Wednesday, 1 December 2010

more snow pictures

Hubby and I went back out to clear the paths and had a bit of a play in the snow. Yes we are big kids but hey ho. We finished up with a tramp through the untouched snow in the front garden and had a snowball fight. No photos of that though as we both had our hands full of snow!!!!
Bit off romance lol
Hubby crying because its snowed
again and ruined all our hard work we
 dug out earlier


OOh its deep here
Climbing Rowan mountain aka the
pile of snow we dug away


  1. Nice piccies - I love snow, but people are moaning about it already and we've only had a few days of it. Where is the 'dunkirk' spirit I say - I've had no light, then no heat, and well, some heat on and off when it feels like rumbling into action and I'm soldiering on.

  2. The best thing about heavy snow is I don't go to work - lol. Only a dusting here in Wales (so far) but freezing cold!!

  3. Wow lots of snow its quite deep to. Come on andie I want to see you build a big snowman. best wishes Julie.C