Friday, 3 June 2011

Flippin nora what's up with blogger

Well I haven't been on my blog for weeks as I haven't been in the mood for posting but I have been checking and reading blogs I follow even though I haven't commented. Well today I decided to post a comment on Chrissys blog and it won't let me! What on earth is up with the stupid blogger sign in bit?????????????
I wrote my comment chose my sign in account and then proceeded to the sign in page where I put my email address and password in and it then went back to chrissy's blog where my comment now said anonymous said... and there was my comment, I clicked to post comment and it took me back to the signing in page???
I did this a total of 10 times and stilll it isn't posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did read a few mentions of blogger being weird lately on busymitts and on the blogs I follow so it seems like old blogger has gone a bit loopy on us. I wonder why and I wonder if it will get fixed soon???? I do hope so cos its very frustrating.
Anyway I'll try post this blog and see what happens fingers crossed X it works


  1. Tell me about it Andie....!!!
    I posted a blog yesterday & it still hasn't appeared. Mine seem to take days to appear, if at all - sometimes I have to post them again...!! Mine must be floating around in the world wide web, waiting to 'drop' into Blogger...hehe.
    What is going on??????
    Jo. x

  2. Hi Andie, I am the same an have not posted since coming back from my hols, not felt like it at all. I am keeping my shops updated but its all I seem to want to do at the mo. Blogger is still having problems its not just you, I check blogger buzz on the dashboard all they say is that they are looking into the problems but don't say why it's happening.
    I always check your lovely work on your web andie.
    'here goes I am going to post the comment now, he,he,'
    best wishes Julie.C

  3. Seems a lot of people have had real trouble trying to leave comments or make blogs etc. Fingers crossed as yet that is one thing I haven't yet had problems with. Even set up a brand new blog to go alongside my blog with all the pictures of my cards - only thing that really annoys me is when trying to lay out a page - those flaming pictures take on a life of their own and just do their own thing - the air was rather heated at one moment - calm down, count to 10 and start all over again.

  4. p.s. I don't know if one of the reasons I do not have problems is that I never ever log out - I have a bookmark at the top of the page and my blog is always logged in - don't know if that will make any difference to anyone having problemo's.x