Wednesday, 26 January 2011

fun few days

Hello girls. I've had a fun few days since I last blogged. On Monday evening hubby and I went to the pictures to see The kings speech with dishy Colin Firth. We both really enjoyed the film it was interesting to watch so we were glad we went, me especially as I do love Colin Firth.
Yesterday morning my mum came over on the bus and then we walked down to the train station and caught the train to Leeds where we walked round to Crown Point which is a retail park about ten minutes from the city centre. We did some shopping had lunch in M&S, a toastie and a piece of victoria sandwich yum yum, and then hubby came down after work to pick us and my nephew who works across the road from Crown point up. After a look in the last few shops we set off home, thats where the fun stopped as we were caught in a tailback from some roadworks and it took us nearly two hours to get home, normally it would have took us abour 3/4's of an hour.
Today hubby was going snowboarding for a couple of hours after work this afternoon so as he was doing something fun today I thought I'd do something fun too and get my beads and tools out and have a play. I had some new beads and things I wanted to use including some cameo and flower cabochons. The cameos and flowers only needed a bit of glue and either a ring, brooch or pendant base added so they didn't take that long to make, after that I made a few bracelets and two necklace bracelet and earring sets.
Please excuse the photos being all over but I still can't work out how to add them neatly.


  1. All fab as usual Andie......
    Shame your day ended in traffic - these things happen though.
    Jo. xx

  2. Ooh that rose cameo is outstanding, I love it :)

  3. Andie what a lovely collection, I agree the rose cameo is nice.
    Oh I can't wait till the Kings Speech is on DVD I want to see that to, Colin Firth is a great actor I have seen him being interviewed a few times now and he is so layed back. Julie.C