Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Eyup bloggers

Well hello there bloggettes long time no write eh. Sorry I haven't written for a while but I've not been on the internet much over christmas and new year (too busy eating and getting fat). I hope you all had a good time at christmas and new year. I did, it was quiet but lovely and relaxing I got lots of lovely pressies including some from my lovely generous online friends, thanks so much to you xxx.
I have spent a lot of time this christmas eating choclates, tarts and buns and drinking tea so a good time for me but not a good time for my wobbly belly so tomorrow its back on with the wii execise. I just hope I don't go through the floor boards when I'm doing my jump lunges now I'm so heavy aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh

Its ok I'm not fat I can still
fit in the hula hoop
My new years resolution is to go back to doing some execise and to have more fun. Hopefuly I'll be able to keep them although not many people do manage to stick to their resolutions do they. I very rarely make any as I know I won't stick to them but this year I thought I would so fingers crossed I do. Good luck to everyone else with theirs too X fingers crossed we all manage to atick to them and are happy with the results.
Right I know its just been a quickie but I'm off now girls to clean up, I took the christmas trimmings down last night so today I want to have a good dust and hoover round to clean up the glitter etc. Then later I want to have a look on my website and put some jewelllery in the special offer section and if I get time I also want to work on my newsletter for January so see yer later blogettes have a good day xx


  1. I've just taken all ours down too, and washed, polished and hoovered, and cleaned the lounge carpet due to naughty doggy - just having a cuppa before hoovering through upstairs - ah, a womans work is never done. BUT why do we not lose weight with all this bending, squatting, calorie burning work - so annoying - better have another biccy. I found some lovely chocolate ones on top of the wardrobe that I had kept for christmas and forgot - now I need to eat them up first, before getting back to healthy eating!!

  2. Back to the old routine eh? Me too. Did my new fitness DVD last night!! Hubby thought I was coming through the ceiling - lol. My plan is to do the DVD every other evening and on the other times, try & do some power walking, weights or something physical....I'm not saying what Hubby's suggestion was....!!
    Jo. xx
    PS: Set up shop on Folksy now - fingers crossed...

  3. Good luck with all your positive thinking andie.
    Happy New Year. best wishes Julie.C