Thursday, 15 September 2011

rudolph can you iron????

Just a quickie today as I'm suppsoed to be ironing and well everyone must know by now how much I hate that so I'm putting it off a bit longer lol. I know I shouldnt but I just cant help it. I've just been reading blogs while I pass the time delaying the ineveitable.  I just posted a comment on Chrissys blog and as usual have rambled on and on and on, I think my comment is longer than her blog!!!! I really must learn to be more succinct.
On a crafty note I made a couple more christmas decorations last night, this time round I made felt rudolphs. I've been meaning to make reindeers for a while but didn't get around to it and then earlier this week I saw Chrissys wonderful leaping reindeer card and thought ooh yes I was going to make some reindeers so last night I finally got around to it. It took me a while to find the right template for it. Inspired by Chrissy's card where she added a red pearl gem to her reindeer nose I decided to add a red bead to my little rudolphs. I do hope you don't mind me using your idea Chrissy.
You can view chrissy cards here and here

I would much rather be sewing more little rudolphs or other things than ironing this afternoon but I suppose I better go and get on with it. What a shame rudolph can't iron and then I could make a whole army of them and sit here watching them whizz through my ironing for me.
Anyway here's my non ironing rudoph to say hello to you all
Ironing you must be joking !!!


  1. He is just so cute - gonna order me one for sure. I don't mind you doing the same Andie, no worries at all. I'm thinking of maybe a couple of reindeer to send out with the reindeer card too - you thinking along the same lines?

  2. Your reindeers are soooo cute - love them!!
    Great idea of Chrissy's too...!!
    Jo. xx

  3. Ironing yuk I don't like either.
    I love your reindeer Andie he is super.
    best wishes Julie.C

  4. Hi Andie me again, I have just ordered your 2 reindeer I could not resist that's 2 decorations I don't have to make myself for my tree now.

    p.s. would you let Chrissy know I am sorry, I noticed her comment saying she would like one. Whoops. xxx

  5. Thanks for the order Julie xx I've made a few more reindeers so Chrissy can have hers too xx

  6. I don't like ironing either, I can't remember when I last got my ironing board out. I have found that if you are careful when putting your clothes away they are find when you come to wear them. And the trick is to buy clothes that don't need ironing (ha ha) Love the Rudolph though he is so cute and I am sure you will be making more of these. Sue x