Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Just a quick hello

Hi blogettes just a quick one today as I've nothing much to report, I just thought I'd pop on while I had the computer out and say hello as I haven't blogged for a week.
I've been adding items to my website today. I spent yesterday taking photos of the items and last night hubby cropped and uploaded to the internet around half of them, so today I added them to my website with descriptions and prices. I think I've added about 18 or 19 new items today and hopefully if hubby gets the rest sorted tonight I can add the others to the website tomorrow.
Working with my jewellery the last couple of days has put me in the mood to make some more so I think I might have to get my beads out for a little play next week. It will be time to change the stock in the shop in a couple of weeks so I should make some new pieces for there.
Right well as I said this is a quickie so I think I'll get off now and go do a bit of my knitting before dinner time.
Happy crafting girls xx

P.S.I finished the pair of slippers I mentioned in my last blog  heres a pic


  1. What a gorgeous colour - makes your mouth water. You have been a little busy bee. I haven't done anything for ages, and to honest, have lost interest at the moment. I can't get back into the mood. I've got all of the evening invites to being going on with, but it hasn't made me want to sit and play around - in fact, at times I thought of selling most of it off. Maybe it's just the time of year or I'm having a few off moments. We'll see.

  2. Cool slippers - or should I say warm - lol....
    Saw your jewellery on facebook & very nice it was too. Loads of people have commented on the set I got from you recently - it's just gorgeous. I'm spreading the word about Pretty Jewellery here in Wales. xx

  3. Love the slippers Andie, I am sure we are all busy just now with one thing and another, lovely pieces of jewellery by the way. Sue x

  4. Hi Andie, just been looking at your new collection of jewellery they are lovely.
    An these slippers are really nice to.
    Have a lovely weekend.