Monday, 3 June 2013

Me again, hellllooooooooooo. Hope you're all enjoying this lovely weather. Its so nice to see sun and it be dry. Long may it last, especially till sunday as I'm at an outdoor event with my accessories. I think we're in some sort of a marquee but it's still better if its fine and dry otherwise the field will be wet and customers will probably be thin on the ground.
I've been busy making since I last posted, I made an A4 owl notebook cover for a facebook order which has also got me another order for an A5 one when I posted the photo on there and someone else saw it.

Besides the book I've been trying to build up my stock. I've been doing father's day stars, lavender sachets, hair slides, brooches, memo pegs.  Today I made 3 sets of bunting, one for my stock and two for the Emporium I sell in.

I also made a painted sign that a customer in the emporium I sell in asked for. I've never done painted signs before but I had a sign in there that I'd bought in that said 'welcome to my garden' and a customer asked if I could make one in pink saying 'gracie's den' so I thought why not have a go.
I bought an mdf blank plaque and painted it pink last night then today I added the letters using rub on transfers and spray varnished it and added bakers twine to hang it. I quite like it although I'm not too sure about the letters I've used but we'll see what the person who asked for it thinks.

Hubby has been very busy today as he's taken this week off to sort out our loft. Matt has left a lot of his stuff here while he's staying with Abi and her mum so we need to make space for all his stuff. Its quite chocker up there as hubby and I are terrible hoarders so quite a lot of stuff needs go. He's done really well today and managed to throw about 6 big boxes of stuff away so theres a quarter of the loft clear now.
Right well that's enough from me now as getting ready for bed. So night night blogettes x