Friday, 9 September 2011

Hello blogettes I havent been blogging too much lately I think I've only managed to write them about once a week if that, I just seem to keep forgetting about blogging or if I do come on I read other peoples and then run out of time to do mine. I seem to be spending most of my time stitching or online and on facebook lately.
I havent been doing much jewellery making lately as sales have more or less dried up and I have so much already made I think it's best if I have a little rest from it for a while. Although I did make a couple of chain belts for a customer request from the shop that sells some of my pieces last week. I forgot to take photos of them before I took them to the shop though.
At the beginning of this week I had an order delivered from Cath Kidston including some fabric and toiletries which I had ordered with the idea of making some gift sets including make up bags and toiletries. When it arrived tuesday lunchtime I just couldnt wait to get started and rushed to get my machine out and start making the bags. I still have quite a bit of material left and will be making more make up bags as well as other things from it later. I'll probably keep some of the sets I make to give as gifts to family and friends but the rest I have added to my facebook page to see if anyone is interested in buying them.  I've lined the bags with a white polyester wipe cean lining and added a zip fastener. The toiletries are either bluebell, wild rose or honeysuckle fragranced and smell gorgeous. 
The sets with a makeup/toiletries bag, shower gel, soap and a bath melt included I thought I'd sell for £10 plus p&p and also the sets with make up/toiletries bag, hand cream and body lotion included are £10 plus p&p then I have sets with soap and a bath melt included with a makeup/ toiletries bag that I thought I would sell for £7.50 plus p&p. Do you think this is a fair price?

Blue provence rose fabric bag with 30 ml bluebell hand cream and 30ml body lotion

Blue provence rose fabric bag with 30ml bluebell shower gel, soap and bath melt

Green provence rose fabric bag with 30ml honeysuckle shower gel, soap & bath melt

Green provence rose fabric bag with 30ml honeysuckle hand cream & body lotion

Shooting star fabric bag with honeysuckle soap & bath melt

Pic of inside of bag with lining

Blue provence rose make up/toiletries bag


  1. Well done girly - all look very professional

  2. I think your pricing is just right - CK fabric isn't cheap so you need to set your price accordingly.
    Hark at me - the worst pricer in the world. I am learning though. I've been checking out other crafters who do similar things to me and seeing what they charge. Also I'm getting better at keeping my reciepts so I can price up correctly rather then guess..!! It's all a learning curve eh? xx