Wednesday, 1 December 2010

By eck its snowy out there

Wowee did it snow last night!!!!! After all hubbys hard work clearing paths and the road to our garage yesterday he was so dissapointed to see it start to snow again yesterday evening. By the time we woke up this morning they were all totally covered again and there was no sign of all his hard work. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW come on now girls join in lets say it again all together now AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW poor paulkie.
View out of the window this morning
Snow was over the door
View of the back garden this morning
Despite it being just as deep if not deeper than yesterday and the roads being covered hubby decided he was going to give it another go at going into work. Him and Matt set off earlier today and as they didn't have to stop for traffic anywhere they made it onto the motorway fairly easily and into work.

 The snow started again around half eight and and was really heavy, by ten o'clock it was still snowing and getting deeper and deeper, traffic on our road was nearly nil. I texted hubby to warn him and tell him I thought he should come home soon. I checked online and it said local buses had stopped and trains on our line said 'cancellations and delays expected'. Hubby decided to come home and got in touch with Matt to see if he wanted a lift but unfortunately asda who Matt works for wouldn't let them leave. They had checked online and because it said 'cancellations and delays' rather than just cancellations they said that as there were still trains running they might go back to normal so people couldn't leave yet.
They finally let people go at half eleven too late for hubby to pick him up as he was already on his way back so he had to risk the trains. After a bit of a wait and a false start as he was told the train that was in and supposed to be leaving wasn't going anywhere and then told a little while later it was he managed to get home at half one which was a huge relief.
Hubby had to ababndon his car on the next street when he got home as he couldnt get up the back road until we had dug out the snow. So an hour and half of digging from both of us followed, luckily the snow had stopped for a while and even though it started again while we were digging it was only light and eventually we got the car put to bed in the garage before the snow started again heavily.

 We're hoping to go back out in a while and clear the paths round the house although as more snow is forecast today, tonight and tomorrow that might be a waste of time. It's bin day tomorrow so we're debating wheteher or not its worth taking the bin out or not. Something tells me its unlikely to emptied if the snow is still here.

Mine and hubbys hard work, cleared a
turning space in front of garage and
2 tracks up the road


  1. Boy you worked hard and to all no avail - never mind. Bet it felt like exercising on your wii - at least you can give that day a miss with all that workout

  2. Blimey - you did get a lot!!
    I'm quite envious. I've spent all day at school with the pupils all screaming at the slightest little snowflake & wishing it would either just get on with it or go away - I'm so fed up of being cold!!!