Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Saw this on a friends blog ramblings of a rusty mind and so decided to join in and have a go myself.I bet out of everyone that does it my answers are the longest cos I do tend to go on. I've tried to keep them short but well you know me girls my short answer is most peoples long.
Right here goes A to Z of me

A - Age - 39 aarrgghhh !1 year away from 40

B - Bed size - Double, would quite like a king but anything bigger than double and I'm not close enough to nudge Mr Super snorer when he gets too loud

C - Chores you hate - All of them!!! I HATE housework but if I have to pick one ..IRONING ooh I HATE IRONING with a vengance

D - Dogs - Scared of them, prefer cats like my gorgeous baby Lucy

E - Essential start to your day - Tea, love it milk two sugars not too strong please, usually have it with bowl of cereal like special K

F - Favourite colour - Ooh dunno too hard to pick blue pink red purple green ....

G - Gold or Silver- Varied over  the years but mostly silver

H - Height - 5'7 ish used to be 5'7 and 3/4's but my posture has gone to pot now so prob at least lost the 3/4s if not more

I - Instruments you play - None properly but I do have a light up electronic keyboard that I like to have a tinkle on

J - Job title - Lazy bones and very lax housewife, also make stuff but thats not a job thats a pleasure

K - Kids - None, never been that lucky

L - Live - Barnsley, South Yorkshire

M - Mother's name - Ros or if you're being proper Rosalene

N - Nickname - Andie, much prefer this to my proper name which I have NEVER liked. Mind you as a child I wanted to be called Diane after Miss Diane off crossroads, I'm so glad now that mum and dad didn't take me serious and change my name cos I dont think it suits me and I don't know anyone named Benny now lol

O - Over night hospital stays - None, not even when I was born cos I was born at home, scared stiff of day I have to stay in one, hopefully never will

P - Pet peeves - Too many to mention, I'm quite a grumpy person I am, but I don't like people who act like what they own, or what jobtitle they have makes them a better person than someone else

Q - Quote from a film - Life is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you're gonna get, love Forest Gump

R - Right or left handed - Right

S - Siblings - Big sister Alison

T - Time you wake up - Usually later than I should

U - Underwear - Big on the bottom small on the top,

V - Vegetable you hate - Green beans uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh

W - What makes you run late - Panicking- have I forgot something, is everything turned off, do I look okay, have I locked up, I'm always always in a rush to leave

X - X-rays you've had - Shoulder, chest, don't think had any others

Y - Yummy food you make - I'm not a very good cook and use a lot of prepared food but I like to make stews in my slow cooker and enjoy the tarts etc I make at christmas

Z - Zoo animal - Monkeys chimps etc- gives me the perfect opportunity to joke that they want hubby back in the enclosure, otherwise not really a zoo fan.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hi girls. Well my cold has more or less gone now, thankfully it wasnt too bad a cold either so I've still ahd a good week. Hubby is back to work tomorrow, boohoo for him bless him, and to make things worse he has to go in really early for two days too so he'll be up at 3 in the morning. It will come as a shock to him as this past week we havent been going to bed till well after midnight and some nights after one and we've not getting up till 10 ish.
We carried on taking life easy for the rest of his week off and didn't do much except laze around and relax. I did some more sewing and made some more christmas decorations on wednesday afternoon and thursday. On friday we did some housework inthe morning and had pauls mum and dad over in the afternoon, we usually visit them but they wanted us to look for something on the computer for them so they came to us for a change, they were here from about half two until nine and then we dropped them home so I had a day off sewing and crafting on friday.
I got back to it yesterday though and started a scarf in the afternoon for my sisters mother in law, I've still got quite a lot of it to do but in the evening I had a change from knitting and while watching xfactor I made a few christmas tree brooches.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Busy week

 Well its been a bit of a busy and exciting week, last week our nephew Matt who lives with us went off to Australia backpacking for a year. The few days before he went I was busy washing and ironing his clothes so he had plenty to choose from and then on thursday we took him to the airport to see him off. I hope he enjoys himself and keeps safe.
All loaded up and ready to go

A years worth of stuff in there??? not if I was packing lol

Last week I had a message from a lady interested in buying some of my Andies Accessories items for her to resell so after a couple of emails between us she placed an order and I set about making the things required. Most of the weekend I was busy stitching away and finished the order on monday evening and then posted it tuesday. Here's hoping she's happy with my items and they sell well and then maybe she'll want more.

I also had facebook order on Tuesday so made that up and posted it off today. 
After all this making I was running very low on felt and a couple of colours of thread so hubby took me and mum to hobbycraft yesterday afternoon and I went wild in the felt aisle and also bought a few others bits from the rest of the shop too, well you have to dont you lol.

Couple of dozen pieces of felt couple of meters of fabric some thread and a few other bits and bobs that caught my eye
Hubby and I had planned to start painting the kitchen this week as he'd taken thursday off to take Matt to the airport and decided he'd take friday and the whole of this week off too, because of my order we decided to postpone the painting for a couple of days and now I've developed a bit of a cold so we've put it off for a bit longer. I don't feel upto climbing up and down steps painting and also don't fancy the smell of paint which usually gives me a bunged up nose and sore throat anyway, luckily its not a bad cold so hopefully it will be gone soon and we can crack on.
So instead of painting hubby has been reading and relaxing today and after putting yesterdays purchases away earlier on I'm going to get my bigshot out now and cut some more hearts out from the new material I've bought.
Happy crafting girls xx