Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I think I have MANflu

I know I'm not a man but I do feel like I must be suffering from manflu at the moment.  You know how when men are ill they are like babies and can't just have a normal cold and carry on with life,oh no when they have a cold they feel worse than everybody else and it has to be flu at the very least, well I'm feeling like that today. Pathetic I know.  I used to be much braver when I was ill and carried on doing jobs at home and going to work but this time I dont feel upto doing anything I've hardly done any housework and even wrapping some christmas presents yesterday wore me out. I just want to sit and feel sorry for myself today but there is so much to do including the presents to finish but I don't think I'll get much done. Maybe its because I don't have to go out to work that I've given in I don't know but it's not good is it.

I started with a bit of a cough on saturday and then gradually felt worse and worse on sunday. I was coughing loads and achey all over, even my teeth and hair seemed to ache!!! I started with the shivers in the evening which then progressed to being melting hot and sweaty at bedtime. Yesterday morning I felt terrible but after some tablets, a shower and then lunch I started to feel a bit better so I did a bit of dusting and hoovering downstairs and got hubby to bring the pressies down for me to wrap. I thought Ooh good I'll be all better for tomorrow but then by the time I had all the pressies in person piles and the paper and ribbon etc set up my cough had worsened and I started to feel worse again and needed a lay down. I finally started wrapping the pressies after dinner but I only managed to do about half of them and I didn't enjoy it one bit which is a shame as it's usually a job I love. I'm hoping to finish the rest today if I can summon up some enthusiasm.
I didn't sleep much last night, in fact I doubt anybody did as I woke up around every hour for a coughing fit which lasted at least five minutes and was VERY loud. I know I kept waking hubby up and I'm sure I woke up our matt a few times as I had to go to the bathroom which is next door to his bedroom a few times to cough up flem (sorry for the disgusting info girls). I feel bad for them as they both have work today. Eventually around five am I got up and came down to the sofa with my hugrug and lay down here in a half sitting up position, sitting up seeemed to help a bit so if I'm the same again tonight I'll sleep down here.
This morning my nose has started running and my right eye, why is it you usually only have one runny eye??? Mine is my right one (which it usually is) so here I am with a red nose, bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, a red right eye with puffy eyelid and a rather whammy complexion, barking like a dog and constantly blowing my nose and wiping my eye.  I do hope noone calls round today as I think I might scare them off.

Now theres an idea
My cough hasn't been quite as painful for the last few hours thanks to a big dose of doctor kilkof and a strepsil but it's must be wearing off now as it's starting to hurt a bit more again so I must be getting due for another dose.
So there you have it girls I have MANflu and I am whiney!!!! I think I'll leave you to be dissapointed in me and go get my next dose of doctor kilkoff and maybe try wrapping a few more pressies. I need to have done something today, so far all I've managed is to get showered and dressed and put some washing on. Or maybe I will give in to temptation and just have a lie down for a while.


  1. Oh you poor thing. It's so horrible having that and you feel totally crap. Sending you big hugs and a wave of my magic wand to make it go away. Just have a few days of doing nothing, but look after yourself. I'm sure Paul will run around for you - he's a good un.

    Lots of xxxxx

  2. Oh Andie sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. I am sorry to say its doing the rounds and a lot of people have it. I am sure you will be feeling your normal self soon and will wiz through all the things you have not been able to do. Best thing to do is stay in the warm wrapped in your duvet and watch some good old telly. Hope you feel better soon. LOL Sue x

  3. Aw - poor you. It's horrible isn't it? I had a really bad cold several weeks ago & felt just awful. I'll get my wand out too & between me & Chrissy, you should start to feel better very soon. Take care, wrap up warm and get plenty of hot drinks in you.
    Hugs from Jo. xx