Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Howdy doody bloggers

Well howdy there hows you all doing? I hope you're all well and happy. I've had a bit of a parent visiting day today. First I met my mum in town to do a bit of shopping and have lunch, then after shopping we went back to hers, hubby picked me up from there around half seven and we went over to his mum and dads where we spent the evening it's been a good day.
Neither mum or I bought that much in town today as there aren't many shops left nowadays and most were still full of  leftover sale stuff so picking were slim, but I did manage to get a new tunic top from Dots. Apart from that and my Glucosamine tablets I mainly bought birthday cards.  In the next few weeks I have an aunt, uncle, brother in law, nephew, cousin and 3 friends with birthdays so I needed quite a few cards. It was only after I'd bought the 8th cards from the 4th diferent shop that I suddenly thought what an idiot I was for trawling round them all when I knew people who made fab cards online.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of time and shoe leather when I could have sat at home and ordered from my talented online friends. You flipping numpty Andie!!! Sorry cardmaking friends.
While shopping for cards today I saw one that made me laugh that was quite apt for my hubby. It showed a pic of monkey relaxing in a chair and said 'Happy Birthday to the man who has everything' and inside it said 'from the woman who spends most of her time helping him find it.' this would be perfect for Paul as he can rarely find anything, even a second after he put it down, and he's also very hairy ,so we often joke he is proof man evolved from apes.
Well thats about all my news today,thrilling isn't it NOT,
Oh by the way I'm still doing my wii workouts. Yesterdays workout burned 149 calories WOOOPEEE this is probably the highest amount you can burn  on this level, but it must only be about the equivalent to two or three biscuits!!!!! Unfortunately just before I finished the workout on the third lot of running, my left leg started to ache a bit, down the inside near the bottom, like it did before when I suspected I had a shin splint and had to stop doing my workouts for a while. I finished the workout as it wasn't too bad and I'm hoping it's ok when I do another workout tomorrow. It did start aching again towards the end of the afternoon while we were walking round town today, which doesn't bode well but I'll give it a go tomorrow and see what happens.
As I was out and didn't do my wii workout today I felt I ought to do a bit of something exercisey so while I was at mums I popped on her new exercise bike. I'd had a little go on it after we'd built it on Sunday and was quite fancying getting one myself. The seats on those things are so uncomfortable though aren't they,  after a few minutes my buttocks were screaming 'let me off' lol, still I thought whats a little bit of numb buttocks if it gets you fit eh girls. After a few more minutes I started getting spasms down my right thigh while I was pedaling and at one point it shot right down to my foot so in the end I gave up and got off.
It would seem my body does not like exercise which is a shame as it definately need some. I think my muscles went into shock at having to actually do something as they normally spend most of their time resting while I sit on my ever expanding buttocks.
Well I managed a few minutes but
this exercisisng is hard work


  1. Lol - loved this blog Andie.
    I'm just the same. You've heard of 'can't cook, won't cook' - well I'm 'can't exerce, not exercising'.... I've been feeling a little "off" for a few days (see latest blog).
    I put on my leather coat today for work and could just about do the buttons up - arghhhhhh.
    Come back Rosemary Conley, all is forgiven!!

  2. Sounds like we both suffering for our new year resolutions eh Jo. Hope we both get into the exercising groove soon.

  3. Heard the expression "no pain no gain"? Yeah so have I and I don't believe in it either.. lol Your post was so should be a stand up Andie :)