Thursday, 6 January 2011

Second post of the new year

Hello girls me again. Just thought I'd sign in and do a bit of a blog while hubby and I watch a dvd. We're watching Matrix reloaded, hubby got the trilogy for christmas and we watched the first one yesterday and as ther isn't much on tv AGAIN tonight we're watching number 2 tonight. They aren't really my cup of tea but I don't mind watching things like this if I'm doing something else at the same time then if it gets a bit boring I can concentrate on what I'm doing more thank the tv. Once Ive wrote my blog I'll either have a bit of a surf or do some knitting.
Yesterday evening while I was watching the first Matrix I made some jewellery. I had an order from my best customer (a lady who works with my hubby) she wanted a necklace bracelet & earring set for a 13 year old girls birthday present in pale blue. She also wanted  a neutral coloured necklace for her too.I already had 2 which I had already made so I sent them along wiht the blue set to work with hubby today.She liked the blue set and decided to keep both neutral necklaces too as she wanted to keep one for herself. She's a really big fan of jewellery and quite often orders things for hersef to match a new outfit and also as presents for friends.

The set I made for Katrina to give as a gift

While I had my beads out I also made a few extra pieces for the shop that stock some of my jewellery in town. I like to change the stock every few months and as I haven't changed it since october and a few items have been sold since then so its time for a change and restock. I'll also take some items I've already made along with the new pieces when I go in next week. It'll be nice to go into the shop and catch up with Jan too who's become a friend since we met last year.
These are the new pieces I made for the shop please excuse the picture layout but I can not get blogger to behave how I want when I add photos.

Silvertone bead toggle bracelet
Set of 4 grey and black glass pearl

3 row pink glass pearl and dyed jasper
heart bracelet
Glass disc goldtone long necklace
bracelet and earrings
Black tibetan silver pendant
and cord necklace

Black & grey woven stretch bracelet

Black glass pearl and charm
toggle bracelet

Silvertone cluster long necklace
and earrings

Green turquoise heart necklace

I also did my first wii workout of the new year yesterday and will be doing it again tomorrow and hopefully keeping up with it for the new year. You'll be glad to hear I didn't go through the floorboards when I was jumping about yesterday even with my post christmas belly but I did get a little bit more huffy n puffy than I used to when I was running and jumping. Hopefully I'll be getting fitter and leaner soon. HOPEFULLY

Oh dear me they do like to waste time showing you minute after minute of fight dancing in this film. Every so often Neo or one of the others will meet up with someone they have to fight and then we get twenty minutes of people flying around doing a sort of karate dance without anyone getting hurt for ages, borrrrrriiiiiinngggg. This time Neo fought with an ever increasing number of Agent Smith clones without either of them winning until eventually Neo decided to do his superman flying trick and fly out of the middle of them to safety, I told him to do that ages ago but somehow he didn't think of it until he had fought pointlessly for ages. Men eh they never listen. Right well I think it's time for me to sign off now so its goodnight from me and it's goodnight from Neo xx


  1. Another lovely selection. Your little fingers have been flying - bit like Neo

  2. What a nice selection andie you have been busy, I like the first set you made for your husbands friend really nice. Julie.C

  3. Gorgeous sets Andie - they should fly out of the shop...
    What is it with us girls & mulit tasking. I'm just the same - got to be doing several somethings or I'm not content.
    Jo. xx