Friday, 5 November 2010

Cor blimey am a lazy bu--er

Ooh ladies I'm so so lazy I should be busy cleaning today but so far Ive not done much, I've been chatting online most of the morning to my sister from another mister Eily (yer a bad infuence on mi sis lol) and texting my real sister and chatting on the phone to hubby. I finally said bye to eily, for the last time (it takes us awhile to sign off lol) and thought right come on Andie get on with some cleaning and yet here I am about an hour later back online AGAIN tututtut Andie I should be ashamed I really should. I do have an excuse though I've stopped for lunch or at least thats what I'm telling myself lol.
I've only managed to dust and tidy the living room kitchen and hallway, hoover the hall and kitchen and mop the kitchen floor so far. I thought I might aswell have my lunch before I hoover the living room as I'm sure to drop crumbs from my bread and lemon curd and I dont want to have to do the job twice, once is bad enough.  When I've done with lunch I'll hoover the living room including the sofa and swap all the cushion round and then move upstairs I'll start on the bathrooom  first YUK!!!!! I hate doing the bathroom and I hate the smell of bathroom cleaners too. I've tried tons of different ones and they all smell disgusting don't they. Don't know if you've guessed  yet but I don't like housework.
Still I suppose we all have to do things in life we don't like and I did get to do something I really enjoy doing  last night, now now girls I don't mean that !!! I'm not going xrated on my blogs, I mean making jewellery. Hubby went out snowboarding yesterday evening so I thought ooh what shall I do with myself and decided on playing with my beads. I'd had a couple of ideas for necklaces I wanted to make and so out all my stuff came and away I went. I was still at it long after hubby came home and even after he went to bed , not that I made that much but a few of the pieces I made took quite a while to make as there were a lot of individual pieces to attach.
I'll be doing a bit more bead shopping soon as I'm getting low on a few components and my best customer who works with hubby paid me for some jewellery she bought this week so I have a small amount of funds burning a hole in my pocket now. She asked hubby if I could make her a purple necklace and bracelet to go with a new dress she had and would I send in some purple beads so she could take them home and match them to the dress which is what we often do. I made up a little pack of the different purple beads I had and sent them to work with hubby along with a few purple pieces I already had made. The next day she came back and said she had found a set that matched in the made up ones I sent and also 3 more necklaces and a bracelet that went with other outfits she had so she wanted to buy them too.  I told you she was my best customer lol, I think she beats me with her love of jewellery .
Right well i better go now and get on lunchtime is over awwwwwwwwww int it a shame,lol.
These are the pieces I made last night.


  1. Wow you have been a busy little bee and the pictures are fine if a bit random - ooh, I wonder how that happens then!!!!!

  2. Oh Andie, these are all fab. I especially like the silver with the circles - just lush....!! xx

  3. Gosh Andie you have been busy making to, these are a fabulous collection. I agree with Jo the silver circles is a nice design. best wishes Julie.C

  4. All beautiful pieces andie,nice few hours play there! lol.xx