Friday, 3 December 2010

I am venturing out while the snow has stopped

It's stopped snowing here yesterday and the buses are running again now so I'm venturing into town to meet my mum today. I'm hoping I don't go sliding and slipping though as the causeways are quite slippy looking and there is still loads of snow around. It was freezing here last night so they're a bit frosty and icy but I have boots and I'm not afraid to use them , ok thats a fib I am a bit.  I must admit I'm my own worst enemy when its snowy or icy as I tend to do the 'oh no I've pooed myself walk' as I'm so scared of slipping and daren't put my feet down, I sort of walk stiffy legged and tight knee-ed with tiny steps, just like I've had an toilet accident lol.
You may wonder why if I'm so scared of slipping I'm bothering to go out, but I really fancy a day out and mum and me both need to go to town sometime soon as we need to get a couple more christmas presents for my sisters kids who we are hoping to go visit next weekend. Also mum needs to go to the bank to sort something out with her bank account and we aren't too sure if the weather will be better next week so we thought why not go now. We've heard that the town centre has been cleared of snow so once there we should be okay. Fingers crossed anyway. X
I hope everyone is coping okay with the cold and snow.
Take care and keep warm
Andie x


  1. Lets hope you don't have an actual 'toilet' accident then through worry!! Hope all goes well and you get there and back safe and sound.

  2. I have been out Andie this morning, but i do wear those ugg type boots with a rubber sole not bad for griping. Anyway i did not slip and once you get to the main paths it should be clear. So be careful now. best wishes Julie.C

  3. Made it there and back without mishap or toilet accident lol. It was a little slippy in places but in town quite a few places had been cleared so it wasn't too bad.It was really cold by the time we came home this afternoon and stating to get icy on the roads again so we won't be going anywhere this evening.

  4. Brave you Andie!!
    It was bright & sunny & -6 degrees in Aberdare this morning. by 1pm it had clouded over and was sleeting. Now? Snowing like mad!!!!!
    Typical - all week it's been trying but it picks Friday night to come down.
    Hubby & me were going to go out tomrrow to get bits & bobs - looks like we may not make it.....