Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas has finally come to our house

 We went out to the supermarket a bit earlier than normal yesterday and did our big christmas shop. We should only need to pop back for the odd fresh thing nearer the big day now which is one more job off my to do list. We were really lucky as we found a parking space quite near the door as soon as we arrived and the shop was quieter than normal on a saturday and had everything we wanted. I'd gone with a list which is not normal for me but I thought it was necessary as I was shopping not only for this week but christmas too and didn't want to forget anything. The trolley was heaving, luckily hubby pushes the trolley so I had didnt have to fight with it, lucky for the other people instore too as Im quite dangerous behind the wheels of a shopping trolley.
Once we 'd put all the shopping away and had lunch we got the trimmings down from the loft and I trimmed up. We don't have a proper tree anymore as Lucy (our cat) likes to climb and eat it, it makes christmas unbearable for everyone when we are constantly pulling her off it and picking up the tree and shattered baubles so we don't bother anymore. We have ornaments and a little wire tree instead. I'm feeling quite christmassy now the decs are out and last night we put the lamps and christmas lights on to watch strictly which was lovely.

Our mini tree
Even the kitchen has some trimmings


  1. Looking good, looking good - so all ready then. Haven't done my shop yet and now with a good 6" on the ground and my car buried again - me thinks not sure what will happen now. Debating cancelling the party on Boxing Day until more reliable weather - will decide in the middle of the week and if so we will live off of party food for a week!

  2. Your home is looking very Christmassy your 'mini' tree AND your A&P stitched piccy..!!!!!
    We finally got out today after being snowed in for most of the weekend, to get things done & get my last planned pressie plus a few extra impulse buys at Tescos - lol. Just my 'big' shop which will be Wed or long as the next severe weather warning doesn't happen.......
    Jo. xx