Monday, 3 June 2013

Me again, hellllooooooooooo. Hope you're all enjoying this lovely weather. Its so nice to see sun and it be dry. Long may it last, especially till sunday as I'm at an outdoor event with my accessories. I think we're in some sort of a marquee but it's still better if its fine and dry otherwise the field will be wet and customers will probably be thin on the ground.
I've been busy making since I last posted, I made an A4 owl notebook cover for a facebook order which has also got me another order for an A5 one when I posted the photo on there and someone else saw it.

Besides the book I've been trying to build up my stock. I've been doing father's day stars, lavender sachets, hair slides, brooches, memo pegs.  Today I made 3 sets of bunting, one for my stock and two for the Emporium I sell in.

I also made a painted sign that a customer in the emporium I sell in asked for. I've never done painted signs before but I had a sign in there that I'd bought in that said 'welcome to my garden' and a customer asked if I could make one in pink saying 'gracie's den' so I thought why not have a go.
I bought an mdf blank plaque and painted it pink last night then today I added the letters using rub on transfers and spray varnished it and added bakers twine to hang it. I quite like it although I'm not too sure about the letters I've used but we'll see what the person who asked for it thinks.

Hubby has been very busy today as he's taken this week off to sort out our loft. Matt has left a lot of his stuff here while he's staying with Abi and her mum so we need to make space for all his stuff. Its quite chocker up there as hubby and I are terrible hoarders so quite a lot of stuff needs go. He's done really well today and managed to throw about 6 big boxes of stuff away so theres a quarter of the loft clear now.
Right well that's enough from me now as getting ready for bed. So night night blogettes x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Yoohoo blogettes me again.
Hope you're all well, I'm good.  I hope you all enjoyed  the bank holiday, over here in Yorkshire it was so nice to see some sun, shame the weather has turned back to damp, dull and dreary today but heyho it's Britain eh.
Hubby and I are still enjoying the jiggler (aka the vibration plate exerciser). Its brill, pop on for ten minutes jiggle about and your done and feeling quite good. We've been on every day since we got it out of the box on Thursday, sometimes just once, sometimes twice a day.
I've not made a lot this weekend craftywise as I was busy on facebook giving away my jewellery that was left over from my jewellery making days. I offered it on facebook on Saturday for free with just a fee for p&p. About half of it has gone and someone is wanting the rest so that will be a bit of space cleared. I've no doubt lost a fortune on the cost of all the beads I bought to make them but I wasn't selling them anyway and they were taking up space so I'm just happy for them to be used/worn by someone rather than sitting on a shelf. It took quite a bit of sorting out as facebook decided not to let me know when people commented on pics so I had to go through the album looking for comments every so often and noting down who asked for what but I got it all sorted in the end.
Today hubby and I took a few more of my Andies Accessories bits into the emporium that I sell in. I love that shop its a real aladins cave with lots of different items in by lots of different sellers, crafters, vintage, secondhand clothes and furniture.
My ex hairdresser who last year started a vintage clothing shop was in the emporium today as she's going to have a couple of rails of clothes in there too. I'd asked her to save me a dress I'd seen on her facebook page and today I picked it up, while we were both in the emporium. Its a pretty simple, red and white 40's tea dress type thing, I'm just waiting for some nice weather now so I can wear it. Here's hoping we get some soon eh.
Here's a quick pic of me in my new dress, I must say looking at me in the picture I need to go back on the jiggler a LOT

Well that's it for me I think, so night night all

Friday, 24 May 2013

Wibble wobble wibble wobble Andie on a plate

Hello blogettes. Well hubby and I have had some fun tonight, last week we ordered a vibration platform, its a sort of exerciser thing that you stand on while it vibrates and your muscles work trying to keep you upright. It arrived on Monday and tonight hubby built it tonight and we had a go. I've never wibbled and wobbled so much in my life, its an odd feeling standing there on the vibrating platform that's tilting and jiggling while you stand upright, but not horrible. I was a bit worried I wouldn't like it as I'm not a fan of vibration, mum had a foot spa once and I couldn't stand it, but its nothing like that thankfully.
First off we had it on manual setting and on the first couple of speeds which was fine, we jiggled loads and I could feel my tummy muscles trying to hold me up, but it wasn't hard. Later on we tried one of the preset programmes which changes speeds every minute or so during a 10 minute cycle and got up to 49 and oh my did it move!!! And so did I!!!  I felt like my whole body was jiggling and couldn't stop laughing and neither could Paul. I could certainly feel my muscles trying to keep me upright, my inner thighs felt like they had 90 elastic bands round them along with quite a few other places, I thought I was going to explode but I stayed on and finished the ten minutes.
I'm hoping it will be something that'll tone me up a bit if I keep going on it, I have far too many wobbly bits even when I'm not on the machine. I'm not the best at exercising and this seemed like quite a good idea. I don't expect it to make me stick thin with a figure like an Olympian but if I manage to keep up using it and it tones me up a bit I'll be pleased. Its supposed to be good for circulation and improving bone density and good for aches and pains too so I was interested in it as much for that as the exercise element as my circulation is terrible and I'm hoping it might help a bit with my arthritis too. Mind you I'll have to keep going on it and I do tend to lose interest in exercisey things but its all set up in Matts old room so at least it will be ready and waiting for me. Excuse the mess of room on photo but Matts bed has been dismantled and is waiting to go to the dump.

