Friday, 14 January 2011

Strange happenings in blogland

OOh there something strange going on with my blog tonight. I just loaded up my blog ready to sign in and write another little rambly blog when I noticed that down the side of the page was a pic of one of Chrissys cards, thats odd I thought ,have I put the right page address in? am I on chrissy's blog not mine?  but then I noticed that the rest of the page was pink and definately mine.. ..Huh??? I thought, whats going on here then ???? For some odd reason one of my slideshows (the one named my dreamaid store) was showing some pictures of Chrissys cards as well as the 12 photos of things I actually have in my dreamaid store.
I can't figure out why it would suddenly have pics of someone elses things in my slideshow. I've checked my web album that I uploaded the photos for the slideshow into and it only has my 12 photos in and no pics of Chrissys cards, so how come its showing them???
I wondered if maybe myself and Chrissy both had web albums with the same file name and somehow, even though they'd be under two different accounts, they had become merged and were thought to be one big album not two seperate ones. I can't see how that would happen though and its only including a few pics of Chrissys cards not all the ones she has shown in her slideshow on her blog.
Its a mystery to me it really is, so until it fixes itself, I'm sorry Chrissy I'm not trying to take credit for your beautiful cards and pass them off as mine, I didn't put them there and I honesty have no idea how they ended up in my slideshow.
Totally confused by computers


  1. Haha, I noticed it the other week - weird eh? But hey, I am not complaining - it's a mixture of yours and mine. It must be that gremlin I loaded into your site to nick all the publicity for myself - never mind. Thanks for the free advertising.

  2. Wow has it been doing it that long??? I only noticed it today, so much for me being observant lol. Right so its your doing is it???? well it was you who told me how to load web albums for slideshows, now I know why you were so helpful lol

  3. How strange....
    I'm going to check mine next & see if anything's going on with mine. I hadn't noticed either Andie - what an observent pair we are - LOL...!!
    Jo. xx

  4. Nope, mine is fine...??????