Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Busy week

 Well its been a bit of a busy and exciting week, last week our nephew Matt who lives with us went off to Australia backpacking for a year. The few days before he went I was busy washing and ironing his clothes so he had plenty to choose from and then on thursday we took him to the airport to see him off. I hope he enjoys himself and keeps safe.
All loaded up and ready to go

A years worth of stuff in there??? not if I was packing lol

Last week I had a message from a lady interested in buying some of my Andies Accessories items for her to resell so after a couple of emails between us she placed an order and I set about making the things required. Most of the weekend I was busy stitching away and finished the order on monday evening and then posted it tuesday. Here's hoping she's happy with my items and they sell well and then maybe she'll want more.

I also had facebook order on Tuesday so made that up and posted it off today. 
After all this making I was running very low on felt and a couple of colours of thread so hubby took me and mum to hobbycraft yesterday afternoon and I went wild in the felt aisle and also bought a few others bits from the rest of the shop too, well you have to dont you lol.

Couple of dozen pieces of felt couple of meters of fabric some thread and a few other bits and bobs that caught my eye
Hubby and I had planned to start painting the kitchen this week as he'd taken thursday off to take Matt to the airport and decided he'd take friday and the whole of this week off too, because of my order we decided to postpone the painting for a couple of days and now I've developed a bit of a cold so we've put it off for a bit longer. I don't feel upto climbing up and down steps painting and also don't fancy the smell of paint which usually gives me a bunged up nose and sore throat anyway, luckily its not a bad cold so hopefully it will be gone soon and we can crack on.
So instead of painting hubby has been reading and relaxing today and after putting yesterdays purchases away earlier on I'm going to get my bigshot out now and cut some more hearts out from the new material I've bought.
Happy crafting girls xx


  1. Oooo, lovely goodies from Hobbycraft. I haven't visited there since Easter..... must try to get there soon, maybe at half term.
    You are doing so well on Fb Andie - good for you. Your makes are always gorgeous.
    I'm getting orders through Fb too although most of them are still local to me. I have had several Scottish customer though...!!!
    Keep up the good work..!!
    Jo. xx

  2. Clever you. I've never had an order through facebook. Don't know why I am on there really. Hope your cold is better soon - nice to just take some down time and relax - no snowboarding then Paul?