Monday, 24 January 2011

Another exciting blog

I'm back girls with another exciting installment in Andies world, Who needs dallas, dynasty and desperate housewives for excitement and entertainment when theres my blog to read eh ?????
Yes I am being sarky there, I know my blog is pretty boring and dull and defo not in dallas standards, no shouder pads around here and definately no men coming back from the dead  in my shower.
Well we went to ikea yesterday and spent an enjoyable couple of hours opening drawers, looking in cupboards and sitting on sofas. We didn't buy much as we'd only really gone to browse but still it was a nice trip out.
The car park was a nightmare, absolutely jampacked, everybody and their mother must have decided to go to ikea on sunday, well me and my mother had so I suppose why shouldn't they. After ages sitting in queues in the car park we gave up and left ikea and parked in another car park belonging to some more shops nearby and walked back to ikea. We shoud have done this in the first place as the ikea car park is always chocker but as it had been a long time since we last visited we'd forgotten, next time wewont even try the ikea carpark.
The shop was really busy too but we could still get to most of the displays to play. Hubby and I are terrible at trying everything, my mum who came with us will ask us 'do you have try every sofa?, open every cupboard?' errrr YES mum whats the point in coming if your not going to try everything????
I saw her open quite a few drawers in the kitchen display and once we got to the wardrobes she was inside them all drooling at the internal drawers and space saving fittings. She likes a good nosey and try out herself if she's honest.
The queues at the checkouts were humongous as always but eventually we got through them and out of the shop passing by the takeaway food counter, we werent tempted to indulge as the food always looks like plastic pretend food to us so we stopped off at burger king on the way home.
Big mistake in my case as I decided to try a chicken ceaser tendercrisp burger, I love ceaser salad and if I have dressing in at home I often put a smear of it on my bread when I have chicken or turkey sandwiches so I thought I would like it. Oh no, it was horrible, as soon as I unwrapped the burger the smell was terrible, the sauce smelt really vinegarey and when I took a bite it tasted really sour. I tried wiping the sauce off but the burger coating was sort of soggy and not nice so after two bites I left it, I wont be ordering that again.
After a chat and watching a bit of tele we took mum home and got back just in time for dancing on ice. I watched the first half hour on the exercise bike as I hadn't done my half hour for sunday yet. I did 30 minutes at an average speed of 20 kmh, went just over 10km and burned 117 calories according to the display.
I'm not very good with gauging distances so this got me thinking about how far 10km actually was, I decided to look up how far it is from our house to somewhere so I could get  better idea. I logged onto the aa route planner put in my address and as we had just taken mum home I put in her address as the destination. It said it was 10.6km from our house to mums, so in effect I had cycled almost to my mums . If I'd stayed on another few minutes I'd have been there. Well this set my thoughts off on a tangent and I have now recorded my distance etc from yesterday and I'm going to keep doing it and see how far I travel in a week and where I could get to.
Of course this will only ever be a virtual cycle journey as I can't even ride a proper bike and even if I could I would never attempt to cycle to my mums as its very hilly round here and I'd need to go up some to get to mums starting with the road I live on. Its very rare you see anyone riding a bike up our road, they usually get off and push at least part of the way, only the very dedicated cyclist attempts to ride up it and even they slow down so much they're in danger of going backwards as they near the top.

Not so much taking a bike ride as taking your bike for a ride


  1. Well done - I hate cycling - it makes yer bum ache and it is so hilly here too, that you end up pushing the bike most of the time. I'll stick to getting on and off the chair (decorating) that'll be my workout for this week.

  2. I mentioned your blog about Ikea to Hubby - he wants to go again too now - lol. Great to hear your 'virtual' bike riding is not only toning you up but doing your geography a power of good too.......hehe.
    Jo. xx

  3. lol :) It's too easy to forget how long it's been since you were on a (real) bike when you backside tells you the day after....awwwww! Advice? Gel seat!