Friday, 19 August 2011

Having fun with felt

I think I've fallen in love with felt. I just can't stop buying and making things with felt.I have a little bit of a felt fetish  at the moment ;)
A little while ago I made a pink felt bunny hanging decoration from a craft magazine for Eilys grandaughter Summer and I really enjoyed it. I later made another one in blue, a bears face and a house out of felt and it got me thinking about other things I could make from felt.
People on facebook had started talking about making things ready for christmas and as I have always liked the idea of handmade decorations and last year made myself a felt mitten garland I decided to get a few sheets of felt and have a go.
In a craft magazine I'd just bought there was a template sheet of letters so using these I made a Noel banner out of felt and a set of tree decorations saying noel too. I also made a felt letter and added a button and ribbon detail which I thought would be a nice thing to hang in a childs room using their own initial.

Next I decided I needed more felt so I looked online at hobycraft and went a bit mad picking colours I thought I might use. I'd decided to try some christmas decorations like snowmen, gingerbread men and trees. Later that day hubby was going to staples for some bits for work which is next door to a hobbycraft and he rang and asked me if I wanted him to pop in and fetch me anything, well the temptation was too much, even though I had just ordered a load of felt online I asked him to see if they had any more of the star felt I'd used for my noel banner as my mum had asked me to make her one and i needed some more and asked him to see if there were any other different styles that hadn't been online.
He came back with more of the star felt and also some gorgeous red and white and pink and white polka dot felt which I fell in love with instantly, the red one reminded me of minnie mouse with her spotty dress and bow. He'd also brought me the big heart die cut for my bigshot that I'd had my eye on for a few weeks. So that evening I got my bigshot out and sat cutting out heart shapes from felt and other material too.

A couple of days later I received my felt order from hobby craft and set off trying out christmas decoration ideas. A tree, snowman, pudding, holly, stocking and gingerbreadman were made over the next couple of days.

Then talking to my friend Eily something was said about pacman and retro games and my mind went off onto pacman felt keyrings so I made pacman and the four ghosts blinky, pinky, inky & clyde as keyrings and then a few others designs too a bird, heart and flower. My favourite is the heart and bird and I'm going to make myself a bag charm with a heart and bird on soon.

Then wednesday evening I came up with the idea of making a large gingerbreadman to hang as a decoration, so after hubby took another trip to hobbycraft for more felt last night I set to and made him.  I must say I  love him, he'll definately be hanging up somewhere in my house at christmas. He's quite a big boy at 26.5 x19cm.
Next I'm thinking of trying a felt tree in the same size with buttons for decoration and who knows what else I'll come up with  but I think it might be made of felt lol.


  1. It's certainly felt frenzy at your house Andie..!! I'm loving all your Xmas makes & the initials are a great idea too. Keep it up girl, you are doing so well.
    How are you doing on Facebook? I seem to be getting a lot of interest and since I really started 'pushing' it, several orders too. Nothing going on still with the website dispite the 20% off sale. Ah well, can't have it always!!

  2. Wonderful felt creations, I cannot choose a fave they are all good. Well done andie.
    best wishes Julie.C

  3. I love a good obsession :) I am liking all your felted goodies, that star fabric is fab!

  4. Takes me right back to primary school where we were always making things from felt - such a nice easy fabric to use and such lovely colours too. Like all your makes so far - well done. Hope they go down well on Folksy for you. xx

  5. Thanks girls, im just loving felt at the moment. Jo I've not really had any interest on facebook despite having lots of people like my page. Most of my page likers are from the silent tagging circle I did and it looks like most people just join them for like numbers but dont actually read your posts.Still as long as I'm enjoying myself making things I'm not too bothered.