toilet

Most of the kitchen

Lounge area


  1. Looks pretty posh to me - glad you had a good week and didn't end up like two soggy chips

  2. Got to say that me & Hubby are not the biggest caravan fans either, mainly because we did a lot of that sort of holiday when the boys were small. They loved it & of course it kept the costs down....
    Saying that, this year we've had two weekend breaks in caravans & yes, they are so much more modern & comfortable now. Glad you enjoyed yourselves & loving all that storage...LOL.....!!!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the holiday, caravans are not so bad these days especially the newer ones they are really quite comfy.

  4. Oh thats great Andie I am glad you had such a great time, caravans are great aren't they. We that's John and me enjoy our caravan its great fun, we have just come back off our holidays it was lovely.
    best wishes Julie.C