Friday, 7 January 2011

3rd post of 2011

Hello girls well the snow is back tuttut I was not happy to see it when I opened up the blind this morning. It snowed quite fast for the whole morning but this afternoon it stopped and had started to thaw a little, we're hoping for some rain now to wash it away. At first I didn't think we were likely to get much, if any, as last nights tv forecast said occassional light flurries mainly on high ground but when I checked the bbc website for our postcode area we were forecast first light, then heavy snow, followed by sleet, and heavy rain. When I checked it again this morning it had changed to heavy snow, heavy snow, light snow, sleet, cloud and fog so who knows what we'll actually get this evening, hopefully no more snow!!!
I did another wii workout today and this time decided to use the wii balance board too, it doesn't alter the exercises much apart from during the boxing you kick and knee the heavy bag as well as punch it which I quite enjoyed and the inline skating exercise is different. Instead of crouching to skate and jumping up to jump over ramps, with the balance board you crouch to skate and then lift one leg to the side to avoid rows of hay bales. Its a bit like a dog cocking its leg for a wee, it cracked me up when I was doing this as it reminded me of an exercise we used to do in keep fit during pe at school,  We used to call  it the 'dog peeing on the lamppost exercise'. The exercise at school was a bit different as we used to be on all fours resting on our knees and elbows and then lift one leg to the side, then the other looking just like a dog cocking its leg for a wee, there was quite often a whispered woof went around the gym when we did it along with a lot of giggling.
This was the exercise that started us all wearing shorts under our gym skirts though as we realised we worried about flashing our knickers while doing it, Firstly we realised we were probably flashing them at the boys who were just outside the gym doing pe at the same time and as the gym had a full wall of glass along one side it was a pretty clear view of 30 girls cocking their legs and flashing their knickers.
Secondly we also became worried about flashing them at our teacher who was rumoured to be a lesbian. 
Now it was probably just a rumour but you know what 13 year old girls are like for gossip. It wasn't helped by the fact that during keep fit she usually stood at the front of the class facing us, shouting out instructions and demonstrating the exercise, but as soon as she told us to get on all fours for the peeing on the lampost exercise she would start walking up and down the rows of girls!!!!
Besides this the other fuel to the rumour was that she was in her 30's and still a 'Miss' which at 13 seems very old not to be married and also she was VERY strict about supervising the showers after pe. School showers were embarrassing and uncomfortable enough without being watched. You had to strip naked, then all stand in a line in front of the row of showers before taking turns to walk through them and wash in the freezing water. Miss stood at the end checking we all went in, (she said), and guarding the basket of scratchy miniscule towels which you collected once you had finished in the shower. We then would quickly try to cover as much of ourselves as possible (not much as they were smaller than most hand towels) and then ran to the benches to get dried and dressed as quick as we could.
So there you have our reasons, right or wrong, its what we all thought at the time. There was a brief respite from the shower discomfort when the boys got a new pe teacher and for about two months Miss used to spend the time we were in the changing rooms standing outside chatting to him. Of course that started another rumour that she was chatting him up and they were having an affair. Oh dear the days of school girl gossip eh but I must admit if I had a daughter nowadays and she told me what we thought at school I would be a little worried .
Well what a subject to blog about one minute I'm on about the snow and exercising and the next talking about schoolday gossip. I think its time I went now and got my dinner, we're having a salad today (slad as Eily calls it lol) not exactly what you think of in snowy weather is it but its what hubby and I fancied so we're having it and it might be cold and snowy outside but its nice and warm inside thankfully.


  1. Our showers were exactly the same - oh the embarrassment. Absolutely hated it. Loved it when the lesson over-ran and we did not have time to shower - yippee, few and far between tho. We have had rain all day and very windy, no snow. Keep up the good workouts. I have put on over half a stone and my trousers are soooo tight. Gotta do something about it now or it'll be onto the size 16s next - NOOOOOOOOO

  2. Arghhhh - the dreaded showers - loved PE but hated the embarrasing shower ritual!!
    Keep up the good work on the Wii...
    Jo. xx