Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas eve eve

Well its christmas eve eve I hope you're all feeling festive, I'm starting to. I'm more or less ready now, just the last minute clean through the house tomorrow.
I spent today doing the christmas baking I made Jam and lemon tarts, mince pies, butterfly buns, shortbread fingers and some 'andietarts' they're my version of bakewells, I didn't have any ground rice so I just added a normal bun mixture to a pastry case and raspberry jam. They taste nice anyway whatever they are lol. When hubby got home we had a taste test with a cup of tea and if I do say so myself they were quite tasty. (way to go blowing my own trumpet eh lol)

There's only 2 sleeps now and I must say after standing baking most of the day I'm almost ready for my bed now so I'll say goodnight and I hope you all enjoy a fabulous christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone xxxx


  1. Busy girl and sooooo domestic. They look lovely - don't eat them up all too quickly or you'll have to get that wi out again. Have a lovely time both of you. xxxx

  2. What a domestic goddess you are..!!
    I don't bake very often - well, to be honest I don't do cakes..... Day to day stuff is it for me & my excuse is because I work...
    Everything looks delish.....mmmmmm.
    Jo. xxx

  3. I bet your kitchen has smelt yummy with all your baking they do look good.
    Thank you for your warm wishes for Suzie isn't she sweet. Enjoy your Christmas break. Julie.C