Wednesday, 26 January 2011

fun few days

Hello girls. I've had a fun few days since I last blogged. On Monday evening hubby and I went to the pictures to see The kings speech with dishy Colin Firth. We both really enjoyed the film it was interesting to watch so we were glad we went, me especially as I do love Colin Firth.
Yesterday morning my mum came over on the bus and then we walked down to the train station and caught the train to Leeds where we walked round to Crown Point which is a retail park about ten minutes from the city centre. We did some shopping had lunch in M&S, a toastie and a piece of victoria sandwich yum yum, and then hubby came down after work to pick us and my nephew who works across the road from Crown point up. After a look in the last few shops we set off home, thats where the fun stopped as we were caught in a tailback from some roadworks and it took us nearly two hours to get home, normally it would have took us abour 3/4's of an hour.
Today hubby was going snowboarding for a couple of hours after work this afternoon so as he was doing something fun today I thought I'd do something fun too and get my beads and tools out and have a play. I had some new beads and things I wanted to use including some cameo and flower cabochons. The cameos and flowers only needed a bit of glue and either a ring, brooch or pendant base added so they didn't take that long to make, after that I made a few bracelets and two necklace bracelet and earring sets.
Please excuse the photos being all over but I still can't work out how to add them neatly.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Another exciting blog

I'm back girls with another exciting installment in Andies world, Who needs dallas, dynasty and desperate housewives for excitement and entertainment when theres my blog to read eh ?????
Yes I am being sarky there, I know my blog is pretty boring and dull and defo not in dallas standards, no shouder pads around here and definately no men coming back from the dead  in my shower.
Well we went to ikea yesterday and spent an enjoyable couple of hours opening drawers, looking in cupboards and sitting on sofas. We didn't buy much as we'd only really gone to browse but still it was a nice trip out.
The car park was a nightmare, absolutely jampacked, everybody and their mother must have decided to go to ikea on sunday, well me and my mother had so I suppose why shouldn't they. After ages sitting in queues in the car park we gave up and left ikea and parked in another car park belonging to some more shops nearby and walked back to ikea. We shoud have done this in the first place as the ikea car park is always chocker but as it had been a long time since we last visited we'd forgotten, next time wewont even try the ikea carpark.
The shop was really busy too but we could still get to most of the displays to play. Hubby and I are terrible at trying everything, my mum who came with us will ask us 'do you have try every sofa?, open every cupboard?' errrr YES mum whats the point in coming if your not going to try everything????
I saw her open quite a few drawers in the kitchen display and once we got to the wardrobes she was inside them all drooling at the internal drawers and space saving fittings. She likes a good nosey and try out herself if she's honest.
The queues at the checkouts were humongous as always but eventually we got through them and out of the shop passing by the takeaway food counter, we werent tempted to indulge as the food always looks like plastic pretend food to us so we stopped off at burger king on the way home.
Big mistake in my case as I decided to try a chicken ceaser tendercrisp burger, I love ceaser salad and if I have dressing in at home I often put a smear of it on my bread when I have chicken or turkey sandwiches so I thought I would like it. Oh no, it was horrible, as soon as I unwrapped the burger the smell was terrible, the sauce smelt really vinegarey and when I took a bite it tasted really sour. I tried wiping the sauce off but the burger coating was sort of soggy and not nice so after two bites I left it, I wont be ordering that again.
After a chat and watching a bit of tele we took mum home and got back just in time for dancing on ice. I watched the first half hour on the exercise bike as I hadn't done my half hour for sunday yet. I did 30 minutes at an average speed of 20 kmh, went just over 10km and burned 117 calories according to the display.
I'm not very good with gauging distances so this got me thinking about how far 10km actually was, I decided to look up how far it is from our house to somewhere so I could get  better idea. I logged onto the aa route planner put in my address and as we had just taken mum home I put in her address as the destination. It said it was 10.6km from our house to mums, so in effect I had cycled almost to my mums . If I'd stayed on another few minutes I'd have been there. Well this set my thoughts off on a tangent and I have now recorded my distance etc from yesterday and I'm going to keep doing it and see how far I travel in a week and where I could get to.
Of course this will only ever be a virtual cycle journey as I can't even ride a proper bike and even if I could I would never attempt to cycle to my mums as its very hilly round here and I'd need to go up some to get to mums starting with the road I live on. Its very rare you see anyone riding a bike up our road, they usually get off and push at least part of the way, only the very dedicated cyclist attempts to ride up it and even they slow down so much they're in danger of going backwards as they near the top.