On a crafty note I made a toddler bed quilt cover and pillowcase set earlier this week for a past customer who I've made a few things in the same style for before.


Also I've been making some sets of lavender sachets ready for my upcoming fairs .

Well that's all from me tonight so night night all x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Hello blogettes me again, still can't get myself back into the blogging routine properly I keep forgetting about it. Anyhoo here I am today and I thought I'd do another. Not got much to say really, I've just been working on building up my stock again ready for my upcoming fairs and to keep stocking up my table in the Peel Street Emporium in town.
I had a couple of days on the sewing machine making coin purses


Then I decided to do a bit of handsewing and make some yoyo puff thingys which are something I haven't made in ages. I've made some into hair clips and some into brooches

And lastly tonight I had a fun time making fabric covered badges, which I really enjoyed and can't wait to make some more.


Friday, 10 May 2013

New trend ~felt ornaments lol

Just a ickle quickie before I go to bed, thought I'd post a pic of the felt owlys and bears I've made since Tuesday. I really need to stock up ready for two fairs I'm doing in June, I cut out lots of things on Tuesday evening and have been sewing them when I had spare time since. So far I've managed 9 owlys and 5 bears, and I've got 8 gingers cut out ready for sewing too.

I think they look quite cute lined up on the radiator shelf lol, new ornament trend maybe do you think?
Ok well I'm off to bed now as getting quite sleepy so night night blogettes hope you all have a lovely sleep x

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bit of an emotional day

Hello there blogettes hope all are well. Its been a funny old day here. Mum, hubby and I all got a bit emotional earlier on as our nephew Matt has moved out today. He's moving in with his fiancĂ©e at her mums house ready for starting his new job in London on Tuesday.  They're planning on living at Abi's mums for a few months and then when Abi starts uni they are hoping to rent somewhere together in London.
He's lived here nearly 5 years so its a bit strange thinking he's not going to be here anymore except for visits. Abi drove up from Berkhampstead yesterday to collect him and some of his things and they left here this afternoon. I got a little tearful when we had our goodbye hug and waved them off. I'll miss him and worry about him but I hope he enjoys his new start and him and Abi have a happy life together.
After Matt and Abi left and we were all a bit teary and needed a distraction so we started looking for somewhere to go for a walk and look round this weekend and decided on Lotherton Hall. We've been before but not for quite a long time, so it should be nice to go for a look round.
Also while on the internet I came across the website for the new arena opening this summer in leeds and decided to look what was coming up. We all got very excited when we saw Miranda Hart was coming there in march next year with her stand up tour so we've booked tickets for Mum, Paul and me to go see her. We're all very excited and sure it will be 'such fun'
We also looked to see if there was anything on at the theatre in July when Paul and I are planning to go to Liverpool for a few days and found out the lion king is on so think we'll go and see that. Once we get round to booking an apartment we'll book tickets for it. We've been thinking of going for quite a while but haven't actually booked anything yet and we really need to get on with it. I was going to do it tonight but I seem to have lost the details of the city centre apartments we were thinking of renting so now need to spend more time on t'internet finding them again, but hopefully will get it all sorted and booked this week.
That's all my news for today blogettes so I'll say night night  now night night x

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Just a quick one to share the bears I made last night, they are a simplified version of the care bears I did for an order recently.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Just a quickie

Hello blogettes just a quick post tonight before I pop off to bed. I need an early night tonight because I have to be up early tomorrow as I'm meeting my friend at meadowhall. It'll be the third time we've tried to meet up since February, the first two times we had snow so I hope I don't wake up to snow tomorrow or I'll probably scream lol. Although strictly speaking last time we were due to meet it was delayed and disrupted trains that actually stopped me going, but the snow we had was a worry too, anyway I'm hoping its third time lucky tomorrow.
This weekend I've finally finished covering some note and sketch books that I started on a few weeks ago. I needed to make some more as I sold a lot at my last two fairs in March and I have more fairs coming up in June which I'm trying to stock up for now. They've kept being put aside as I worked on other things and sarted my homeware items but are finally finished now. I also started some felt bear hanging decs this afternoon which are a simpler version of the care bears I did, but so far I've just cut them out and started stitching the details on so I'll share photos of them later when finished.
Anyway that's all from me for tonight so goodnight ladies  x

