Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Some days you just shouldnt bother

Hello blogettes do you ever have one of those days where you think you shouldn't have bothered? I had one of those yesterday. I tried crafting but it just didn't seem to go right and hours after I started I had nothing I was happy with to show for it.
It was my own fault though yesterday as I woke up in a funny mood, I was still tired and bit dopey when I got up (no jokes there girls I know I'm always a bit dopey) and also in a 'cant settle and can't be bothered' mood. I don't know why cos theres no reason for me to feel like that at the moment but heyho, there I was in my funny mood.
I'd even struggled to get into the groove chatting online with Eily in the morning, so after doing a bit of housework that was bugging me because I knew it needed doing, I thought I know I'll get my machine out and have a go at a couple of ideas I've been thinking of making recently,  that will perk me up.
BIG MISTAKE  I think I would have been better off sitting quiety in a room n throwing material away then spending hours making the couple of things I did.
First thing I tried making was a little purse for when you have a small bag and don't have room for a big one, I didnt want to just have a simple coin purse so I added a pocket at the front for cards/ notes as well as a zip up coin section and a fold over button up flap to cover it up when closed.I used my Cath Kidston strawberry fabric and set about making a pattern and cutting the pieces out.
First go at stitching the flap I went too far in and didn't realise till after I'd clipped the seam alowance at the corners so it was too late to unpick and sew again which meant the flap was now narrower than I intended it to be. Next when stitching the purse together I got stuck on the metal zip end and broke my machine needle. Then the button hole didn't go right, for some reason the machine stitching was loose on the first section. In the end I wasn't very happy with the purse at all. I think it looks amateurish and I don't like the way the zip lies although I don't know how to get round that on something so small.

After the purse fiasco I decided to try another idea I'd had which was a magnetic pad and pen holder, I didn't have problems making this but I think I picked the wrong material as its too busy and send my eyes a bit funny. Also I'm not too sure of the idea at all now anyway even in another material so more wasted time.

Feeling rather deflated I took a break for dinner but then I thought I'd try again and finish the day with something easy. I decided on a blue felt cushion with the word 'love' appliqued on it.  


  1. Oh boy I get many days like this. End up with half a waste paper bin - yep full of waste paper with nothing to show for it at the end.

    Love the cushion tho so at least you got something from the day. If we worked out our daily rate we'd have to charge the earth don't you think.

  2. There are days like that occasionally - I found a fab baby hat pattern the other day with rabbit ears - do you think I could get those ears right - no way. I've put the pattern away for the time being......
    Anyway your cushion is lush as no worries there - love it. Fab colour too. xx