Friday, 26 April 2013

Oopsy i forgot I'd started blogging again

Well this isn't a good start to getting back to blogging is it. I haven't done a blog since last Monday, I totally forgot I was back to blogging. Anyway I'm here now x
So what have I been upto ????
Craft wise I've been working on an order for some little stuffed care bear hanging decorations. A lady who'd ordered from me before sent me a pattern she found and asked me to make her a set of 10 so I've been working on those. They're all finished now and the lady is pleased with them so that's good. They were fun to do but the emblems on their tummys were a bit awkward as the shapes were on a cardboard template and drawing inside the holes onto felt was fiddly especially with some of the small pieces. I also adapted them a bit as pattern said to just glue all emblems and details on but I stitched them on too as didn't trust just glueing, and also on pattern the bears were stitched together with a running stitch and then felt trimmed close to stitches but I used my usual blanket stitch to join and edge them instead.
I'll be sending the pattern back with the order but I have done a bear outline template for myself and may make some more hanging bears but without the carebear emblems, maybe with button details or something simpler on their tummys.

So that's what I've been upto crafty wise, homewise has been pretty much as normal. Last week was pretty average just cleaning, washing and ironing and sewing with a few family visits in. Although last Wednesday I did take delivery of some homeware items and that was quite exciting unpacking and photo-in all the items and adding them to my facebook page. I've had a couple of orders already and a few items are on reserve for a customer till payday. I'm not sure if I'll keep up with it yet I'll just see how it goes.

On Sunday mum hubby and I went to White Rose shopping centre near Leeds for a few hours. I got 5 new tops to wear with my leggings and a summer dress and for a change everything fit and nothing had to go back. I seem to be having a run on things not being made right and having to take clothes back lately. Hubby got some new shirts and mum bought a couple of tops too so we all did quite well.
On Monday Paul and I went to the shop I have some of my items in in Barnsley and dropped off some more of my handmade items and also some of the new homeware items I've bought in. We had a fun chat with Lisa the lady who runs it, she's really nice and bubbly and very easy to talk to. I love looking round in there as there is so much interesting stuff, there are a lot of crafty people and vintage sellers in there now and it really lives up to its name of emporium.
It was mums birthday on Wednesday, we met in town but weather wasn't great and as we'd been shopping week before in town and also to the White Rose on Sunday we didn't need much so didn't stay out long before coming back to mine for lunch and chat and some birthday cake at dinnertime. It wasn't the most exciting of days but mum enjoyed it.
Yesterday Pauls sister Julie came over for a chat in the afternoon and we had a lovely visit drinking hot chocolate and eating buns, I shouldn't have had the buns really as I'm getting fatter by the day but heyho.
So there you go bloggettes that's what I've been upto, I'll try and remember to post a bit more often.


  1. Hiya!!! and about time to yer slacker lol . loving the bears you've doena fab job and they bob on sis. Say happy birthday to mum for me hope she had a good un. Looks like you've been busy yet again keeping you out of bother. Good luck with your homeware, some lovelies in there. Mine are up and being used as we speak.. i'm rambling i winder who i got thta off then!! lol xx
    about time too.

  2. Those bears are soooo cool - you clever thing you...!!! Good idea to keep a template cos I reckon they'll be very popular.
    I haven't been clothes shopping for ages but was thinking about it today - I need some long tops for work which aren't too thick. Now the weather is starting to change it's too warm in work. I like a long top - keeps my bum under wraps - lol.

  3. yer get yer rambling off me sis lol x thanks both of you I must admit I do like the bears and yep jo that's why I wear long ones cover up my bum but mine is way bigger than yoursxx

  4. love the little bears sooo cute! I'm trying to loose weight so trying not to spend out on clothes at the moment in anticipation. Not doing too well at the moment - I like my choccies I do xx

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments Andie, and I love the Care Bears they are cute you have made a lovely job of them.
    What a lovely collection of Homeware products, that must be time consuming taking pics and loading them onto facebook. Good pictures though.
    Have a nice weekend. Julie.C x

  6. I still can't spell!! soz....hahha