Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy Weekend Girls

Morning girls.Well its sunday and the weekend is half over but I hope you are all enjoying it, I am. Not that I've done anything exciting, just the normal weekend trip to the supermarket yesterday and then a relaxing time at home with a bit of tv and my knitting so it was quiet but enjoyable day. We might go for a look round ikea today cos we haven't been for ages. My aunt mentioned she'd been last week and it got us thinking we might fancy a trip out there too. Besides that I've no plans for the day except watching dancing on ice tonight and fitting in half an hour on the exercise bike sometime today.
I'm still cycling my way to toned thighs (hopefully) although yesterday I only did 20 minutes instead of my half hour target. I know I know thats how you start on the slippery slope to giving up doing it and the bike becoming another unused dustcatcher but I just couldn't manage anymore. I was sat next to the radiator and the heating was on and I was flipping melting. To be honest I'm surprised I managed 20 minutes even as I was melting and ready to give up after 10 but I managed to push mysef to 20. I should have gone on later for the other 10 when I had cooled down but not long after mum needed taking home and then it was teatime and after letting tea settle it seemed a bit late to be doing exercise.
I will try to make sure I do the full 30 minutes today, maybe even do a few minutes more to make up for the 10 I missed yesterday. I have managed to do the full 30 minutes every other day since we bought it, in fact on thursday I did 35 cos I forgot to get off lol, so hopefully I'm still commited to doing my exercise. I feel like I'm commited to it anyway .....or is that  I feel like I should be commited.... to an institution lol.
Well thats my news, not very earth shattering was it, but what can you expect from a yorkshire housewife,  we don't exactly live the life of a rich and famous movie star round these parts. A trip to morrisons, a bit of knitting and a go on the exercise bike is about as exciting as it gets lol. I think I'll sign off now and go get showered and dressed for a trip to ikea, I might even blog about it tomorrow so prepare yourselves for the excitement girls.


  1. Excitement, I can hardly wait – I love Ikea.........
    The nearest one to us is in Cardiff, but no where near the city centre, it’s out near Cardiff Bay which has been re-developed into a giant retail & leisure area. Back in the day it was the docks and surrounding areas of industry – all long gone.
    We are saving for new bedroom furniture and thought of going to Ikea for ideas – Hubby wants fitted, I’m leaning towards free-standing.....oh the dilemma!!!

  2. Well done for keeping up each day. Always difficult isn't it? One starts with all the enthusiasm and gung ho, but it soons tailors off. Dave, Linda and I have joined a yoga class which starts beginning of Feb. I'm not so sure, as I did one a few years ago and for me its a bit boring, all this laying down and relaxing stuff for 20 minutes. I'm a more get up and jump around person. Dave wants to get some flexibility back as he's like a stiff old broom. Linda wants to tone and me - don't really know. Would like to get rid of the middle age belly and muffin top, but not sure yoga would do that. I try and swim couple of times a week, but used to do 40 lengths, but just about manage 25 now before I get so bored and cold. Oh what to do. Even the dog's walks have got shorter and she's a little round fluff ball now. Getting so lazy. Trying not to spend all my time on the computer as it does my eyes in, and takes up too much time just sitting on my butt. Given up on promoting my card site - too much effort for so little gain - so will just leave em now and what will be will be - ka sara sara....

  3. Hi Andie, Ikea is great for ideas and inspiration but I make sure I don't take to much money in case I spend to much, I am trying to save now Christmas is over.
    20mins a day keeping fit is good, some don't even do that. I have my dog Bonnie to take out for walks, so that works for me. Enjoy your relaxing weekend. Julie.C

  4. I quite like Ikea although it is very rare that I get the chance to visit, let us know how it went.