Not so much taking a bike ride as taking your bike for a ride

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy Weekend Girls

Morning girls.Well its sunday and the weekend is half over but I hope you are all enjoying it, I am. Not that I've done anything exciting, just the normal weekend trip to the supermarket yesterday and then a relaxing time at home with a bit of tv and my knitting so it was quiet but enjoyable day. We might go for a look round ikea today cos we haven't been for ages. My aunt mentioned she'd been last week and it got us thinking we might fancy a trip out there too. Besides that I've no plans for the day except watching dancing on ice tonight and fitting in half an hour on the exercise bike sometime today.
I'm still cycling my way to toned thighs (hopefully) although yesterday I only did 20 minutes instead of my half hour target. I know I know thats how you start on the slippery slope to giving up doing it and the bike becoming another unused dustcatcher but I just couldn't manage anymore. I was sat next to the radiator and the heating was on and I was flipping melting. To be honest I'm surprised I managed 20 minutes even as I was melting and ready to give up after 10 but I managed to push mysef to 20. I should have gone on later for the other 10 when I had cooled down but not long after mum needed taking home and then it was teatime and after letting tea settle it seemed a bit late to be doing exercise.
I will try to make sure I do the full 30 minutes today, maybe even do a few minutes more to make up for the 10 I missed yesterday. I have managed to do the full 30 minutes every other day since we bought it, in fact on thursday I did 35 cos I forgot to get off lol, so hopefully I'm still commited to doing my exercise. I feel like I'm commited to it anyway .....or is that  I feel like I should be commited.... to an institution lol.
Well thats my news, not very earth shattering was it, but what can you expect from a yorkshire housewife,  we don't exactly live the life of a rich and famous movie star round these parts. A trip to morrisons, a bit of knitting and a go on the exercise bike is about as exciting as it gets lol. I think I'll sign off now and go get showered and dressed for a trip to ikea, I might even blog about it tomorrow so prepare yourselves for the excitement girls.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

ger on yer bike lass

hello all. I hope your all well. Nothing much to report or say today but thought I'd come and do a quickie anyway (ooh I say.. cheeky nudge nudge wink wink lol)
I went off to meadowhall with my mum for a look around the shops yesterday which was a nice way to spend the day. We both bought a couple of new tops and mum also got a new bag and purse too. Hubby came and picked us after he finished work and then we went back to mum for a cuppa. While I was there and waiting for mum to make a drink I popped on her exercise bike for fifteen minutes and then just before coming home I popped on again for another 7 minutes. I managed ok this time although my bum did go a bit numb it wasn't screaming for me to get off and I didn't have any spasms down my leg either. I had a go on sunday evening too which waas fine so I think my leg spasm the other day was hopefully a one off.
After mums we called at tescos which is not far from mums cos I wanted to pick up a few new laundry bins and while we were there we noticed they had lots of exercise stuff on special offer. We stopped to look at the exercise bikes which had been reduced to £40, well it was too tempting an offer to resist and fresh from my 22 minutes combined ride at mums I succumbed and bought one.
Now this may be a bit of a bad idea as I have a tendency to buy exercise equipment and use it a few times before leaving it to gather dust and not be used again. I think during our married life hubby and I have bought almost every type of exercise equipment going including a thighmagic, rowing machine ,fold up bike, fold up gym, two different types of steps for step aerobics, at least 3 ab rollers, an aero walker, a spinning disc for stomach toning, stretchy elastic shapers, a leg toning circle, numerous excercise videos and dvds. At this very moment languishing in our porch is an abswing, a leg toning thing that I call a leg spreader, and a fold out body shaper thing, in the dvd drawers are a few left over exercise dvds plus we also have wii fit, wii fit plus and ea active wii workouts, so we are probably a gym equipment manufacturers dream client lol and yet we are also probably two of the most unfit people around lol.
But still that being said I think I'll send my other gym stuff from the porch to the charity shop and concentrate on using the bike and trying to stick to it for once,not literally stick to it you understand, I don't mean I'm going to superglue myself to the seat, now that would be just silly, no I mean stick to using it. At the moment my plan is to do at least 30 mins a day on the exercise bike and then once or twice a week also do a wii workout for my whole body. I'm mainly bothered about the bottom half of my body and I don't seem to be doing to well with the lower body exercises on the wii workouts so I'm going to try the bike see if I can move the fat and wobble along a little bit,well move off rather than move on would probably be better I mean I don't want slim toned thighs but huge fat wobbly ankles and feet now do I???!!!!  Lets hope I keep at it and it works.
I went on for a bit over 20 minutes this afternoon and then went back on for the other 10 mins while dinner was cooking so I have managed my quota on the bike today lets see how I do tomorrow. Fingers crossed for me girls and soon we'll be able to bounce 20p's off my toned thighs.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Hubbys exciting day

