Monday, 17 January 2011

Hubbys exciting day

My hubby went on a little course for a few hours yesterday to practice Ollies, 180's and buttering on his snowboard. He took up snowboarding a bit over a year ago and loves it, he has been wanting to learn a few tricks for a while and so when he saw this course for a few hours on Sunday he signed up and went. He's not a pro yet bless him but he managed an Ollie, a few 180s and lots of buttering. It's all gobbledy gook to me but here's some photos of him doing ollies.
Here's a few photos of him
Here's a little video with him and the three others on the course doing some ollies he's on video near beginning a few times hes all in black with a green and a purple boot binding on a white board.


  1. by eck Paulky.. go for it .. well done , braver than me.

  2. Gosh they make it look easy but it looks thrilling, he has done well.
    I think i will stick to riding pillion on our motorbike though.
    Thanks for your lovely comments Andie. best wishes Julie.C

  3. OOOh, brill. How on earth did you manage to get a video on here - I have tried for months and nothing happens - who's the whizz kid now!!!

  4. Wow - big up for Paul, looks like they were having soooo much fun....
    Adding video now eh???? Clever cloggs - lol.
    Jo. xx