Friday, 19 August 2011

Having fun with felt

I think I've fallen in love with felt. I just can't stop buying and making things with felt.I have a little bit of a felt fetish  at the moment ;)
A little while ago I made a pink felt bunny hanging decoration from a craft magazine for Eilys grandaughter Summer and I really enjoyed it. I later made another one in blue, a bears face and a house out of felt and it got me thinking about other things I could make from felt.
People on facebook had started talking about making things ready for christmas and as I have always liked the idea of handmade decorations and last year made myself a felt mitten garland I decided to get a few sheets of felt and have a go.
In a craft magazine I'd just bought there was a template sheet of letters so using these I made a Noel banner out of felt and a set of tree decorations saying noel too. I also made a felt letter and added a button and ribbon detail which I thought would be a nice thing to hang in a childs room using their own initial.

Next I decided I needed more felt so I looked online at hobycraft and went a bit mad picking colours I thought I might use. I'd decided to try some christmas decorations like snowmen, gingerbread men and trees. Later that day hubby was going to staples for some bits for work which is next door to a hobbycraft and he rang and asked me if I wanted him to pop in and fetch me anything, well the temptation was too much, even though I had just ordered a load of felt online I asked him to see if they had any more of the star felt I'd used for my noel banner as my mum had asked me to make her one and i needed some more and asked him to see if there were any other different styles that hadn't been online.
He came back with more of the star felt and also some gorgeous red and white and pink and white polka dot felt which I fell in love with instantly, the red one reminded me of minnie mouse with her spotty dress and bow. He'd also brought me the big heart die cut for my bigshot that I'd had my eye on for a few weeks. So that evening I got my bigshot out and sat cutting out heart shapes from felt and other material too.

A couple of days later I received my felt order from hobby craft and set off trying out christmas decoration ideas. A tree, snowman, pudding, holly, stocking and gingerbreadman were made over the next couple of days.

Then talking to my friend Eily something was said about pacman and retro games and my mind went off onto pacman felt keyrings so I made pacman and the four ghosts blinky, pinky, inky & clyde as keyrings and then a few others designs too a bird, heart and flower. My favourite is the heart and bird and I'm going to make myself a bag charm with a heart and bird on soon.

Then wednesday evening I came up with the idea of making a large gingerbreadman to hang as a decoration, so after hubby took another trip to hobbycraft for more felt last night I set to and made him.  I must say I  love him, he'll definately be hanging up somewhere in my house at christmas. He's quite a big boy at 26.5 x19cm.
Next I'm thinking of trying a felt tree in the same size with buttons for decoration and who knows what else I'll come up with  but I think it might be made of felt lol.

Friday, 12 August 2011

facebook pages folksy and tagging circles

Hello blogettes I seem to be neglecting my blog lately I must admit I keep meaning to come on and blog but I forget. I've been busy online lately making a facebook page for my sewing and knitting projects and also this week I set up a folksy shop for them too  although there isnt much in my shop as yet as I haven't got round to putting everything in but I'm hoping to do more soon. I'm not really expecting an influx of orders or anything from this but just thought I'd have a go its only a few pence to list things and facebook pages are free so why not.
I so love making things and for a while I thought I should only make things I wanted to use myself or to give to other people even though there were lots of things I wanted to make that I didnt have a home for. Then my hubby said why not make things you enjoy even if you aren't going to use them, the making is the fun bit and thats your hobby, making things. Just like some people spend money going to the pub, for a meal, snowboarding (in hubbys case), dancing etc they spend money on their hobbies without producing something they need except having a good time so why shouldn't I. So off I went cutting and sewing away and I can't seem to stop at the moment I'm either sewing something or thinking about sewing something.
I have a facebook page where I show what I've been making jewellerywise so I decided to make one for my sewing accessories too. I saw some other pages on facebook which people seemed to be using as a mini shop window to sell their makes and so hubby and I thought I might try the same just in case anyone wanted to buy something I had made so I added prices to things.
Now I don't have very many facebook friends who would see my page as I sort of joined without planning to (an old friend and my nephew signed me up one day while I was out the room) and I've not really done much to connect with many people on it. I'm not one of these people who sent a friends request to everyone I ever knew,I tend to wait for them to find me just in case they don't want to be friends lol. So apart from family a couple of old friends, a few people from busymitts, and a couple of friends made so we could be neighbours on facebook games I don't have a huge facebook audience so it was suggested to me to go on networking pages to get likes for my new page.
I found a page called 'uk mums who make' which you can use to promote your business facebook page. I wondered if I was allowed to use it as I'm not a mum (although I am an auntie 4 times, 1 of whom lives with us, and a godmum twice) but it said you didn't need to be a mum to use it, you could just want to advertise to mums so I joined in and liked the page and popped my page name down for people to see and hopefully visit. I also visited a few other peoples pages and saw some quite nice things for sale.
I got a few likes off people who saw my post but then I saw news of a silent tagging cirle and after reading about it decided to take part. Its a way of getting more people to like your page and hopefully see your products. At a specific time the uk mums who make page post a comment saying 'silent tagging circle' and people leave a comment with the name of their business page on the list. the idea is you then go down the list liking all the business page names on it and they like you. So you end up with lots of new likes for your page. Well the first time I did this I ended up with over a hundred new likes which was brill I thought, although I had liked all the pages on the list which was over 400 so I now like over 400 pages, obviously some people post their name but dont like everyone elses pages, still a quarter of them had clicked to like my page and that was still a lot of likes.
It had took a lot of my time to work down the list and then my personal page was full of posts from 400 pages, it was like wading through treacle reading through them all and I must admit I thought I had made a mistake astheir was so much to see it would take me hours each day to find read them and spot posts from my friends. I read that after liking your page a lot of people hide your posts if they think you are a page selling something they arent interested in buying so as my news feed was so full I did the same. I worked my way through the posts checking out the pages  to see  what they sold or did and if I thought I'd never need them and if not I hid the posts, their page names are still on my list of likes in case I ever want to look at them or buy from them in the future but my page is now not as cluttered.
Now knowing that and I and others have done this I'm not sure if this system will generate any business because if you hide the posts because you think you arent going to use them then whats the point in liking the page at all??, It seems some pages are obsessed with the number of likers they have but if the likers dont see your posts and look at your pages what is the point in someone liking it, its just a number otherwise.
Hopefully though some people will have kept my posts on show and may come and look at my page and like what I make. Some people come over and visit your page and leave a comment and like you that way so I don't hide their posts as they have taken the time to visit but a lot of people seem to like your page without even visiting at all, its just a number thing to them.
Only time will tell if joining in the tagging circle was a good thing or a waste of time but I did find a few pages I liked the look of and have ordered off 3 of them myself already so it was good for me in that way.