My hubby went on a little course for a few hours yesterday to practice Ollies, 180's and buttering on his snowboard. He took up snowboarding a bit over a year ago and loves it, he has been wanting to learn a few tricks for a while and so when he saw this course for a few hours on Sunday he signed up and went. He's not a pro yet bless him but he managed an Ollie, a few 180s and lots of buttering. It's all gobbledy gook to me but here's some photos of him doing ollies.
Here's a few photos of him
Here's a little video with him and the three others on the course doing some ollies he's on video near beginning a few times hes all in black with a green and a purple boot binding on a white board.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

I THINK I might have fixed my slideshow

THINK being an important word as I don't really understand why I suddenly had images of chrissys cards appear in it in the first place, but I think I have sorted it out now. When I went into edit my slideshow this morning I noticed I'd set it to use the keyword 'dreamaid' to look for my photos  in  web albums and I thought maybe it was finding any photos with dreamaid in the title and putting them in my slideshow.
There wasn't anything else in the search to direct it just to my albums so I changed the album title to something I thought would make it personal. But when I changed the keyword on the sideshow editing page to match my new album title I got even more pictutres that werent mine and I realised that as my title had two words when I put this in keywords it wasnt looking for the two words together but it was either only looking for the first word or both words seperately so it was finding lots of photos that weren't mine as my keywords must have been quite popular individually. I've now merged the two words into one for my album title and used this as my keyword and so far it seems to be working and only using my photos. Fingers crossed it continues.
I have two slideshows on my blog the other one is my jewellery sideshow and thats working fine (touch wood). I noticed that I search for photos on that one using album not keyword and it asks for my username and then has a drop down menu with my albums in to choose from but it only gives me the choice of two of my web albums. One is the jewellery slideshow album I have on display and the other is another album of mine but it doesn't give me the option of picking my dreamaid album at all which must be why on the second slideshow I used keyword to search rather than album. I can't understand why it doesn't show all my albums under my username but I've managed to get my slideshow reworking with a keyword so lets just hope it stays that way.
Why oh why are computers so confusing?????????????????????

Friday, 14 January 2011

Strange happenings in blogland

OOh there something strange going on with my blog tonight. I just loaded up my blog ready to sign in and write another little rambly blog when I noticed that down the side of the page was a pic of one of Chrissys cards, thats odd I thought ,have I put the right page address in? am I on chrissy's blog not mine?  but then I noticed that the rest of the page was pink and definately mine.. ..Huh??? I thought, whats going on here then ???? For some odd reason one of my slideshows (the one named my dreamaid store) was showing some pictures of Chrissys cards as well as the 12 photos of things I actually have in my dreamaid store.
I can't figure out why it would suddenly have pics of someone elses things in my slideshow. I've checked my web album that I uploaded the photos for the slideshow into and it only has my 12 photos in and no pics of Chrissys cards, so how come its showing them???
I wondered if maybe myself and Chrissy both had web albums with the same file name and somehow, even though they'd be under two different accounts, they had become merged and were thought to be one big album not two seperate ones. I can't see how that would happen though and its only including a few pics of Chrissys cards not all the ones she has shown in her slideshow on her blog.
Its a mystery to me it really is, so until it fixes itself, I'm sorry Chrissy I'm not trying to take credit for your beautiful cards and pass them off as mine, I didn't put them there and I honesty have no idea how they ended up in my slideshow.
Totally confused by computers

