Sunday, 11 September 2011

Felt christmas decorations

I've had the christmas tree up again today taking piccies of my felt christmas decorations. I had great fun playing with felt again last week making some more felt decorations. I've tweaked the pattern and decorations slightly from the first ones I made a few weeks ago as I didn't like the shape of my puddings and snowmen before and I've also changed the buttons and ribbons I used this time.

christmas tree

Christmas pudding

gingerbread man


Rather oddly while I've had the tree up taking photos our cat Lucy hasn't bothered about it at all but prevously when we've had a tree up at christmas she always chews and climbs it. It has been on a small table in the middle of nowhere so it's been hard for her to get to but normally she would have at least tried to find a way to it. If only I could believe she would leave it alone at christmas I would be so happy as I really miss having a tree up and buying pretty ornaments for it


  1. All these are FAB Andie - so nice & Christmassy!!xx

  2. Well done Andie this is a lovely display of your work.
    Me thinks your little friend will wait till all items are up on your tree and then pounce.
    best wishes julie.c