Friday, 26 April 2013

Oopsy i forgot I'd started blogging again

Well this isn't a good start to getting back to blogging is it. I haven't done a blog since last Monday, I totally forgot I was back to blogging. Anyway I'm here now x
So what have I been upto ????
Craft wise I've been working on an order for some little stuffed care bear hanging decorations. A lady who'd ordered from me before sent me a pattern she found and asked me to make her a set of 10 so I've been working on those. They're all finished now and the lady is pleased with them so that's good. They were fun to do but the emblems on their tummys were a bit awkward as the shapes were on a cardboard template and drawing inside the holes onto felt was fiddly especially with some of the small pieces. I also adapted them a bit as pattern said to just glue all emblems and details on but I stitched them on too as didn't trust just glueing, and also on pattern the bears were stitched together with a running stitch and then felt trimmed close to stitches but I used my usual blanket stitch to join and edge them instead.
I'll be sending the pattern back with the order but I have done a bear outline template for myself and may make some more hanging bears but without the carebear emblems, maybe with button details or something simpler on their tummys.

So that's what I've been upto crafty wise, homewise has been pretty much as normal. Last week was pretty average just cleaning, washing and ironing and sewing with a few family visits in. Although last Wednesday I did take delivery of some homeware items and that was quite exciting unpacking and photo-in all the items and adding them to my facebook page. I've had a couple of orders already and a few items are on reserve for a customer till payday. I'm not sure if I'll keep up with it yet I'll just see how it goes.

On Sunday mum hubby and I went to White Rose shopping centre near Leeds for a few hours. I got 5 new tops to wear with my leggings and a summer dress and for a change everything fit and nothing had to go back. I seem to be having a run on things not being made right and having to take clothes back lately. Hubby got some new shirts and mum bought a couple of tops too so we all did quite well.
On Monday Paul and I went to the shop I have some of my items in in Barnsley and dropped off some more of my handmade items and also some of the new homeware items I've bought in. We had a fun chat with Lisa the lady who runs it, she's really nice and bubbly and very easy to talk to. I love looking round in there as there is so much interesting stuff, there are a lot of crafty people and vintage sellers in there now and it really lives up to its name of emporium.
It was mums birthday on Wednesday, we met in town but weather wasn't great and as we'd been shopping week before in town and also to the White Rose on Sunday we didn't need much so didn't stay out long before coming back to mine for lunch and chat and some birthday cake at dinnertime. It wasn't the most exciting of days but mum enjoyed it.
Yesterday Pauls sister Julie came over for a chat in the afternoon and we had a lovely visit drinking hot chocolate and eating buns, I shouldn't have had the buns really as I'm getting fatter by the day but heyho.
So there you go bloggettes that's what I've been upto, I'll try and remember to post a bit more often.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Hello again blogettes, another blog from me.  Had a lovely day making today, I did a few fabric covered stars for fathers day and some fabric covered apples for teacher gifts.

I also packed up my first order to post using Myhermes, fingers crossed all goes well. Due to the hike in royal mail prices I've decided to give them a go for some of my parcels. Today I was posting a zinc jug, which is one of my new homeware items I'm starting to buy in to sell.
I've decided to branch out into home and gift items, its something I've been wanting to try for a while and last week decided to go for it. I'm still continuing to make things myself , I don't think I could ever give up crafting I'm addicted to it I'm sure, but now I'll be selling other items alongside them too.
Well that's all from me for now see you next time bloggettes x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hello is there anybody there???

Wow its bin a long time since I last blogged, almost a year. I'm thinking of coming back to it again.
I got so I didn't have time or inclination to do it before, couldn't think what to put (although I still managed to ramble a fair bit when I did write lol) and also I got fed up of struggling with blogger not working properly when I tried to comment on other peoples blogs. I felt rather rude not being able to comment on the blogs I followed and also felt a little like a blogger peeping tom or stalker watching but not interacting.
Anyway my friend Eily started blogging lately so I thought I'd have a read and try commenting and lo and behold it let me !!!! I did have a bit of trouble commenting on my friend Jo's blog but eventually it let me so now I'm hoping I'm back to be able to interact in the bloggysphere again.
So here's a little hello blog from me and hopefully I''ll be back soon. I'm sure my followers will be long gone now and not notice I'm back but if you see me HELLO :)