Thursday, 9 June 2011

Blogger still being funny and what Ive been making

Morning all. I'm still struggling with commenting on peoples blogs.  I've tried a few times over the last few days to leave comments and not been able to, even on my own blog I couldn't post a comment so it looks like blogger still isnt fixed which I'm sure is getting really frustrating for everyone. I read Jo's blog that she had to post twice to get it to show up the other day. After reading the first one I clicked on older posts and it was there again, but it doesn't show up twice on her list of blogs so how weird is that.  I've just tried to leave comments on chrissys blog and flipped back and forth on the sign in page half a dozen times without success despite the fact I am already signed in!!! Come on blogger hurry up and get things fixed before everyone gets totally fed up.
Right so now I've got my moan out of the way I'll put some pics on of what I've been making recently.
I made a bit more jewellery for the shop I supply, sorry not great pictures, but if I put everything on seperate this would be an extremely long page.

I finished knitting a top for myself that I've been on with for a few weeks, oops sorry its sideways I forgot to rotate it

Made a cheats banoffee pie which was yummy but probably very fattening and I really didn't need the extra calories at the moment but hey ho.
I had a custom order for a braclet I've made this style before but this time the request was for one in blue 

I handstitched a couple of hanging heart decorations and ran up a simple envelope style cushion on the machine out of a quilt cover my sister gave me after she scorched it with the iron. Its a lovely deep purpley lilac colour with a stitched panel across the top. I used some of the stitched panel for the cushion front, and the rest is out of the plain silky fabric from the main part of the quilt.
And finally last night I handstitched a little hanging bunny decoration which I'm sending to my 'sister from another mister's son and daughter in law as a nursery decoration because they've just had a beautiful baby girl called Summer Louise.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Flippin nora what's up with blogger

Well I haven't been on my blog for weeks as I haven't been in the mood for posting but I have been checking and reading blogs I follow even though I haven't commented. Well today I decided to post a comment on Chrissys blog and it won't let me! What on earth is up with the stupid blogger sign in bit?????????????
I wrote my comment chose my sign in account and then proceeded to the sign in page where I put my email address and password in and it then went back to chrissy's blog where my comment now said anonymous said... and there was my comment, I clicked to post comment and it took me back to the signing in page???
I did this a total of 10 times and stilll it isn't posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did read a few mentions of blogger being weird lately on busymitts and on the blogs I follow so it seems like old blogger has gone a bit loopy on us. I wonder why and I wonder if it will get fixed soon???? I do hope so cos its very frustrating.
Anyway I'll try post this blog and see what happens fingers crossed X it works