Monday, 20 December 2010

Bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its so cold

Wow its cold this week. Hubby said it was -12 going to work this morning and -6 coming home this afternoon -6 in an afternoon!!!!!  those are the type of temperatures that used to make me shiver when we were told we'd get them overnight but daytime, well it seems ridiculous to be so cold. Luckily we havent got snow this time round, we had a little dusting overnight on friday but nothing much although because its so cold it hasn't gone anywhere yet. We have been forecast the chance of light snow showers on thursday but I'm hoping we wont get it. PLEASE PLEASE let there be no more snow this year. Those of you that have got it this last few days I hope it goes soon and you're all able to get out and about soon.
It seems like the country is grinding to a halt again, planes cancelled, trains delayed and people stuck in their homes because of the snow. Its been on the local news tonight that some people are suffering with frozen pipes and are without water. Oh dear this country just can't cope with anything can it.
Our nephew is supposed to be going to his dads in bedford for christmas after work on friday and we're a bit worried if he'll get there or get stuck somewhere en route. The trains to london were cancelled last night due to problems with cables and bad weather enroute so with more snow forecast down there and maybe here before friday he may not get anywhere near where he wants to. Its such a worrying time for lots of people at the moment when we should all be looking forward to a nice time at christmas.


  1. Had another 6" snow tonight. We both walked to Asda to get some supplies. What with my long walk this afternoon with the dog, me bum and legs really ache now.

  2. Yep, there seems to be no let up....we are really getting fed up & cabin fever has returned. It's just as well me & Hubby decided to go out on Sunday cos the heavy snowfall we got on Monday completely scuppered any plans we had. We are almost holding our breath for Friday - collecting Stuart from Cardiff. We do have a four wheel drive but even that is struggling in this amount of snow...!!

  3. Have a Happy Christmas Andie and stay warm and safe.
    best wishes Julie.C