Saturday, 15 January 2011

I THINK I might have fixed my slideshow

THINK being an important word as I don't really understand why I suddenly had images of chrissys cards appear in it in the first place, but I think I have sorted it out now. When I went into edit my slideshow this morning I noticed I'd set it to use the keyword 'dreamaid' to look for my photos  in  web albums and I thought maybe it was finding any photos with dreamaid in the title and putting them in my slideshow.
There wasn't anything else in the search to direct it just to my albums so I changed the album title to something I thought would make it personal. But when I changed the keyword on the sideshow editing page to match my new album title I got even more pictutres that werent mine and I realised that as my title had two words when I put this in keywords it wasnt looking for the two words together but it was either only looking for the first word or both words seperately so it was finding lots of photos that weren't mine as my keywords must have been quite popular individually. I've now merged the two words into one for my album title and used this as my keyword and so far it seems to be working and only using my photos. Fingers crossed it continues.
I have two slideshows on my blog the other one is my jewellery sideshow and thats working fine (touch wood). I noticed that I search for photos on that one using album not keyword and it asks for my username and then has a drop down menu with my albums in to choose from but it only gives me the choice of two of my web albums. One is the jewellery slideshow album I have on display and the other is another album of mine but it doesn't give me the option of picking my dreamaid album at all which must be why on the second slideshow I used keyword to search rather than album. I can't understand why it doesn't show all my albums under my username but I've managed to get my slideshow reworking with a keyword so lets just hope it stays that way.
Why oh why are computers so confusing?????????????????????


  1. I'm getting more and more confused. I've just been back to my web abums and was messing around on there clicking on things to see if there was any difference in my dreamaid album and the other two. Then I came back to blogger and clicked on edit my slideshow, clicked on album and there it was !!! my dreamaid album had been added to the drop down list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don't know how or why but I've changed to searching for it by album now and am hoping for the best.

  2. Sometimes when you create a new album it seems to sit there for a while before it decides to give up its contents. I found that I had to log off and on a couple of times and re-do the slide album drop down bit before it would show up in the drop down menu and allow me to choose it. The same happens if you add more photos to the album - it seems to take a while before it notices that more have been added. I think I will fire the little person sitting in there - obviously not very efficient at doing their job.

  3. LOL - aren't we three sooooo computer litereate - NOT..!!
    Jo. xx

  4. I know - I think we just muddle through and at times it works - others well!!

  5. I'm beginning to think computers are men in disquise, its not really a computer we're using at all, it's a very small man in a plastic overcoat. All women know men are impossible to understand, can never find anything the first time you ask, only work when they want and never do the same thing the same way twice and computers are just the same.