Monday, 8 November 2010

Crafty day n spot the difference

I'm waiting for spooks to start so I thought I'd write a quick blog so here I am. Hello blogettes.  Hope you are all well. I've been sewing again this afternoon, more shoppers for the fruit and veg shop and another one for the lady who cleans at hubbys work too. She's already bought one for herself and her sister in law, her daughter bought one too, now she wants another for herself so she can keep one in each of her two bags she uses when she goes out shopping to save her having to keep swapping it from bag to bag.
I finished a mans hat I was knitting yesterday and got hubby to model it for me so I could put the pic on busymitts. Eily made the rather amusing suggestion that he had a look of Colin Farrell in it I didn't think so and said the only similarity I could se was that they both had stubble lol, but when I told hubby he said 'It's the thick eyebrows that look the same'. Well I suppose they are both bearers of  thick fluffy eyebrows lol. What do you think, are there any other similarities do you think??
Who's who lol


  1. Well.... without wearing me specs they look pretty identical!!

  2. Its a close thing
    Someone once said my Hubby looked like Sean Connery!!!!! She's had her eyes fixed now though - lol.