Wednesday, 19 January 2011

ger on yer bike lass

hello all. I hope your all well. Nothing much to report or say today but thought I'd come and do a quickie anyway (ooh I say.. cheeky nudge nudge wink wink lol)
I went off to meadowhall with my mum for a look around the shops yesterday which was a nice way to spend the day. We both bought a couple of new tops and mum also got a new bag and purse too. Hubby came and picked us after he finished work and then we went back to mum for a cuppa. While I was there and waiting for mum to make a drink I popped on her exercise bike for fifteen minutes and then just before coming home I popped on again for another 7 minutes. I managed ok this time although my bum did go a bit numb it wasn't screaming for me to get off and I didn't have any spasms down my leg either. I had a go on sunday evening too which waas fine so I think my leg spasm the other day was hopefully a one off.
After mums we called at tescos which is not far from mums cos I wanted to pick up a few new laundry bins and while we were there we noticed they had lots of exercise stuff on special offer. We stopped to look at the exercise bikes which had been reduced to £40, well it was too tempting an offer to resist and fresh from my 22 minutes combined ride at mums I succumbed and bought one.
Now this may be a bit of a bad idea as I have a tendency to buy exercise equipment and use it a few times before leaving it to gather dust and not be used again. I think during our married life hubby and I have bought almost every type of exercise equipment going including a thighmagic, rowing machine ,fold up bike, fold up gym, two different types of steps for step aerobics, at least 3 ab rollers, an aero walker, a spinning disc for stomach toning, stretchy elastic shapers, a leg toning circle, numerous excercise videos and dvds. At this very moment languishing in our porch is an abswing, a leg toning thing that I call a leg spreader, and a fold out body shaper thing, in the dvd drawers are a few left over exercise dvds plus we also have wii fit, wii fit plus and ea active wii workouts, so we are probably a gym equipment manufacturers dream client lol and yet we are also probably two of the most unfit people around lol.
But still that being said I think I'll send my other gym stuff from the porch to the charity shop and concentrate on using the bike and trying to stick to it for once,not literally stick to it you understand, I don't mean I'm going to superglue myself to the seat, now that would be just silly, no I mean stick to using it. At the moment my plan is to do at least 30 mins a day on the exercise bike and then once or twice a week also do a wii workout for my whole body. I'm mainly bothered about the bottom half of my body and I don't seem to be doing to well with the lower body exercises on the wii workouts so I'm going to try the bike see if I can move the fat and wobble along a little bit,well move off rather than move on would probably be better I mean I don't want slim toned thighs but huge fat wobbly ankles and feet now do I???!!!!  Lets hope I keep at it and it works.
I went on for a bit over 20 minutes this afternoon and then went back on for the other 10 mins while dinner was cooking so I have managed my quota on the bike today lets see how I do tomorrow. Fingers crossed for me girls and soon we'll be able to bounce 20p's off my toned thighs.


  1. I'm joining you in the equipment stakes...!! I've got weights, skipping ropes, flexi bands, walking machine, home gym, mini trampoline & numerous videos & DVD’s. Yes, I should be a size zero. No, I'm not cos most of it is hiding in my under stairs cupboard cunningly disguised as coat
    Jo. xx

  2. Did you not know that the sole purpose of exercise equipment is for hanging your clothes on? - Use it - don't be mad.

  3. I sold my exercise bike...I much prefer cycling outside...can't wait for better weather.