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Working like a navvy

BY eck am aching today lasses!!!!!!!!!
Me, hubby and our next door neighbour Lynne have been filling potholes and ruts in the dirt road round our backs today. Unaccustomed as I am to manual labour, well any labour really lol, it was a bit of a shock to the ol'body but worth it if it makes getting in and out of the garages easier. In an odd way it was quite fun being outside in the fresh air and working hard especially once we started seeing some result for what we'd done. And we should all feel the benefit of doing something about it.
The road has got worse over the years with constant use and bad weather but this year after the bad snow and then rain we've had recently it was almost undrivable, it was basically turning into a big muddy patch. During the last week hubby and our next door neighbour have both got a bit stuck and had to be pushed out of a hole and we've heard quite a few spinning tyres as other neighbours struggled through the mud too.We weren't too sure how to mend a dirt road to be honest so the other night I decided to use my favourite little internet friend GOOGLE and it came up trumps.
Your such a helpful friend google x
After reading a few forums and articles on websites it seemed like the best thing to do was fill the potholes and trye ruts with 'scalpings' similar to what builders use under tarmac when building new roads. Hubby then got to work the next day ringing round local builders merchants pricing up scalpings. The ones hubby spoke to knew what he meant straight away,although they used the term 'crusher run to dust' which is a mix of differnet size limestone from 40mm down to dust. All the places he rang said this was what we should use for our road so when hubby found the supplier with the best price he ordered a couple of tonne for us to make a start on the worst of the holes. It wasn't as expensive as we thought either as it only cost just over £70 with delivery and vat.
The worst and biggest rut was outside our house where the road drops down a bit and as everyone who uses the backs for access passes over our part on the way to there garages its also the most used part of the road. Next door up had a couple of huge potholes outside their garage too which we said we'd fill in because we drive onto part of it to reverse into our garage. They offered to go halves on the cost of the stone which we thought was very good of them, they said that as they used the road too it was only fair they contributed.Lynne said as she was at home today she'd also come out and helped us shovel and spread it which was a big help. With three of us at it we only took a couple of hours to do it which was great.

Part of the road with its new layer of limestone
Aparently besides filling in the holes you can coat the whole road in this stuff and once it beds down it should make a pretty good surface to drive on for quite a long time. In a week or so once this lot has settled and bedded in we're going to order some more and cover the whole patch outside our house and garage and also fill in a few more smaller dints further down the road at the same time.
Needless to say with me being so unused to any physical labour after doing this for a few hours this morning I havent done my wii workout today. I'm hoping my couple of hours as a navvy road building will count as todays workout lol

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Howdy doody bloggers

Well howdy there hows you all doing? I hope you're all well and happy. I've had a bit of a parent visiting day today. First I met my mum in town to do a bit of shopping and have lunch, then after shopping we went back to hers, hubby picked me up from there around half seven and we went over to his mum and dads where we spent the evening it's been a good day.
Neither mum or I bought that much in town today as there aren't many shops left nowadays and most were still full of  leftover sale stuff so picking were slim, but I did manage to get a new tunic top from Dots. Apart from that and my Glucosamine tablets I mainly bought birthday cards.  In the next few weeks I have an aunt, uncle, brother in law, nephew, cousin and 3 friends with birthdays so I needed quite a few cards. It was only after I'd bought the 8th cards from the 4th diferent shop that I suddenly thought what an idiot I was for trawling round them all when I knew people who made fab cards online.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of time and shoe leather when I could have sat at home and ordered from my talented online friends. You flipping numpty Andie!!! Sorry cardmaking friends.
While shopping for cards today I saw one that made me laugh that was quite apt for my hubby. It showed a pic of monkey relaxing in a chair and said 'Happy Birthday to the man who has everything' and inside it said 'from the woman who spends most of her time helping him find it.' this would be perfect for Paul as he can rarely find anything, even a second after he put it down, and he's also very hairy ,so we often joke he is proof man evolved from apes.
Well thats about all my news today,thrilling isn't it NOT,
Oh by the way I'm still doing my wii workouts. Yesterdays workout burned 149 calories WOOOPEEE this is probably the highest amount you can burn  on this level, but it must only be about the equivalent to two or three biscuits!!!!! Unfortunately just before I finished the workout on the third lot of running, my left leg started to ache a bit, down the inside near the bottom, like it did before when I suspected I had a shin splint and had to stop doing my workouts for a while. I finished the workout as it wasn't too bad and I'm hoping it's ok when I do another workout tomorrow. It did start aching again towards the end of the afternoon while we were walking round town today, which doesn't bode well but I'll give it a go tomorrow and see what happens.
As I was out and didn't do my wii workout today I felt I ought to do a bit of something exercisey so while I was at mums I popped on her new exercise bike. I'd had a little go on it after we'd built it on Sunday and was quite fancying getting one myself. The seats on those things are so uncomfortable though aren't they,  after a few minutes my buttocks were screaming 'let me off' lol, still I thought whats a little bit of numb buttocks if it gets you fit eh girls. After a few more minutes I started getting spasms down my right thigh while I was pedaling and at one point it shot right down to my foot so in the end I gave up and got off.
It would seem my body does not like exercise which is a shame as it definately need some. I think my muscles went into shock at having to actually do something as they normally spend most of their time resting while I sit on my ever expanding buttocks.
Well I managed a few minutes but
this exercisisng is hard work

