Friday, 23 September 2011

Hello Bloggettes,  I've done it again and left it ages before posting a blog, only just over a week this time inbetween posts but I just seem to have got out of the groove of writing them at the moment. So anyway here I am today, just a quickie though I think that my dinner will be ready soon.
I've been shopping this week. First off I bought a few cards from Chrissy  These are the designs I chose

They are amazing as they always are from Chrissy and Hubby and I will be very pleased to send them out this christmas.
Then I bought a cute little sign from folksy seller Handmade for you by Elaine

Then on wednesday we popped to our local b&m for a few bits and ended up coming home with a few more items than we intended, we bought 2 new ottomans for our bedroom to keep the bedding in,  the one we had just wasn't big enough so we've bought a couple of smaller ones that give us more space.,we also got some new cannisters and a decorative sign spelling BAKE which is ready for when we repaint the kitchen soon.

I've also been busy stitching this week as I've had a few more orders for some more christmas hearts and decorations. It looks like the robin hearts and rudolphs are the favourites as I've sold more of these than any other style. I've run out of the robin fabric now and also had to swap the ribbon on my rudolphs too as I ran out of the one I was using before. Hubby popped out to the range in leeds yesterday during his lunch break and bought me ten more roles of different christmas ribbons so I've replenished my ribbon stock this week too.


  1. Loving your 'Chrissy cards' Andie - she's such a clever lady isn't she?
    B&Ms is fast becoming my fav shop - I can't go past our local one in town - there's always something worth getting. I love those floral letter signs - I saw some in our local market sewing stall - they had bought 'bake' & 'home' & made theirs to read 'make' - wonder what they did with the left over letters???
    What a fab sign too - love it.....
    Glad to hear that your decs are going well - facebook certianly is getting you seen by many, many people.
    Jo. xx

  2. What a busy person you have been. Nice to go on shopping sprees eh? I have finished off the stairs and landing, just need a new carpet and decided the old pictures had to go - got fed up looking at the same ones for the past 20 odd years - so I too had a little spend up. Glad you are doing well on the robins and reindeers - I can vouch for the deers certainly as I have two myself - lovely

  3. Lovely things Andie, I like the sign that's good.
    Well I think robins and rudolphs are always popular because we like anything to do with animals, and I am not surprised yours are selling well they are lovely.
    best wishes julie.c

  4. Love that sign for your kitchen Andie...very 50s! And I think your husband is very sweet for going to a crafting shop for you...mine won't go near one and prefers to stay in the vehicle if I pop in.. LOL :) Sounds like your crafting business is going really well and I'm pleased for you :)