Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Old photos and teddy bears

Hi blogettes.
Well my cold is more or less gone now just the odd snuffly moment but I'm thankful to be able to say it wasn't a really bad one.
Its my sisters birthday today and being as she lives up in scotland I won't be seeing her so I've sent her pressies and card up by post and I text her this morning to wish her happy birthday. She's recently joined facebook so I've left her a message on facebook too wishing her a happy birthday, the wonders of modern technology eh. When I was thinking about wishing her happy birthday on facebook I remembered an old photo mum has of us both at skegness as kids hugging and I thought being as I'm not there to give her a hug in person I'd send her a pic of us hugging instead so I posted the photo on her facebook page with my birthday message.
There are a few photos from this day out which look like we had a fun time. Ali and me are in more or less matching outfits. Flared tousers, sandals with socks!!! our fave flintstone tshirts and red zip up hoodies. Fashion icons or what eh.
I love looking through mums old photos they bring back such lovely memories and they usually give us the giggles at some of the fashions in clothes hair and furniture etc from times gone by.
Me and big sis x
I've been knitting more teddy bears like the one on my last post, I said I'd enjoyed knitting it and would probably end up making more and sure enough I have. So far I've knitted and stuffed another two and also knitted two more that are waiting to be stuffed and sewn up. I just cant seem to stop knitting them lol. My mum is going to take them to the crafters group she's part of and put them on their stall next time they go to a fair and sell them with the rest of the things they make and sell for charity.

Two more teddies
Well mums coming over for a visit today so I best be off as I want to make an orange flan for later and she'll be here soon she said she'd be here around lunchtime.
Hope you're all well and enjoying crafting xxx


  1. I know why your cold has gone - you posted it down south to me. Got a stinker with a real hacking cough, so not doing much at all this week. Just sitting here printing of zillions of bits for Lindy Loos wedding invites, all the information sheets, the directions sheets, the rsvp sheets and on and on. I don't remember doing all this for my wedding. All this save the date business etc. Oh, well, love the little teddies - so sweeet. Nice piccy of you and your sis. I've got some somewhere, but at that age I think they are black and white!!

  2. Andie - what a great photo of you and your sis, oh and Happy Birthday to her too..!!
    Glad to hear that your cold is better - our son Matt has a real stinker at the mo and has had to take a few days off this week - he's hoping to go back tomorrow.
    Loving your teddies - they are so cute!!
    Jo. xx

  3. What a lovely photo of you and big sis, I agree it is fun looking at old photo's so you can check out what you were wearing then.
    I think you have the knitting bug andie its hard to put down those needles isn't it. I love these Teddy's. Wait till you see the handmade Teddy i got for Mothers Day.
    best wishes Julie.C

  4. Ahh what a great photo, I love ones like that. Glad to hear you're feeling better :)