Friday, 7 January 2011

3rd post of 2011

Hello girls well the snow is back tuttut I was not happy to see it when I opened up the blind this morning. It snowed quite fast for the whole morning but this afternoon it stopped and had started to thaw a little, we're hoping for some rain now to wash it away. At first I didn't think we were likely to get much, if any, as last nights tv forecast said occassional light flurries mainly on high ground but when I checked the bbc website for our postcode area we were forecast first light, then heavy snow, followed by sleet, and heavy rain. When I checked it again this morning it had changed to heavy snow, heavy snow, light snow, sleet, cloud and fog so who knows what we'll actually get this evening, hopefully no more snow!!!
I did another wii workout today and this time decided to use the wii balance board too, it doesn't alter the exercises much apart from during the boxing you kick and knee the heavy bag as well as punch it which I quite enjoyed and the inline skating exercise is different. Instead of crouching to skate and jumping up to jump over ramps, with the balance board you crouch to skate and then lift one leg to the side to avoid rows of hay bales. Its a bit like a dog cocking its leg for a wee, it cracked me up when I was doing this as it reminded me of an exercise we used to do in keep fit during pe at school,  We used to call  it the 'dog peeing on the lamppost exercise'. The exercise at school was a bit different as we used to be on all fours resting on our knees and elbows and then lift one leg to the side, then the other looking just like a dog cocking its leg for a wee, there was quite often a whispered woof went around the gym when we did it along with a lot of giggling.
This was the exercise that started us all wearing shorts under our gym skirts though as we realised we worried about flashing our knickers while doing it, Firstly we realised we were probably flashing them at the boys who were just outside the gym doing pe at the same time and as the gym had a full wall of glass along one side it was a pretty clear view of 30 girls cocking their legs and flashing their knickers.
Secondly we also became worried about flashing them at our teacher who was rumoured to be a lesbian. 
Now it was probably just a rumour but you know what 13 year old girls are like for gossip. It wasn't helped by the fact that during keep fit she usually stood at the front of the class facing us, shouting out instructions and demonstrating the exercise, but as soon as she told us to get on all fours for the peeing on the lampost exercise she would start walking up and down the rows of girls!!!!
Besides this the other fuel to the rumour was that she was in her 30's and still a 'Miss' which at 13 seems very old not to be married and also she was VERY strict about supervising the showers after pe. School showers were embarrassing and uncomfortable enough without being watched. You had to strip naked, then all stand in a line in front of the row of showers before taking turns to walk through them and wash in the freezing water. Miss stood at the end checking we all went in, (she said), and guarding the basket of scratchy miniscule towels which you collected once you had finished in the shower. We then would quickly try to cover as much of ourselves as possible (not much as they were smaller than most hand towels) and then ran to the benches to get dried and dressed as quick as we could.
So there you have our reasons, right or wrong, its what we all thought at the time. There was a brief respite from the shower discomfort when the boys got a new pe teacher and for about two months Miss used to spend the time we were in the changing rooms standing outside chatting to him. Of course that started another rumour that she was chatting him up and they were having an affair. Oh dear the days of school girl gossip eh but I must admit if I had a daughter nowadays and she told me what we thought at school I would be a little worried .
Well what a subject to blog about one minute I'm on about the snow and exercising and the next talking about schoolday gossip. I think its time I went now and got my dinner, we're having a salad today (slad as Eily calls it lol) not exactly what you think of in snowy weather is it but its what hubby and I fancied so we're having it and it might be cold and snowy outside but its nice and warm inside thankfully.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Second post of the new year

