Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Morning all. I have hubby at home with me today because of the snow. We only had a little bit of snow at the weekend but we have had more overnight and some more this morning too. Hubby decided against going to work this morning although he did try, he set off as normal but only got to the end of the road and the start of the hill going down into the village. Once he stopped the car in the queue of traffic he struggled to get going again and his wheels were spinning and sliding when he tried to go downhill. The cars in front were struggling to go down the hill and restart after stopping too so hubby decided not to take the risk of going any further and turned the car around to come home. Luckily he managed to turn around with only a small amount of slipping and parked the car at the bottom of the back road to our house as he couldn't get it back up into the garage. He got out the snow shovel and managed to clear enough of a run to get the car into the garage just as it started snowing heavy again a little while later.
Our matt was going in the car with hubby who drops him off where he works in leeds centre before carrying on to his own work so he came back home too but he decided to go in on the train. That wasn't really an option for hubby as he doesn't work anywhere near the train station or any bus stops so even though he could get to leeds he would struggle to get to the industrial estate where he works.The only thing with hubby being at home is that I'm tempted to sit drinking tea and chat to him all day rather than get on with any housework or ironing as I'd planned today so I must be strict with myself. As you know I'm easily distracted and any excuse to ignore my housework for me eh girls.  He's going to go out and clear some of the snow from the paths and near the garage now so I should really crack on now while he isn't around to distract me but will I ????????
I'll try not to get tempted to sit and surf online this morning and lose hours which I do sometimes lol. I've been on busymitts already, now I'm getting my blog done and I had a quick peek on facebook but made myself come off before I got caught up playing games lol. I saw on facebook yesterday that a busymitts and facebook friend Suzanne had her baby boy yesterday morning so I packaged up a baby cardi I'd knitted her and congratulations card which hubby was going to post today but I'm not sure if it will get posted today now but hopefully it will get sent off soon.

I knitted myself another pair of andietoes over the last couple of days, in red chunky wool this time. I love my blue Andietoes and thought I'd knit another pair so I can wear one pair while the other is in the wash.
Andies other toes


  1. So it is Suzanne on busymitts we know. I was going to send her a friends invite, but not sure it was her. She's had her baby then - ah bless, must get a card off into the post for her - thanks for the info Miss Telegraph

  2. Aw love the little cardi and the little one will need it in this weather. I know what you mean about getting carried away on the net, I have been good today and done all my jobs been up town to get some shopping and now have just come on line to catch up with everyone.
    We have had a bit of snow but nothing like those poor people in higher ground, its getting slippy now and slushy thats the worst bit about it. Take care now. Julie.C

  3. You're a mine of information Andie - lol.
    Dispite there being more snow here last night, everyone got into work today & stayed....
    The next few days look pretty awful with freezing temps & more snow forecast - oh I hope it warms up soon - I'm fed up of being cold......
    Poor Chrissy must be saying that too.