Hello girls me again. Just thought I'd sign in and do a bit of a blog while hubby and I watch a dvd. We're watching Matrix reloaded, hubby got the trilogy for christmas and we watched the first one yesterday and as ther isn't much on tv AGAIN tonight we're watching number 2 tonight. They aren't really my cup of tea but I don't mind watching things like this if I'm doing something else at the same time then if it gets a bit boring I can concentrate on what I'm doing more thank the tv. Once Ive wrote my blog I'll either have a bit of a surf or do some knitting.
Yesterday evening while I was watching the first Matrix I made some jewellery. I had an order from my best customer (a lady who works with my hubby) she wanted a necklace bracelet & earring set for a 13 year old girls birthday present in pale blue. She also wanted  a neutral coloured necklace for her too.I already had 2 which I had already made so I sent them along wiht the blue set to work with hubby today.She liked the blue set and decided to keep both neutral necklaces too as she wanted to keep one for herself. She's a really big fan of jewellery and quite often orders things for hersef to match a new outfit and also as presents for friends.

The set I made for Katrina to give as a gift

While I had my beads out I also made a few extra pieces for the shop that stock some of my jewellery in town. I like to change the stock every few months and as I haven't changed it since october and a few items have been sold since then so its time for a change and restock. I'll also take some items I've already made along with the new pieces when I go in next week. It'll be nice to go into the shop and catch up with Jan too who's become a friend since we met last year.
These are the new pieces I made for the shop please excuse the picture layout but I can not get blogger to behave how I want when I add photos.

Silvertone bead toggle bracelet
Set of 4 grey and black glass pearl

3 row pink glass pearl and dyed jasper
heart bracelet
Glass disc goldtone long necklace
bracelet and earrings
Black tibetan silver pendant
and cord necklace

Black & grey woven stretch bracelet

Black glass pearl and charm
toggle bracelet

Silvertone cluster long necklace
and earrings

Green turquoise heart necklace

I also did my first wii workout of the new year yesterday and will be doing it again tomorrow and hopefully keeping up with it for the new year. You'll be glad to hear I didn't go through the floorboards when I was jumping about yesterday even with my post christmas belly but I did get a little bit more huffy n puffy than I used to when I was running and jumping. Hopefully I'll be getting fitter and leaner soon. HOPEFULLY

Oh dear me they do like to waste time showing you minute after minute of fight dancing in this film. Every so often Neo or one of the others will meet up with someone they have to fight and then we get twenty minutes of people flying around doing a sort of karate dance without anyone getting hurt for ages, borrrrrriiiiiinngggg. This time Neo fought with an ever increasing number of Agent Smith clones without either of them winning until eventually Neo decided to do his superman flying trick and fly out of the middle of them to safety, I told him to do that ages ago but somehow he didn't think of it until he had fought pointlessly for ages. Men eh they never listen. Right well I think it's time for me to sign off now so its goodnight from me and it's goodnight from Neo xx

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Eyup bloggers

Well hello there bloggettes long time no write eh. Sorry I haven't written for a while but I've not been on the internet much over christmas and new year (too busy eating and getting fat). I hope you all had a good time at christmas and new year. I did, it was quiet but lovely and relaxing I got lots of lovely pressies including some from my lovely generous online friends, thanks so much to you xxx.
I have spent a lot of time this christmas eating choclates, tarts and buns and drinking tea so a good time for me but not a good time for my wobbly belly so tomorrow its back on with the wii execise. I just hope I don't go through the floor boards when I'm doing my jump lunges now I'm so heavy aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh

Its ok I'm not fat I can still
fit in the hula hoop
My new years resolution is to go back to doing some execise and to have more fun. Hopefuly I'll be able to keep them although not many people do manage to stick to their resolutions do they. I very rarely make any as I know I won't stick to them but this year I thought I would so fingers crossed I do. Good luck to everyone else with theirs too X fingers crossed we all manage to atick to them and are happy with the results.
Right I know its just been a quickie but I'm off now girls to clean up, I took the christmas trimmings down last night so today I want to have a good dust and hoover round to clean up the glitter etc. Then later I want to have a look on my website and put some jewelllery in the special offer section and if I get time I also want to work on my newsletter for January so see yer later blogettes have a good day xx